Scrollfollow... no matter what poninters what im are missing

Hello Try to put my meny vertical bar in a scrolfollew but can't make it work. Tried using the function position CSS fixed, but I do not...eksampel http://natouren.dk/New_11.html I have a small work of scrollfollow eksampel that works...eksampel http

Prevent Autoplay with clipped flash video

I have a few small film clips created in Dreamweaver CS3. http://www.Sheldon.UK.com/documents/place/grounds/movie%20clips.htm I used Flash Pro to provide the skin and then he fell into a Dreamweaver page. AutoPlay and loop are unchecked. I also tried

How to make src of the image of the place holder something xml file

Helloim doing xslt on xml file and I want to store the path to the image on an element of the xml file and display the image on the page how?I can write about the CBC textbox like any expression xml xml string how?

Horizontal menu buttons

HelloI tried to get the menu buttons to be closer together, but were not able to understand. I thought is was margin who did it I can't press the buttons closer together. There is always a gap between the buttonsWatch #navlist li It was my starting p

Tables without borders

Hey,. Can someone help me with this: I am creating a website using tables. When I put in place, I choose to set the border to 0. However when I saw it there is a small gap between 1 colum and the next. How can I do that, go away and have a smooth loo

Trying to pad the text

The div is floating on the right and the left border of nudges text and will not move. Text of the stubborn. I launched an image on the right side, but the problem existed before I did: http://advantage62.com/newhaus.html

WebDAV removes the file PHP code

I use an include file to my browsing on the site and every time I check the file from the server OSX via WebDAV all my PHP code is removed from the file, and I find myself with just hypertext. I use Dreamweaver 8. If I change the code in the file and

Cannot open the DW8 - broken menus.xml

Today something strange happened with my Dreamweaver 8. He started with pages does render is not CSS design mode despite roads being correct (pages were fine in the browser). I checked all the settings, nothing unusual. I then tried open other sites

Hyperlink Properties Dream 8

I have the hperlink properties defined for the homepage but want to change some links with different colors and sizes. Can tell me what to add in the div to make it work. Gary

Impossible to get DELETE to work in the example of the power

If it is a repost, apologies. I use dreamweaver mx2004 and have installed mx Kollection and a configuration of wamp. I started the book of power and the examples took place without a hitch. but when I tried the link REMOVE in his example on quotes, h

How do Center you a layer site in the browser?

You can center a page when you convert to tables. How can you without converting them?


Is someone can you please tell me how webmail companies send you an announcement of e-mail with pictures so that the pictures do not show as attachments. I tried to create an ad with html on my site and emailing then to myself to see how it looks, bu

SWF is not displayed in Dreamweaver html

Hello, I have several pages with DW that use swf files. A page does not display the swf file > http://www.usm.edu/IDs/FFCC/index2.html I added color to the table cells that you can see where things are. On this page > http://www.usm.edu/IDs/FFRC/ the

Dreamweaver strange/irritating problem

I have a problem with one of my folders according to Dreamweavers 'Files' (Local view). Everytime I open Dreamweaver, I have a folder which is always extended. I need to click on the +/-repeatedly to close the file, but every time I opened another fo

Can not ftp from Dreamweaver 8 for 1 & amp; 1 web hosting

I use Dreamweaver 8 to create html Web sites. I have two different ISPS. Troy cable is a local ISP and I am able to connect through the button 'Connect to a remote host' Dreamweaver, which is above all the files to the right. Then, I am able to selec

ActiveX and shockwave player auto install problems

When I try to get a glimpse of the Shockwave file in Dreamweaver, I can press play, stop, and control the animation perfectly. But, when I try to preview in Internet Explorer active x. WARNING comes on top of my browser. I tell my computer to allow A

Where are my excerpts?

Can someone tell me where can I find the file/folder on my system that contains all the code snippets I recorded via the "Snippets" Panel in Dreamweaver? I had two times to reinstall Dreamweaver and lost all my clips, I use "Engineering Backup" so mo

Folder Images setting for model

Usually... for my models, I do the template on Photoshop CS2 and then slice it in Adobe Imageready. My problem is when I try to make the template in Dreamweaver, make a table to set up the images. When I insert images the imagefile source appears asf

Div tag, align right

Hello It should be easy and for some reason, I'm missing it. This is a php page and it has a navigation panel with fireworks on the left side, but I'm removing all the extranuous stuff just to let the div tags that are governed by a CSS page. Why is

Book on dreamweaver?

can someone help me please? I learn the best tutorial books can you tell me which book is good for learning about Dreamweaver INTERMEDIATE? I already know the basics well Thank you very much
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