Look an OSX 'point of view to portrait"not"view of landscape ".

My Air 11 '' has a screen that is up 5 5/8 "and 10" wide.

This is not a screen ideal for reading a document, if you are looking to him normally, but if I had to rotate and read the book with the WIDTH being 5 5/8 "and 10" HEIGHT, would be perfect. of course, I have to hold the computer in this way while I was reading, but I would try this.

is there such a feature that would allow me to test this out. interested in native or third-party options.

Thank you

Look an OSX 'point of view to portrait"not"view of landscape ".

If you use only the MacBook Air screen it's doable, but it's hard to return to the normal display.

Try this (works) in El Capitan:

  1. Launch of system in the Apple  menu preferences.
  2. Command-Option-click on the "View" icon
  3. On the right side of the display preferences, search for the "Rotation" menu dropdown visible again.

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    That is right. Drawing on the display window is only available from 7 OS.

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    1 ensure the multipiece aligns with the multi-room image so that the vanishing point is - by using the controls of the orbit

    2. set the camera FOV must match that of the image - if you know the equivalent of 35 mm from the lens used to take the picture, you can type this in the current view - properties as a starting point

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    I suspect you did 1 and 3 to the death.  Did you watch 2.


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    No, unfortunately, as much as I know this feature is only available in the Canon software.

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    Hello world

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    < af:table value = "#{bindings." AttachmentYesNoVO11.collectionModel}.

    var = "row" rows = "#{bindings." AttachmentYesNoVO11.rangeSize}.

    emptyText = "#{bindings." AttachmentYesNoVO11.viewable? "{'No data to display.': 'Access Denied.'}".

    fetchSize = "#{bindings." AttachmentYesNoVO11.rangeSize}.

    rowBandingInterval = "0" id = "t2".

    "partialTriggers =": cb4: cb3 ".

    styleClass = "AFStretchWidth" inlineStyle = "height: auto;"

    width = "1250" >

    < af:column sortProperty = "#{bindings." AttachmentYesNoVO11.hints.Question.name}.

    sortable = "false".

    headerText = "#{bindings." AttachmentYesNoVO11.hints.Question.label}.

    ID = "c10" width = "300" >

    < af:inputText value = "#{row.bindings.Question.inputValue} '"

    label = "#{bindings." AttachmentYesNoVO11.hints.Question.label}.

    required = "#{bindings." AttachmentYesNoVO11.hints.Question.mandatory}.

    columns = "#{bindings." AttachmentYesNoVO11.hints.Question.displayWidth}.

    maximumLength = "#{bindings." AttachmentYesNoVO11.hints.Question.precision}.

    shortDesc = "#{bindings." AttachmentYesNoVO11.hints.Question.tooltip}.

    ID = "it1" lines = '8' readOnly = "true" contentStyle = "width: 330px; "margin: 10px" >

    < f: validator binding="#{row.bindings.Question.validator}"/ >

    < / af:inputText >

    < / af:column >

    < af:column headerText = "#{bindings." AttachmentYesNoVO11.hints.ApplicationId.label}.

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    < af:table value = "#{bindings." AttachmentVO1.collectionModel}.

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    emptyText = "#{bindings." AttachmentVO1.viewable? "{'No data to display.': 'Access Denied.'}".

    fetchSize = "#{bindings." AttachmentVO1.rangeSize}.

    selectionListener = "#{bindings." AttachmentVO1.collectionModel.makeCurrent}.

    rowSelection = 'single '.

    Binding = "#{uploadDownloadBean.downloadTable} '"

    rowBandingInterval = "0" id = "t1".

    partialTriggers =': cb5: cb6: cb7: cb10 ">"

    < af:column id = 'c12' width = '0 '.

    headerText = "Download File" >

    < af:commandButton text = "#{row.bindings.FileName.inputValue}" id = "cb23" > "

    < af:fileDownloadActionListener

    filename = "#{row." Bindings.FileName.inputValue}.

    Method = "#{uploadDownloadBean.downloadFile} '"

    contentType='"#{row.bindings.MimeType.inputValue}"'/ >

    < / af:commandButton >

    < / af:column >

    < / af:table >

    < / af:table >

    User, because the two tables have a relationship, we call matter detail relationship, you can use a link view defining the relationship, and the framework will be the selection detail for you automatically.

    The next thing is that you can not put a table in a column of a table. This is not supported by the table component. You can use a picture of the tree for this, or tables cascading as I show in JDeveloper cascade Tables | JDev & ADF Goodies


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    Hello Experts,

    I get an error when I perform the aggregation using the aggregation view which was working fine before. We have ASO cube.

    'The list of the specified view is invalid or points of view have been selected using a different scheme'

    No major changes has been (as change the ownership/megaupload type etc).

    No addition of level in one of the dimension.

    Only members are added at the same level

    Please let me know what would cause to become invalid.

    Thank you

    Raja Mohamed

    RajaMohamed wrote:

    The change is only the addition of members at the same level.

    Only way I can see what is possible is if the dimension change your attributes, and where you had already all members, associated with an attribute, you have now a few not associate members.

    Take a good copy of the outline (or restore from backup) and run the MaxL following on the old and the new cubes:

    query database app.db list aso_level_info;

    That should show you where the differences are.

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    I used to use the perspective crop tool to solve the problems of point of view "key hole" and get the files that were larger than the original. Now, I'm getting tiny files after using this tool.

    What's changed, and I change it back?

    Thank you


    I found the problem and the solution! It is in the preset tool bar. Somehow, I changed the settings. I changed them back to non-contraintes and all is well.

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    Levels of the different point of view to a PDF form: I have a PDF form that requires the intervention of different people. However, I need to hide certain sections of the form to be used only to specific people. How?

    You define the fields to be hidden by default. You can add code to show and unlock these fields by the user to enter a password, but it is a very weak control.

    Another approach is to use the ID of system connection. The only place that acrobat/Reader sees this information is in the identity object and to access this object in a form requires a special encoding because when you open a form it is not initializing the application, an event console. or a batch. You will need to add a special user folder script to each special user or all users to be able to access these data in a form. This may require the assistance of your IT support form.

    The folder level script could be:

    var MyLoginID = identity.loginID;

    You can access the MyLoginID in open a PDF file to get the ID of the connection. You can change the variable name for security reasons.

  • Looks great in mode live view, but not in Design view after adding php code

    Can anyone help with this?  I have a php with HTML5 page that looks much like the design view, live view and in the browser. I add php code above <! doctype html > and the page goes in all directions in design mode. If I switch to live view, the page looks a lot like new. The above code <! doctype html > is php with zero html completely. It's as if design mode try to read php despite start-up code and tags php in place.

    The only work around, I have found is to place <! doctype html > at the top of the page and view design looks great again, but this cannot be used in the browser as I have the php code that requires it to be the first items found.

    I use Dreamweaver CC 2014

    Any help greatly appreciated,


    Nancy, just to update you I had a bit of success by changing my invisible elements preferences.

  • How to use the same point of view as read only in the ADF and editable


    How to use the same point of view as read only in the ADF and editable? How can we succeed in TF?



    Steven Davelaar wrote a presentation on this 'building highly reusable Taskflows.

    From slide 14, that's where your use case comes into play


  • Different points of view static based on Variable OBIEE presentation


    We have 4 reports with content static from different point of view. All these reports are on the same page of dashboard. How can I show only 1 report based on the value of a variable presentation set via a command prompt?
    For example:

    PromptValue1 should display only Report1
    PromptValue2 should display only Report2
    PromptValue3 should display only report3
    PromptValue4 should display only rapport4

    PS: Since I only static content, I can't use a filter.

    Thank you


    1. create cond_report1, cond_report2, cond_report3 and cond_report4 which should return records only when PromptValue1, PromptValue2, PromptValue3 and PromptValue4 are respectively applied

    2. Add the 4 sections and reports in each section

    3. Add the correspondent for the report you created in the first step provided that section for each section of the Properties section and select condition as superior to 0

    That's all!

    Thank you

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