Menus small bridge CC and Surface Pro with Windows 10

I have a Surface Pro with Windows 10 4. I installed Photoshop and Bridge CC on 7 November. Fonts and Photoshop CC menus are size 'proper' or good; However, the Bridge menu, fonts, etc. are all the very small. I tried going to CC Photoshop and change the user interface scaled to 200. This has not fixed it. I also played with the font size and that has not worked. I have uninstalled/reinstalled Photoshop and bridge CC with no luck (and included a system reboot). Does anyone have a solution for this?

Hi lpluke

Please see the discussion below

Bridge window/meta data text size

You can add this to the bridge feature request: feature request/Bug Report Form

Thank you

~ Mohit

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    Hey Theresa

    I found this link very useful: Adobe App scaling on the displays high-resolution (FIX) | Dan Antonielli

    (I say that I have no problem with Lightroom CC 2015, only with older versions).

    Let me know if it helps!

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    Thank you

    Chrome and Firefox are not optimized for the contact. IE is surprisingly excellent but if you want the variation that you can download the beta version built of Chrome on chrome's dev site. (Works fine in the Metro user interface)

    Firefox has alpha versions (all night), but it is extremely buggy and featureless.

    Reminder! You can only use your default browser in Metro user interface.

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    In addition, Windows Media Center must be purchased separately.

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    Thank you!

    Yes, the surface 2 pro is compatible with acrobat dc.  You can start a 30 trial to confirm.

    the surface 2 cannot run acrobat dc (because of operating system paralyzed).

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    Hello Ronald.

    A problem are not uncommon. Something for you to try:

    Let me know if this solves the problem for you.

    Kind regards


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    I'm having a real problem trying to select and change the path pointing with pen a Surface Pro 3. It is so hard to grasp the point of control. Does anyone have some tips on how to do this?

    IMO because the surface has a high resolution 216 PPI if you don't not zoom the image's scaling more large then100% will not to target as node and point to paths of control points. Hit the elastic line will still be difficult with the pen of surface 3 pro...  The first accessory I added to my 3 Surface Pro Microsoft Bluetooth comfort mouse, it's much easier to position the mouse cursor and click on the using the pen of Microsoft on the screen to move the cursor located under the glass of the screen and a distance from the pen. by clicking on the pen. With the help of a mouse is much easier for me then using.the Surface Pro 3 pen. In fact to sharpen in my home office I'll use my Wacom Intuos Pro rather than the surface EP pro 3. Keep my work and my finger print off the display.  In fact at home I use Photoshop on my workstation and use my Pro 3 surface as a third and high resolution of display on my workstation. I'll change my picture on my screen of low resolution and have a second point of view high resolution of my image my display surface pro 3.

  • P2715Q and Surface Pro 3 @ 60 Hz


    I've already owned a Dell P2414Q which worked perfectly on my Surface Pro 3 @ 60 Hz in 4K resolution. If I have the DP 1.2 enabled in the Dell it combined two (virtual) screens as one who translates into a 4K at 60 Hz. display (somehow) normally is not possible with the Surface Pro 3 but this 'trick' worked perfectly. I think that it combines two 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz to a 3840 x 2160 @ 60 Hz screen?

    Consists of the two solid P2414Q and the P2715Q of a perhaps?

    I like a bigger screen, I bought the P2715Q but they will hinder the 'support' of 60 Hz. Default but the DP 1.2 is the ability to merge screens is missing. Now, Miss me the 60 Hz, which is very annoying to say the least. Why can't the P2715Q function as the P2414Q? I tried all the different settings, but the result is that I just see 3840 x 2160 @ 30 Hz and not 60 Hz as the older P2414Q.

    Help, please!


    I bought this monitor to use with my 3 Surface Pro as well.  I was disappointed that she was not working at the native resolution @60 Hz.  There is a work around if you are ready to install the Intel graphics reference drivers and create a custom resolution.

    I use these settings in the custom resolution Intel (version driver) dialog box:

    Resolution: 3840 x 2160

    Refresh rate: 50 Hz (this is the best we can do with the SP3 of output DP, everything culminates on the bandwidth available on chipset DP of the SP3)

    Standard calendar: CVT - RB (this is important, that the other synchronization methods do not work at this resolution/Hz)

    Overall, it works very well for me.  50 Hz is much better than 30 Hz in terms of responsiveness.  Maybe in the future, we will get an update of the official graphics driver that handles 4K @ 60 Hz without custom resolutions.

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    According to this page, it can be used as a product calling it:

    According to, work 8 should also be eligible:

    Upgrade eligibility

    Determine if your current version of Microsoft Office qualifies you for the upgrade price. The following products are eligible:

    • Microsoft Office XP: Developer of Office XP, Office XP Professional with FrontPage, Office XP Professional Special edition, Office XP Professional with Publisher, Office XP Professional, Office XP Small Business Edition, Office XP Standard
    • Microsoft Office 2000: Office 2000 Developer, Office 2000 Premium, Office 2000 Professional, Office 2000 Small Business Edition, Office 2000 Standard
    • Microsoft Office 97: Office 97 Professional, Office 97 Small Business Edition (version 2), Office 97 Small Business Edition (version 1), Office 97 Standard
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