Internet on Windows XP problem

We have a network of 45 systems with Windows XP & Windows 7 working group. Internet modem is connected to. On all internet Windows 7 systems happens correctly, but not on Windows XP systems. All systems of have LAN connectivity, they can ping each other.

It was working fine until yesterday.

Can someone help me on this problem?



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  • Internet on Windows 7 problems


    I just bought a new laptop from Asus.The is the name of the laptop ASUS X555LJ. After I installed Windows 7 I tried to update some drivers and of course I need an internet connection for this. But there is no internet connection. In other words the laptop cannot see my wireless. I don't even have a network card. I received a DVD Lite portable PC with the laptop, but there is no driver to install from it. So, what should I do to connect my laptop to my wireless phone?

    You will need to use another computer to work to get the drivers from the Asus site.  Put them on a USB device and then load into your new computer.

  • Cannot connect to internet after Windows Update

    I was not able to connect to the internet after windows updates 7 of 14 October 2010, unless I have to restore the system to October 13.

    Hi jlm00926,

    ·        Update that you installed before the problem?

    ·        Are you able to connect to the internet properly now?

    You can set up your computer in a clean boot state. Subsequently, download & install the update manually from the Microsoft Download Center.

    Clean boot will start Windows 7 by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs and helps eliminate software conflicts.

    The following link has steps showing how to perform the clean boot:

    Note: Please make sure that the computer is configured to start as usual according to step 7 of the article: how to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or Windows 7:

    Hope the helps of information. Please post back and we do know.
    Joel S
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Windows 7 - problem 'says that my laptop was inconsistent.

    Original title: Windows 7 problem.

    At this moment, I have problems with Microsoft. A message to see if my laptop was ready for Windows 7. When I tried another message came to say that my laptop was inconsistent and that I should check my internet and try again later. My internet is OK. Please help me, I'm missing out on a lot.


    Start the computer in safe mode with network, run Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and check the status of the issue.

    To start the computer in safe mode with network.

    Please let us know if you need more assistance.

  • My PC does not connect to the Internet, a window opens and says DNS server does not respond.

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    My PC does not connect to the internet, a window opens and says DNS server does not respond.


    Follow the steps in the article mentioned below and check if it solves the problem:

    Kind regards
    Afzal Taher
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  • Windows Defender problem - does not open

    Dear Experts,

    Recently, I bought my computer with Windows Vista installed. It worked perfectly, but two days when I installed Microsoft Home Premium, McAfee licenced and registered all products including Windows online, I noticed that Windows Defender could not open by asking the following:

    «Failed to initialize: 0x800106ba.» A problem caused this program service stop. To start the service, restart your computer or search help and Support to find out how to start a service manually. »

    Please note that neither restarts nor search help has helped me solve this problem, whenever I turn on the laptop the session begins with the above given the message.

    Could you please provide me with the instruction on what I should do to fix this persistant problem with Windows Defender.

    Thank you very much in advance,


    Hi fouad,.
    Please follow the steps #1 & #2 to uninstall McAfee.

    Next, install a new Antivirus program.
    A very good and reliable product is AVIRA Antivir (Freeware):
    Or Avira Premium Security Suite (cost: ~ $50)

    See also:
    "On this site, you will find comparative independent anti-virus software." All products listed in our comparatives are already a selection of a few very good antivirus programs... »

    Hope this helps, Vincenzo Di Russo - Microsoft MVP Windows Internet Explorer, Windows Desktop experience & Security - since 2003. ~ My Blog:

  • Carnt connect to the internet, a window opens saying code error 680, no dailing tone

    Carnt connect to the internet, a window opens saying code error 680, no dailing tone


    You did changes to the computer before this problem?

    Read the following article that may help you resolve this problem.
    Troubleshoot modem

  • Unable to connect to the internet in windows 7

    One of my computers cannot access the internet.  I can connect to the network with bot WIFI and ethernet direct connection and I have access to all other currencies netwrok as other readers comptuers and netwrok, but I can't go online with any browser. Other devices at home are able to access the internet.  I suspect that the malware has created the problem, but I can't understand how to fix it. It's what I've tried so far:

    • Scanned for and deleted all adware, malware etc.
    • Performed a system restore to a date where it still worked
    • Uninstalled and resintalled all the adaper nwteork drivers
    • To check all the connection network and netwrok adapters, used Windows troubleshooting. Windows thinks everything is fine.
    • Tried to connect to other networks.
    • Off the fiewalls
    • Protected mode disabled under Internet Option/security
    • Tried the following comand guests: netsh int ip reset & netsh winsock reset
    • Reset the wireless connection
    • Uninstalled Anit-Virus software

    I can't think what this or else I can do, so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.


    I suggest you follow the link below to fix the problem.

    Please perform troubleshooting and respond with results. I'll be happy to help you.

  • No Internet after windows updated August 18.

    No Internet after windows updated on August 18, to return from vacation.

    System Restore to 8 August which worked yesterday and restored internet, but when you sign in today update windows automatically installed and once again no internet no access. Computer won't let me restore of the system now well I tried different dates - said the system restore could not replace the file (c: Windows) with the original copy of the restore point - an unspecified error has occurred in 0x80071a90.  Still no internet access.  Any ideas please?

    The KB2705219 update could be the cause and uninstall that solved the problem for some users.


    In another thread [my computer today installed windows 7 updates, but my internet has been lost.] But the network is visible. [what caused this?] a user has identified this notice - McAfee

    Some customers may experience a loss of network connectivity and/or errors in McAfee Security Center after a recent update

    While it remains the case that uninstall Win7 KB2705219 solved the problem for at least two users update, you might want to consider the McAfee fix, as appropriate. At least two users also reported having removed then reinstalled McAfee and their systems were back up & working properly afterwards.

    I have McAfee, but the connection has started working again on its own so I thought I was clear of problems.  However, when I checked it says he was doing routine checks the updates in vain when I told it to do a manually.  So stick with McAfee without following their abduction - Reinstall procedure would have upgraded my PC at risk by not updated.  Actually, I removed and then installed Microsoft Security Essentials rather & my answer IE is faster I knew it [even though I had the Add-ons McAfee disabled for centuries].  My home network has survived without any new replacement set - firewall Windows just took the right settings without any complaint.

    I had to run the MCPRT deletion a few times before and it caused a problem with the license if the PC was not connected to the internet during the abduction. Due cat of McAfee support reset their files in order to allow the relocation-reactivation. Here is their link cat - McAfee - media contains the link to the cat

  • How to hide the (General and security) tabs in the internet options window

    I'm Lions to hide the general and the security of the Internet options window tabs in firefox, so students cannot access and reconfigure the browser to save usernames and passwords. It's easy to do with Internet explorer via local group policy.

    use a mozilla.cfg file in the Firefox program folder to lock the prefs or specify new default values.

    Place a local file - settings.js in the defaultspref folder where you will also find the channel - prefs.js to specify using mozilla.cfg file.

    pref("general.config.filename", "mozilla.cfg");
    pref("general.config.obscure_value", 0); // use this to disable the byte-shift


    You can use these functions in mozilla.cfg:

    defaultPref();  // set new default value
    pref();         // set pref, but allow changes in current session
    lockPref();     // lock pref, disallow changes
  • Satellite A135-S4527 - Windows encountered problem & fails to load

    At startup, Windows attempts to load, but I get the message Windows encountered problem communicating with a device. Windows does not load.
    Tried all attempts for load in SafeMode etc but no luck. Tried to load the Toshiba Recovery utility but still no luck.

    Fortunately the data is saved, but I have no recovery disks.

    How can I get the recovery disc for this machine for delivery here in the United Kingdom when it is a product of the USA?
    If the recovery discs can be ordered in the United States where to order? (I have an address to the United States for delivery if necessary).


    As far as I know here in Europe, you will not be able to recovery media order for the laptop models to the United States. If you have a person in the United States, they must contact the nearest authorized service provider and order it for you. Later they send it to you.

    If you need to address and check phone numbers

    Good bye

  • p6310f: Windows Update problem

    When you try to upgrade to windows 10 I received the error message 0 x 80080005 - 0 x 90016 after watching in Microsoft support forum, I found that the problem was related to windows 7 is not not to date. I checked and found that my computer has stopped udating a couple of years. I tried to run Fixit MS that has not worked. Tried to reboot (BITS) and got ERROR 126 (module not found) I then followed the instructions at on how to reset the Windows Update components. During the process, I have the following errors:

    Mshtml.DLL loaded, but the dllregisterserver entry point was not found.

    Shdocvw.dll "" ""

    browseui.dll   "                "                    "                     "

    MSXML.dll Module could not load make sure that binary is stored at the specified location the specified module could not be found.

    Actprxy.dll Failed is not found

    gpkcsp.dll        "        "           "             "

    initpki.dll          "           "                 "

    wuaueng1.dll"" "

    c:\windows\system32\dllcache\wucltui.dll"" "

    wuweb.dll      "            "           "              "

    muweb.dll    "            "              "            "

    I guess my question is what I have to do a restore of the system under windows 7, before I can upgrade to windows 10? Or y at - it another way?

    Hello glockrow ;

    Let me welcome you on the HP forums!

    I read your post about windows update problems and wanted to help.

    I would that be able to say that updating to Win10 was an exact science where we know exactly how he does it, and what it should - but the flooding of this and other instances of Win10 problem after that problem indicates that, at best, we are all guessing.

    So, I think, from what I've read and done on my PC, is that you SHOULD be able to avoid the problem of missing updates by updating using Win10 created using this MS link media: 10 Windows Installer using the media - Windows help authoring tool

    After you create the DVD or USB, NOT boot from it. Instead, insert it into your PC and, if it does not auto-start, right click on the file setup.exe and run it.

    HOWEVER - and this is important - PC Win7 have a rate low success updated Win10 without problem - primariluy lack of OEM Win10 drivers.  Typical problems include display artifacts (to cause to be obliged to use the driver for the card of Microsoft Basic), not wireless and touchpad problems.  The drivers Microsoft provides have only the most basic features, with none of the extras that the HP drivers bring to the stage.

    It is further complicated by the function Win10 GoBack, whereby you can return to your original operating system, being known to be unreliable. So when your upgrade machine malfunctioning, only then you discover that you cannot return the machine to work, that you had originally!

    You can protect yourself against ending up with a damaged machine - seriously considering using a free third-party product that works for airport Imaging/restoration - Macrium Reflect.

    Macrium reflect (MR) provides a FREE version that can be used to image and restore partitions or drives together.

    What I recommend is the following:
    (1) download and install Macrium reflect (MR)
    (2) run M. and choose the option: "Create an image of the partition (s) required to backup and restore Windows" to write a full backup to an external drive or USB key
    (3) use the option to create a CD or a USB startup key

    NOW, you have the means to restore a full system that works for the external hard drive or USB key in a few minutes.

    So now you can recharge before with the upgrade, knowing that whatever happens, you will be able to return to your currently works in a few minutes.

    Good luck

    I'm a volunteer and I do not work for, or represent, HP.
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  • Update for Windows Vista problem

    I had a virus on my computer and I rebooted just my Dell Dimension 9200 from scratch with Window Vista.  Everything worked fine until I went to Windows Update and installed updates.  Now, I don't see any of my CD ROM drives listed.  When I go to Device Manager it shows CDROM drives (2 of them), but it is said that they cannot be used because the information in the registry is damaged or missing.  I tried to restore the computer to a restore point before installing the updates, I did, but the system restore no longer works.

    After wringing my hands and trying to find and install the drivers without success, I have completely reformatted (AGAIN) and reinstall Vista reinstalled the printer Dell discs (AGAIN) and he did exactly the thing again.   This machine has no new material and ran Vista successfully for about a year before the virus got it.

    On a second note, almost half of the updates do not give an error code that indicates that the computer uses a proxy server.  This is not the case.  I use a DSL line to a medem then my router / switch that I have used for years.  This computer is connected to the router / switch with an ethernet cable.  I use the router so my laptops can connect wirelessly.


    Contains the exact error message and the error code that you get when you try to update Windows.

    Follow the steps below and check if that helps you.

    1. Open Internet Explorer.
    2. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options .

      Note If the menu is not available in the Internet Explorer window, press the ALT key on the keyboard to display the menu.

    3. On the connections tab, click LAN settings , and then click Advanced .
    4. Remove all the entries in the Exceptions section, and then click OK .
    5. Close Internet Explorer.
    6. Click Start and type cmd in the box start the search .
    7. In the list of research results, right click on Cmd.exe , and then click run as administrator .
      If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or click continue .
    8. Type the following commands. Press ENTER after each command.
      • netsh winhttp reset proxy
      • net stop wuauserv
      • net start wuauserv
    9. Try again to install updates.

    Also try the link to the following article:

    For CD/DVD player, follow the link below:

    All the best!

  • I installed AVG 9.0 and now I get the following MSN Explorer pop up of message.__You are unable to connect to your e-mail server. There may be a problem with your Internet connection, or a problem with the mail server. Pleas try again.

    I installed AVG 9.0 and now I get the MSN Explorer pop next message.
    You can not connect to your mail server. There may be a problem with your Internet connection, or a problem with the mail server. Pleas try again.

    Sure.  Analysis of your e-mail anti-virus program:

    • Can slow to receive and send messages, or even fail.
    • Can damage files of storage for messages that you've already sent and received, making it inaccessible messages.
    • Is not necessary.  If you receive an infected attachment and try to open it, the protective device in real time of your antivirus program will block the infection.

    Here are a few web pages accurately:

    Why you don't need your anti-virus program to scan your e-mail
    The other threat email: the Corruption of files in Outlook Express
    Why some antivirus software can change the settings in e-mail programs
    Email scanning - advantages and disadvantages

  • Error Windows Update problem "don't shut down your computer updates being configured"

    OT: Windows Update problem.

    Why should I continue to get the message ' don't shut down your computer updates being configured "where all the updates seem to have been installed?

    Start here (ignore the title):

Maybe you are looking for