Is it possible that a button "check for updates" can be added on the update tab rather than wait for Thunderbird in the background, check it please?

I'm not always able to 'catch' the update notification popup when it arrives, and I do not wish to allow the automatic updates without my permission. I have a rather 'sensitive' situation of the internet. Would it not possible to add a button on the tab updated to allow us to check the updates manually please? This would greatly help my situation.

Thank you for your time


When the menu bar is not the AppMenu button to access the menu bar items. Some people also call the menu "Burger" in the upper right. Unfortunately, the corresponding support article is gone.

It would make not much sense for me to put a "Find updates" button in the Update menu tab, but that's just me.

Please mark it as "resolved" when your problem is actually solved.

Thank you.

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    unrequited, unplug and let us know what happens.

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    When you type words in the address bar, Firefox will search using any motor is selected in the search bar. You can install a "Browse by name" or a "I m Feeling Lucky" search engine

    If you want the search engines separate in the address bar and the search bar, install the module keyword search.

    The reasoning was that 'Browse by name' and "I m Feeling Lucky" are far from perfect. Rather than risking to send users to sites that are not what they were looking for, it was decided that always show the results of the research was a better option.

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    Kind regards

  • Can I add a button print for Thunderbird?

    Is it possible to add an icon of 'button' or printer print at Thunderbird without having to click on the file or more to get to print. By example, if I see an email that I want to print it would be faster if I had a printer icon or button click.

    Your method is perfectly ok.
    Whether you use the "menu bar" - file, editing, display etc.
    'View' > 'Toolbars' > 'customize '.

    that although you and I use it, it is not always enabled by default, so why I gave the other option via the "Mail Toolbar.

    If people see that the "Mail Toolbar" - icon Menu, get Messages, write etc.
    then they use the Menu icon and not locate this info under "View".
    It would be here:
    'Icon menu' > 'Options' > 'toolbars '.

    It would be a lot easier if the developers had used the same generic terms and same logic in where are the toolbar info little matter in the bar under icon Menu or menus.

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    Make sure that 'White' is in the Swatch Panel, then choose white as "Transparent" and "8-bit" PNG in the color table.

    Or you can rework your works of art to be truly transparent.

    Or fix the PNG in Photoshop.

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    This form also has a reset button, but if I sitting on a 3 button and click on the reset button it leaves a 3 does not reset.

    Is there a way that I can put the button Reset to 0 field, or even just an empty space or '-' to default?

    (with the value by default as white would be the best option for me - then I wouldn't even need the 0 option)

    mouse to the top of action script to increase the number of caption button;

    var Nlimit = 4; maximum limit of more than 1 for number of legend;

    var nCaption = Number ( ()); get the number of caption button;

    nCaption ++; Legend of the increment;

    nCaption = nCaption % Nlimit; modulo Nlimit or 0 - Nlimit - 1; (nCaption); set number of legend;

    end action mouse;

    Using a script like this:

    this.getField("Text1").required = false;
    this.getField("Text2").required = false;


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    Purchases are considered final, but you can try the page 'report a problem' to contact iTunes Support and see if they will refund or credit you:

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    Hello shmogo, reset your homepage: How to set the home page

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    Please send all Live and Hotmail queries on the forum right here:

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