Just upgraded to El Capitan and cannot access the calendar. It opens with a "Shift schedules to the server" message Can only Force Quit

Just upgraded to El Capitan and cannot access the calendar. It opens with a message 'Moving calendars to the server.

I cannot access all features and can be closed only by using force quit.

Please stop calendar and also the application of reminders, runs. Force quit if necessary.

Back up all data.

If you synchronize some of your calendars, or reminders with iCloud, then in the iCloud preferences window, uncheck that marked calendars and reminders. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to remove your iCloud calendars and reminders of the computer. They will always be in iCloud. Re-check the boxes.

If you synchronize agendas or reminders with another network such as Google service, please open the preferences panel Internet accounts. Make a note of the settings for calendar accounts, then delete and recreate.

Launch schedule and see if there is an improvement.

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    Don't see the menu bar not (File, Edit, View, history, Favorites, tools, help)?
    Turn on/off the menu bar is a new feature in version 3.6.
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    Mode full screen

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  • 42RL833 - latest Firmware installed and cannot access the YouTube app

    I have 42RL833 Toshiba which is updated to the latest firmware, however I still cannot access the application on my YouTube. I get an error saying that Youtube XL is no longer supported.

    What can I do to fix this?

    > I get an error saying that Youtube XL is no longer supported.

    Google has stopped the YouTube XL service and, therefore, this service isn't available anymore.

    You can read details here:

    It also seems that YouTube XL has been replaced by YouTube Leanback Lite:
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    There is also a note that if you can connect your computer to your TV, you can continue to use the YouTube TV-optimized experience by visiting youtube.com/tv.

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    We have cisco linksys wireless router.  When we installed everything first, we could connect our wireless laptops to the network.  Now, however, the network is detected, but there is no access to the internet.  We have even a guy from ATT were out and he said that the wireless router has been installed backwards?  He installed a dsl fast access on our laptop icon, and now we can access the wireless network but only if we connect as the first.  We can also connect iPod to the wireless network.  They detect the network, but when we enter the password cannot connect.

    Hi JC_3094,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Community and thanks for posting the question.

    According to the description, it looks like you aren't able to access the Internet.

    The likely causes of this problem is if the router is not configured properly.

    Here are some steps that should help you to solve this problem.

    Method 1:

    Check if the router is configured properly to get access to the Internet.

    Method 2:

    Try the steps mentioned in this link and check:

    This tutorial is designed to help you identify and solve problems with a wired (Ethernet) and wireless (Wi - Fi) network connections in Windows.

    Wireless and wired network problems
    Method 3:
    If there is a frequent disconnection try to update the firmware on the router and check.
    In addition, visit these links for more information:
    Why can't I connect to the Internet?
    Hope this information helps. Respond us if you have any questions with windows and we will be happy to help.
  • Customer remote cannot access the server LAN via VPN

    Hi friends,

    I'm a new palyer in ASA.

    My business is small. We need to the LAN via VPN remote client access server.

    I have an ASA5510 with version 7.0. I have configured remote access VPN and it can establish the tunnel with success. But I can not access the server.

    Client VPN is version. Encrypted packages have increased but the decrypted packet is 0 in the VPN client statistics, after I connected successfully.

    Next to the ASA, I show crypto ipsec sa, just deciphering the packets increase.

    Who can help me?

    Thank you very much.

    The following configuration:

    ASA Version 7.0(7)
    hostname VPNhost
    interface Ethernet0/0
    nameif outside
    security-level 10
    ip address
    interface Ethernet0/1
    nameif inside
    security-level 100
    ip address
    interface Ethernet0/2
    no nameif
    no security-level
    no ip address
    interface Management0/0
    no nameif
    no security-level
    no ip address
    ftp mode passive
    dns domain-lookup inside
    access-list PAT_acl extended permit ip any
    access-list allow_PING extended permit icmp any any inactive
    access-list Internet extended permit ip host any inactive
    access-list VPN extended permit ip
    access-list VPN extended permit ip
    access-list CAPTURE extended permit ip host host
    access-list CAPTURE extended permit ip host host
    pager lines 24
    mtu outside 1500
    mtu inside 1500
    ip local pool testpool

    arp timeout 14400
    global (outside) 1 interface
    nat (inside) 0 access-list VPN
    nat (inside) 1 access-list PAT_acl
    route outside 10

    username testuser password 123
    aaa authentication ssh console LOCAL
    aaa local authentication attempts max-fail 3

    no sysopt connection permit-ipsec
    crypto ipsec transform-set FirstSet esp-des esp-md5-hmac
    crypto dynamic-map dyn1 1 set transform-set FirstSet
    crypto dynamic-map dyn1 1 set reverse-route
    crypto map mymap 1 ipsec-isakmp dynamic dyn1
    crypto map mymap interface outside
    isakmp enable outside
    isakmp policy 1 authentication pre-share
    isakmp policy 1 encryption des
    isakmp policy 1 hash md5
    isakmp policy 1 group 2
    isakmp policy 1 lifetime 86400
    isakmp nat-traversal  3600
    tunnel-group testgroup type ipsec-ra
    tunnel-group testgroup general-attributes
    address-pool testpool
    tunnel-group testgroup ipsec-attributes
    pre-shared-key *
    telnet timeout 5

    ssh timeout 10
    console timeout 0

    : end

    Topology as follows:


    Configure the split for the VPN tunneling.

    1. Create the access list that defines the network behind the ASA.

      ciscoasa(config)#access-list Split_Tunnel_List remark The corporate network behind the ASA. ciscoasa(config)#access-list Split_Tunnel_List standard permit 

    2. Mode of configuration of group policy for the policy you want to change.

      ciscoasa(config)#group-policy hillvalleyvpn attributes ciscoasa(config-group-policy)#

    3. Specify the policy to split tunnel. In this case, the policy is tunnelspecified.

      ciscoasa(config-group-policy)#split-tunnel-policy tunnelspecified 

    4. Specify the access tunnel split list. In this case, the list is Split_Tunnel_List.

      ciscoasa(config-group-policy)#split-tunnel-network-list value Split_Tunnel_List 

    5. Type this command:

      ciscoasa(config)#tunnel-group hillvalleyvpn general-attributes 

    6. Associate the group with the tunnel group policy

      ciscoasa(config-tunnel-ipsec)# default-group-policy hillvalleyvpn 

    7. Leave the two configuration modes.

      ciscoasa(config-group-policy)#exit ciscoasa(config)#exit ciscoasa#

    8. Save configuration to non-volatile RAM (NVRAM) and press enter when you are prompted to specify the name of the source file.

    Kind regards
    Abhishek Purohit

  • How can I change my apple for ICloud ID?  I just upgraded to El Capitan and the old apple ID keeps and does not allow me to change it.

    I changed my Apple ID some time last year.  I installed my MacBook Pro at El Capitan and now ICloud is coming with the old apple id and I don't know how to change it.  Can someone tell me how to make this work, you?

    Replace it with the current using the iCloud of system preferences preference pane.

  • Just upgraded to El Capitan and Safari will not use Google

    "I set Google as my preferred search engine under the ' Preferences > > Search" tab, but whenever I type something in the address bar it still use Yahoo!

    Can anyone offer advice on removing Yahoo! as the default search engine?

    Thank you.

    You certainly have a form of malware/adware installed that replaces your preferences whenever you launch Safari.

    Quit the Apple Safari > force quit menu. Relaunch Safari since the Dock icon while holding the SHIFT key. Clear your Safari history and Web data.

    This reading can also be useful.

    Guide of Mac Malware: How can I protect myself?  http://www.thesafemac.com/MMG-defense/

  • I have the version 7.0.1 of firefox and cannot access the cookie settings, I get errors indicating cookies are disabled, but cannot find anywhere in the Privacy tab that allows me to manage cookies.

    I have windows XP - Pro and recently upgraded to Firefox 7.0.1 and OE I get errors from web sites on cookie settings. I can't access the cookie settings via the tab tools option and privacy, because there is no option of cookie except to erase or delete individual cookies. I could manage my cookies before but something has changed in this version of Firefox, and now it's playing a lot of features of my web site.

    See all the parameters of the story and the cookie to use:

    • Tools > Options > privacy > Firefox will be: "use the custom settings for history".
  • I disabled the menu and cannot access the drop-down list to get back them

    I disabled all the menus to make a screenshot and now I can't access the drop-down list to get back them

    This has happened

    Just once or twice

    is today

    You can hide the menu bar in Firefox 3.6 on Windows, on "view > toolbars" or via the contextual right click menu on a toolbar.
    Press in and hold the Alt key to display the menu bar.
    Go to "view > toolbars", right click on the menu bar, or press Alt + V T to select the toolbars to show or hide.

    See also what happened to the file, edit and view menus?

  • Dell has developed a passwoord and cannot access the Windows XP system on a network share in Windows 7.

    Original title: network router, XP computer and Windows 7 laptop computer dilemma.

    My system XP computer is part of a network using a router. I also have a laptop Windows 7, using the same network. Reference Dell set up a password so that the network is not accessible without password, reducing the risk of piracy. Now, I can not in the XP system because of the defined password.  How to reset or enter the password on the XP computer?

    Hi Scottid2,

    1. do you receive error messages when you access the Windows XP system?

    2. What is the password being set by Dell?

    You can check in the Windows 7 system if the password protected sharing is enabled. When protected by password sharing is enabled, people using other computers on your network cannot access your shared folders or printers unless they have a user account on your computer.

    You can turn off password protected sharing and check if it helps.

    For more information, see the articles:

    Why can't I connect to other computers?

    Networking of computers running different versions of Windows

    As the password is set by Dell, you can also consult with support of Dell for the same thing:

    Dell support

  • Part removed from the registry, cannot open the .exe, .lnk and cannot access the system restore

    Following the advice on a Wikipedia page to remove a virus 'active security scan', I accidentally deleted a potion of my registry (software?)  Now I can't access any .exe, .lnk, files etc.  I get the message "windows cannot open this file", and then me accesses a page with no software suggested to open the file.  I tried the system restore, but get the same message when I try to open the system restore program.  Any suggestions?

    You should read through this article, because it addresses a similar situation.  Let us know if it helps.
    Recover corrupted regitry

    Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • I can't access my files on my VM W7 (full XP Pro OS not XP Mode) and cannot access the W7 files from a remote computer (XP Pro).

    I cannot access files W7 Pro both a remote computer (XP Pro) and a virtual machine (XP Pro not XP Mode) on my network.  I see the folders but it says that I have no rights.  I can access of W7 but not vice versa.  In XP mode, I can access the file from W7.  What is going on?



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