LifeCam HD-5000 works fine in other programs, but not in the Lifecam software accompanying

My Lifecam HD-5000 works fine in other programs, but not in the Lifecam software that comes with it, I get "There is no camera connected to this computer." I tried to restart and uninstall then reinstall the software.



LifeCam HD-5000 - Support and warranty (3 years)

Microsoft Hardware warranties

Support for WebCam

Product Solution Center

MS material takes in charge and recourse in warranty (90 days support of)
the date of the 1st call).

1-800-936-5700 or 1-800 Microsoft (642-7676)

I hope this helps.

Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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    MaheshGx wrote:

    I have a question that I am trying to run in two different environments.

    Test: - Oracle Database 11 g Release - 64 bit Production
    Prod: - Oracle Database 11 g Release - 64 bit Production

    Now the query runs fine in one environment and fails in the other environment.
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    This is called a bug. One caused by the person who developed the code. They relied on an implicit conversion between strings and dates when
    production quality code will always use the function to_char and to_date with a format mask.

  • What should I do when I can communicate with my instrument NI MAX through other programs, but not of LabVIEW?

    Hi all, this is a question that I had a few times before in one form or another.

    I use a Boxcar Integrator (245 SRS is the interface) for my experience. I connect to it via GPIB using my Agilent GPIB/USB interface. My program runs in LabVIEW, and I used it successfully in the (very recent) past.

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    Oh shit, I forgot about it! I solved the problem, it was actually a 'me' problem is not a problem of LV. Even my solution would not be to help someone else who finds it. I was trying to read from my instrument, but it is in synchronous mode, so it generates an error if you try to read her when a data point has not been loaded in its buffer. I did something unusual, so it was not a point of data loaded into its buffer.

  • Adding SCSI - HOST OS card works fine, GUEST operating system does not see the new hardware

    I have a HOST Windows XP Pro SP3 with VMWare v6.5.2 running Windows Server 2003 R2 STD, SP2 as OS GUEST running on any new Dell Precision T3500 Workstation.

    I've closed the COMMENTS and then HOST. Installed an Adeptec SCSI 39160 card in the PC. The card is a 64-bit and is installed in a PCI 32-bit slot. (It is backwards compatible with 32 - bit)

    Powered on PC. Install the drivers of Adeptec on the HOST. Works fine and I can see the card under Windows XP. Rebooted and everything is always OKm POST shows the installed card and search devices. I have no device attached at this point.

    GUEST operating system has started and it does not automatically detect the card. Tried to run the Add Hardware Wizard and same result. Tried to use VMWare to install the new Hard ware with no result.

    Can tell you how I can get the OS TO see / use the new SCSI card?

    golden rule:

    old guest will love the buslogic controller

    new comments will love the lsi-logic controller

    It depends on your guest


    VMX-settings- VMware-liveCD - VM-infirmary

  • FancyBox - Working in Live View mode, but not in the preview


    I searched the forums for some answers, but I can't just understand what I am doing wrong. I'm really a beginner with Dreamweaver and coding, so I think I'm just something wrong. I hope that someone will be able to point me in the right direction! Anyway, here's my problem...

    I could not get the Fancybox to work properly. When I test my page through Live View, it seems to work very well. However, Fancybox does not work as expected when I test through various browsers in preview. Instead of bring the image in a Fancybox object, it transfers me to a page that contains only the image. I've read several posts that have raised the same issue, but I can't simply solve this problem on my own.

    In order to understand this point, I created a simple test page that contains only the content of my Fancybox and a single image. I'll list the code below:

    <! doctype html >

    < html >

    < head >

    < meta charset = "UTF-8" >

    < title > FancyBox Test < /title >

    <! - load jquery - >

    " < script type =" text/javascript"src =" "> < / script > .

    <!--> fb style sheet

    "< link rel ="stylesheet"href="/fancybox/source/jquery.fancybox.css "type =" text/css"media ="screen"/ >

    <!-pack jquery fb->

    "< script type =" text/javascript"src="/fancybox/source/jquery.fancybox.pack.js "> < / script >

    < / head >

    < body >

    < a class = "fancybox" rel = "group1" href = "images/Illustration_1.png" > < img src = "images/Illustration_1.png" width = "620" class = "fancybox image" height = "662" / > < / a > "

    < script type = "text/javascript" >

    {$(document) .ready (function ()}

    $(".fancybox").fancybox ();


    < /script >

    < / body >

    < / html >

    I kept all the Fancybox files in a folder called 'fancybox' in my root directory. I know that I do not need to place the image in a group, since I don't currently have more than one image, but finally, I would like to have multiple images, so I went ahead and assigned to a group. I added the class 'fancybox-image' to the image so that I was messing around and it seemed to make it work inside of Live View, but I does nothing for me when I use an excerpt.

    I tested in several browsers, but I tend to use Firefox to test the most. Using the Firefox web developer tools, I found some fundamental questions. The Console gives me the following error: "TypeError: $(...).» FancyBox is not a function"and the Style Editor told me that the style sheet can be loaded. I thought this might give me enough information to solve this problem on my own, but I'm obviously missing something here. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Is your folder fancybox on the same level of your images folder directory in your site definition?

    If so, just get rid of the bar oblique leader in your links to the fancybox scripts.

  • When I'm on Facebook and playing Fish World, send gifts no longer works, the drop-down list does not open enough to see the button 'send '. This works in other games, but not in the world of fish, and I contacted global fish who said it was a browser issu

    starting yesterday I can't decline to the bottom of the box open to send gifts to my friends. Fish world told me a few weeks ago, it was because of some updates on Facebook, but now that has been set and I can't get the inFB game to work. It works with other browsers - Chrome and IE9. Is there something I have to do on my end to fix this? Other facebook games works perfectly with drop-down boxes, it is only in fish world.

    problem solved

  • I can't synchronize my android device. Sync works with other devices, but not on the new Android device.

    I use ff on two other Android devices and two pc under windows without any problem. I bought a new phone and I couldn't sync somehow. Whenever I'm trying something new, ff considers my attempt to sync to a new account.

    There is a new system of synchronization, if you have an older synchronization account see migration to it.

  • My windows xp using Firefox worked fine using 49.0 but not now. I tried to find some 43.0.1 to recharge but couldn't find it. 50.0 does not work on my computer. Help.

    I deleted Firefox to reload the new version. So I don't have Firefox now. Everything has worked out well until the new version of 50.0. I read that I have to reload the updated with 43.0. I can't find 43.0. I get 50.0. I would appreciate your assistance in obtaining of Firefox on my computer. Jim Purnell

    Philipp, I thought about it. I now 43 back version on my computer to . As a summary, I work with an old windows 95 unit which has been improved over the years to Windows XP. When Bill decided to 'kill the old guy', I kept making the work of the mine. I paid 2K for this shit and you won't do it again. So when XP was unusable, I came for Firefox (THANKS!). I was not abe to get on the internet or by e-mail. So when I got Firefox lost work then because of the 50.0 implementation, I was dead in the water. After get involved, seeing what happened, I was able to get on 1.8... Then I had Internet! From there, after having tried several attempts to join the revised versions, I jused google: 43.0 Firefox version. AND darn it worked. Thank you for your support. Jim

  • I have the file calendar.html, it works fine in IE &amp; crome but in firefox the hyperlinks are not active... can someone help me please...

      <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> 
      <script language="JavaScript">
     var dDate = new Date();
     var dCurMonth = dDate.getMonth();
     var dCurDayOfMonth = dDate.getDate();
     var dCurYear = dDate.getFullYear();
     var objPrevElement = new Object();
     var objPrevCalDateText = new Object();
     function fToggleColor(myElement) {
      var toggleColor = "#0000ff";
      if ( == "calDateText") {
       if (myElement.color == toggleColor) {
        if (myElement.innerText == dCurDayOfMonth && frmCalendar.tbSelYear.value == dCurYear && frmCalendar.tbSelMonth.value == dCurMonth+1) {
         myElement.color = "red";
        else {
         myElement.color = "";
       else {
        myElement.color = toggleColor;
      else if ( == "calCell") {
       for (var i in myElement.children) {
        if (myElement.children[i].id == "calDateText") {
         if (myElement.children[i].color == toggleColor) {
          if (myElement.innerText == dCurDayOfMonth && frmCalendar.tbSelYear.value == dCurYear && frmCalendar.tbSelMonth.value == dCurMonth+1) {
           myElement.children[i].color = "red";
          else {
           myElement.children[i].color = "";
         else {
          myElement.children[i].color = toggleColor;
     function fSetSelectedDay(myElement){
      if ( == "calCell") {
       if (!isNaN(parseInt(myElement.children["calDateText"].innerText))) {
        myElement.background = "images/cal_cell_down.gif";
        objPrevElement.background = "images/cal_cell_up.gif";
        document.all.calSelectedDate.value = parseInt(myElement.children["calDateText"].innerText);
        objPrevElement = myElement;
          if(frmCalendar.tbSelMonth.value < 10)
           sMonth = "0" + frmCalendar.tbSelMonth.value
           sMonth = frmCalendar.tbSelMonth.value
          if(myElement.children["calDateText"].innerText < 10)
           sDay = "0" + myElement.children["calDateText"].innerText
           sDay = myElement.children["calDateText"].innerText
          window.returnValue = sMonth + sDay + frmCalendar.tbSelYear.value
     function fGetDaysInMonth(iMonth, iYear) {
      var dPrevDate = new Date(iYear, iMonth, 0);
      return dPrevDate.getDate();
     function fBuildCal(iYear, iMonth, iDayStyle) {
      var aMonth = new Array();
      aMonth[0] = new Array(7);
      aMonth[1] = new Array(7);
      aMonth[2] = new Array(7);
      aMonth[3] = new Array(7);
      aMonth[4] = new Array(7);
      aMonth[5] = new Array(7);
      aMonth[6] = new Array(7);
      var dCalDate = new Date(iYear, iMonth-1, 1);
      var iDayOfFirst = dCalDate.getDay();
      var iDaysInMonth = fGetDaysInMonth(iMonth, iYear);
      var iVarDate = 1;
      var i, d, w;
      if (iDayStyle == 2) {
       aMonth[0][0] = "Sunday";
       aMonth[0][1] = "Monday";
       aMonth[0][2] = "Tuesday";
       aMonth[0][3] = "Wednesday";
       aMonth[0][4] = "Thursday";
       aMonth[0][5] = "Friday";
       aMonth[0][6] = "Saturday";
      else if (iDayStyle == 1) {
       aMonth[0][0] = "Sun";
       aMonth[0][1] = "Mon";
       aMonth[0][2] = "Tue";
       aMonth[0][3] = "Wed";
       aMonth[0][4] = "Thu";
       aMonth[0][5] = "Fri";
       aMonth[0][6] = "Sat";
      else {
       aMonth[0][0] = "Su";
       aMonth[0][1] = "Mo";
       aMonth[0][2] = "Tu";
       aMonth[0][3] = "We";
       aMonth[0][4] = "Th";
       aMonth[0][5] = "Fr";
       aMonth[0][6] = "Sa";
      for (d = iDayOfFirst; d < 7; d++) {
       aMonth[1][d] = iVarDate;
      for (w = 2; w < 7; w++) {
       for (d = 0; d < 7; d++) {
        if (iVarDate <= iDaysInMonth) {
         aMonth[w][d] = iVarDate;
      return aMonth;
     function fDrawCal(iYear, iMonth, iCellWidth, iCellHeight, sDateTextSize, sDateTextWeight, iDayStyle) {
      var myMonth;
      myMonth = fBuildCal(iYear, iMonth, iDayStyle);
      document.write("<table border='0' width='280' cellspacing='0' bordercolorlight='#808080' bordercolordark='#808080'>")
      document.write("<td align='center' style='FONT-FAMILY:Verdana;FONT-SIZE:12px;FONT-WEIGHT: bold'>" + myMonth[0][0] + "</td>");
      document.write("<td align='center' style='FONT-FAMILY:Verdana;FONT-SIZE:12px;FONT-WEIGHT: bold'>" + myMonth[0][1] + "</td>");
      document.write("<td align='center' style='FONT-FAMILY:Verdana;FONT-SIZE:12px;FONT-WEIGHT: bold'>" + myMonth[0][2] + "</td>");
      document.write("<td align='center' style='FONT-FAMILY:Verdana;FONT-SIZE:12px;FONT-WEIGHT: bold'>" + myMonth[0][3] + "</td>");
      document.write("<td align='center' style='FONT-FAMILY:Verdana;FONT-SIZE:12px;FONT-WEIGHT: bold'>" + myMonth[0][4] + "</td>");
      document.write("<td align='center' style='FONT-FAMILY:Verdana;FONT-SIZE:12px;FONT-WEIGHT: bold'>" + myMonth[0][5] + "</td>");
      document.write("<td align='center' style='FONT-FAMILY:Verdana;FONT-SIZE:12px;FONT-WEIGHT: bold'>" + myMonth[0][6] + "</td>");
      for (w = 1; w < 7; w++) {
       for (d = 0; d < 7; d++) {
        document.write("<td background='images/cal_cell_up.gif' align='left' valign='top' width='" + iCellWidth + "' height='" + iCellHeight + "' id=calCell style='CURSOR:Hand' onMouseOver='fToggleColor(this)' onMouseOut='fToggleColor(this)' onclick='fSetSelectedDay(this)'>");
        if (!isNaN(myMonth[w][d])) {
         document.write("<font id=calDateText onMouseOver='fToggleColor(this)' style='CURSOR:Hand;FONT-FAMILY:Verdana;FONT-SIZE:" + sDateTextSize + ";FONT-WEIGHT:" + sDateTextWeight + "' onMouseOut='fToggleColor(this)' onclick='fSetSelectedDay(this)'>" + myMonth[w][d] + "</font>");
        else {
         document.write("<font id=calDateText onMouseOver='fToggleColor(this)' style='CURSOR:Hand;FONT-FAMILY:Verdana;FONT-SIZE:" + sDateTextSize + ";FONT-WEIGHT:" + sDateTextWeight + "' onMouseOut='fToggleColor(this)' onclick='fSetSelectedDay(this)'> </font>");
     function fUpdateCal(iYear, iMonth) {
      myMonth = fBuildCal(iYear, iMonth);
      objPrevElement.bgColor = "";
      document.all.calSelectedDate.value = "";
      objPrevCalDateText.color = ""
      for (w = 1; w < 7; w++) {
       for (d = 0; d < 7; d++) {
        if (!isNaN(myMonth[w][d])) {
         if (myMonth[w][d] == dCurDayOfMonth && iYear == dCurYear && iMonth == dCurMonth+1){
          calDateText[((7*w)+d)-7].color = "red"
          objPrevCalDateText = calDateText[((7*w)+d)-7]
         calDateText[((7*w)+d)-7].innerText = myMonth[w][d];
        else {
         calDateText[((7*w)+d)-7].innerText = "";
     <script id=clientEventHandlersJS language=javascript>
    function Select1_onblur() {
     <body topmargin="0" leftmargin="0">
      <script language="JavaScript" for="window" event="onload">
      var dCurDate = new Date();
      frmCalendar.tbSelMonth.options[dCurDate.getMonth()].selected = true;
      for (i = 0; i < frmCalendar.tbSelYear.length; i++)
       if (frmCalendar.tbSelYear.options[i].value == dCurDate.getFullYear())
        frmCalendar.tbSelYear.options[i].selected = true;
      <form name="frmCalendar" method="post" action="">
       <input type="hidden" name="calSelectedDate">
       <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="#c0c0c0">
          <select name="tbSelMonth" onchange='fUpdateCal(frmCalendar.tbSelYear.value, frmCalendar.tbSelMonth.value)'
           style='FONT-FAMILY:Verdana;FONT-SIZE:12px;FONT-WEIGHT:normal' id="Select1" onblur="return Select1_onblur()">
           <option value="1" selected>January</option>
           <option value="2">February</option>
           <option value="3">March</option>
           <option value="4">April</option>
           <option value="5">May</option>
           <option value="6">June</option>
           <option value="7">July</option>
           <option value="8">August</option>
           <option value="9">September</option>
           <option value="10">October</option>
           <option value="11">November</option>
           <option value="12">December</option>
          <select name="tbSelYear" onchange='fUpdateCal(frmCalendar.tbSelYear.value, frmCalendar.tbSelMonth.value)'
           <option value="1998">1998</option>
           <option value="1999">1999</option>
           <option value="2000">2000</option>
           <option value="2001">2001</option>
           <option value="2002">2002</option>
           <option value="2003">2003</option>
           <option value="2004">2004</option>
           <option value="2005">2005</option>
           <option value="2006">2006</option>
           <option value="2007">2007</option>
           <option value="2008">2008</option>
           <option value="2009">2009</option>
           <option value="2010">2010</option>
           <option value="2011">2011</option>
           <option value="2012" selected>2012</option>
           <option value="2013">2013</option>
           <option value="2014">2014</option>
           <option value="2015">2015</option>
          <script language="JavaScript">
          <!--  -->
           var dCurDate = new Date();
           fDrawCal(dCurDate.getFullYear(), dCurDate.getMonth()+1, 30, 30, "12px", "normal", 1);
           fUpdateCal(dCurYear, dCurMonth+1)

    At least, you will need to use style.color = "#0000ff" instead of color.

    Document.all is not in Firefox, so use getElementById() to deal with specific items.

    A good place to ask for advice on web development is to the 'Web Standards Development/evangelism' MozillaZine forum.

    Aid to this forum are better informed on issues related to web development.

    You must register on MozillaZine forum site to post in this forum.

  • ePrint works when using DHCP. But, not at the time static IP enterred

    It's frustrating to no end.

    Today, I swapped the routers to see if that will solve the problems of ePrint, that I got with my HP8600 A-I-O.

    If I put the network configuration IPv4 use automatic IP, ePrint works very well. However, if I put it to use a static IP address, it fails.

    Then I set up my router to serve a particular IP address to the MAC address of the printer and set the printer to automatic IP. It connects to the IP address you want very well.

    The problem is that I went to enter the IP address manually in the IPv4 configuration because the printer lost its network connection after being on the network for several hours, and I would have to back the printer power cycle to get

    on the network.

    FWIW, the new router is a D-Link DIR - 860L

    After you change the default gateway setting in the settings manual Ipv4 to the IP address of the router, it is allowing me to use ePrint and update of the printer.

    This really should be a bit more clear in the documentation.

  • RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR work on A schema, but not on the diagram B

    Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Prod
    PL/SQL Release - Production
    CORE Production
    AMT for Linux: Version - Production
    NLSRTL Version - Production

    Hi, I'm working on this link:
    CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER block_tools_from_prod
      v_prog sys.v_$session.program%TYPE;
      SELECT program INTO v_prog
        FROM sys.v_$session
      WHERE  audsid = USERENV('SESSIONID')
        AND  audsid != 0  -- Don't Check SYS Connections
        AND  ROWNUM = 1;  -- Parallel processes will have the same AUDSID's
      IF UPPER(v_prog) LIKE '%TOAD%' OR UPPER(v_prog) LIKE '%T.O.A.D%' OR -- Toad
         UPPER(v_prog) LIKE '%SQLNAV%' OR     -- SQL Navigator
         UPPER(v_prog) LIKE '%PLSQLDEV%' OR -- PLSQL Developer
         UPPER(v_prog) LIKE '%BUSOBJ%' OR   -- Business Objects
         UPPER(v_prog) LIKE '%EXCEL%'       -- MS-Excel plug-in
         RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR(-20000, 'Development tools are not allowed here.');
      END IF;
    The problem is that RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR (-20000, "Development tools are not allowed here.");
    are you working on a scheme A, but not on the schema B. thanks in advance.

    infotools wrote:
    for the USER sys, she also success.

    Any user who has the privilege of the ADMINISTRATION DATABASE TRIGGERS you connect successfully even if the trigger generates an error. This is to avoid a bug in your trigger to prevent the ADMINISTRATOR to connect to the difficulty of the trigger. If user B in your example received this privilege, the logon trigger will do nothing.

    As has been pointed out, it is trivial to work around - there is very little logic to try to limit what a user can use the tool. I can always find another client tool to use (for example, SQL or SQL Developer * more). And I can always change my client tool to send a different program to the database name.


  • Tween alpha works fine in preview, but not in the swf file

    I was wondering if anyone could offer some suggestions. I have a few words written in text mode static I made a graphic symbol. On the timeline, I used the motion tween and classic Tween to create change aplha from 0% to 100%.  I made sure that I have enoough to space on my calendar (10 images).

    Aplha interpolation works fine in preview, however when I export the swf file the aplha interpolation doesn't work anymore? I tried to break the text, flash of reboot, restart my computer and similar proposals for other items such as:

    I was able to fix this by checking the box 'use bitmap caching DURATION' in Blend in the properties panel for the MovieClip in question.

    I am currently using Flash CS5 on an imac. Would be grateful for any suggestions, that I do not understand how something that worked very well, has suddenly stopped working? Bug?

    Thanks in advance


    Create a new fla and duplicate your efforts with your tween alpha of your text.  any problem?

  • Embedded YouTube videos work locally, but not after the FTP publishing. Works locally and on the web in all other browsers. Using FF 17.0.1 and Adobe Flash 11.5.502

    Found a Tube-video, which I embarked on one of the pages of my site. Using FF 17.0.1 and Adobe Flash 11.5.502, YouTube-videos work locally, but not after the FTP publishing.

    I work reasonable locally and on the web in all other browsers.

    Stupid FF?

    The HTML code is as follows:

    <table WIDTH="770" CELLPADDING="0" CELLSPACING="0">
      <tr VALIGN="TOP">
        <td VALIGN="top" ALIGN="left" width="463">
    <object WIDTH="340" HEIGHT="193">
          <param name="movie" value=";hl=de_DE">
          <param name="allowFullScreen" value="true">
          <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"><embed SRC=";hl=de_DE" TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash" WIDTH="340" HEIGHT="193">
        <td VALIGN="top" ALIGN="left" width="403"></td>

    I've experimented on the use of < iframe > instead of < object >. No change. Cache cleared on each attempt.

    Any thoughts?

    If it works in Firefox Safe mode and then disable all extensions (Tools > Modules > Extensions) and then try to find out who is causing by allowing an extension at a time until the problem reappears.

    Close and restart Firefox after each change through "file > exit ' (Mac: ' Firefox > leave";) Linux: "file > exit ')

    Alternatively, you can try to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox.

  • I can't get Firefox to play the horizons of music on the pages in browsers, it works in IE and other browsers but not firefox, HTML or Java script must also use so that they work?

    I'm having a problem with firefox, play background music on some sites, it works with IE and other browsers, but not with fire fox, what html script or java I must add to the pages so that they play music?

    I am developing my pages front page and I know the music only works on IE, so if someone can tell me how to fix this because it is important that I use fire fox as my main browser.

    Thank you in advance

    If a site uses BGSOUND so this will only work in Internet Explorer.

    BGSOUND is not compatible with other browsers like Firefox.

  • How to return to the earlier version of El Capitan (from 10.11.3 at 10.11.1) with Time Machine? My HP LaserJet M475dw MFP printer worked fine with previous versions, but fails miserably to recognize the device on the same Wi - fi network now?

    How to return to the earlier version of El Capitan (from 10.11.3 at 10.11.1) with Time Machine? My HP LaserJet M475dw MFP printer worked fine with previous versions, but fails miserably to recognize the device on the same Wi - fi network now with 10.11.3.  I would like to restore the previous version of the operating system without losing any data created in various applications since the 10.11.1.  Fortunately, I had only to use Time Machine is rare over the years, I do not know if you have to return the entire drive to the chosen date or it can somehow just go back to a previous state of OS.  Any suggestions, much appreciated.

    OS X El Capitan: revert to a previous version of OS X

Maybe you are looking for

  • Libretto W100 - DOWNLOAD virtual keyboard Toshiba

    Where can I download software/driver keyboard Toshiba for booklet?

  • 3.2 test mirror OTA.

    Someone at - it a mirror on the test of honeycomb 3.2 site ideapad used to be up on the ROM to test. Please that someone downloaded. If yes send me a PM... Ty. Kidromulous

  • Satellite L40: Windows XP crashes often

    Hello I am a happy owner of a L40 - Satellite - 18 that came with a XP SP2 as OS, everything was going fine until it crashes and showed me the blue screen (image memory) I thought at first, he was leaking memory simple and downloaded a RAM cleaner fr

  • Y460 button allows Theatre does not

    I just bought the y460 i5 processor etc etc and I noticed the first day my theater button does nothing. When I touch, he lights simply more bright, but nothing appears on the screen that I've seen in all the demo videos can someone help out me? -Than

  • Passport for blackBerry change your IPhone for a BlackBerry Passport

    Hello! Just read that an article on BB helps trade iphone for a passport of bb. Is it a trick? This is allowed for the Russians too? If so - what price will there be on invoice? Thank you