Motorcycle 2nd Gen face speaker tips.

We know that front to second generation of Motorola devices stereo speakers are very good. There is something that you do not know it.small dust particles can accumulate in the ditch of speakers. Clean your speaker at least 2 times a week with smooth thin dry brushes. Keep away from water as it


It is only the tip of the maintenance.

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    I just installed an SD UHS-1 on my motorcycle G 2nd Gen Marshamllow running. I received the message after formatting the card seems to be slow and after choosing to transfer apps, nothing has been transferred.

    What others recommend?

    Have u tried factory reset. SD card is sufficient and as equivalent as mine.

    Don't worry, the G2 has many bugs. Eve of App also does not work.

  • update of lollipop motorcycle g (2nd gen)

    A test of impregnation for the update of the lollipop began in India for motorcycle g (2nd gen)?

    There is another thread with the same question, you can find your answer.

  • How to activate the 50 GB of extra space? Motorcycle g 2nd gen d

    I can't find how to activate free 50 GB of extra space in google reader. I'm doing something wrong? I bought a 2nd gen Dual sim g motorcycle Friday afternoon and I always try to find the way...


    I have some additional information. Motorola did not include Google Drive with 2nd Gen Moto G good. Where have you bought the phone?


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  • Motorcycle G 2nd Gen global and French freq.

    I plan to use a soon-to-be purchased Moto G 2nd gen Global and leave me puzzled the frequency and speed of the network are compatible (I watch but my sources seem to be mixed).

    My main goal is he reliable use 3G and may choose to wait for a 4G Unit...

  • MOTORCYCLE G 2nd Gen - enable Wireless Display missing

    I tried hard to project the screen of my phone Moto G 2nd Gen on my SONY Bravia TV. Help online through various forums, it seems that for the screen, an option "Enable wireless display" must be present on the screen Cast page to make the cast. It's missing (screenshot below). I saw this option on other Android phones.

    Is it possible that I can use the screen Cast function without having to buy a device external cast? The phone runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

    No, if the option is not on the phone, then it was deleted. I think remember me Motorola commenting that there are performance problems with screen cast on the G and the feature has been removed.

  • Motorcycle G 2nd Gen.Software Update problem.

    As you know, there was a new update of software for Moto G 2nd Gen, which updates the phone from 21.11.14 to 21.11.23.So when I received the notification for the software update, I started downloading via WiFi.When the download is finished, I turned off my WiFi for a while almost 60%. Then when I went again the WiFi, the software update disappeared! I went to settings-a telephone connection-system updates. When I checked the updates he said that my phone is up to date! even when it is not! My phone still has 21.11.14 instead of 21.11.23.What should I do now? How will I receive the update?


    I'm curious when you started to download the software that we have available for a little while, while we study a comments people have made. Since it is a duplicate thread, please put your comments on the current thread.

    Closing comments.


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  • My iPod Shuffle 2nd Gen the same song just rehearsals

    I have an Ipod 2nd generation shuffle, and he will never play the song I put on, he would usually play about 6 of the continuously, despite having lots of songs on this subject. I recently restored to factory settings and got 64 songs on it, but he will play only one of them, which she repeats,

    The shuffle uses flash storage.  Flash storage ends by wears.  Thus, the cause may be a hardware problem on your shuffle, especially since a 2nd gen shuffle is about 10 years at this point.

    One thing you can try is to reformat the shuffle outside iTunes store.  This must be done in a particular way.  Are you using a Mac or a Windows PC?

  • Adobe flash plugin not supported in the e bike 2nd gen (xt1506)

    fix Adobe flash plugin not supported in the bike e 2nd gen (xt1506) please.

    Nothing for Mozilla to difficulty. The phone uses a quad-core processor, in which the discontinuous old Adobe Flash player 11.1.x does not support because he can't stand of the ARMv7 processor.

  • How can I disable 5 GHz on 2nd GEN Airport Express?

    I read the previous explanations:

    1 / system preferences > airport > click Wireless on the left, click Advanced, search the list for the 2.4 GHz network and make sure that it is at the top. But I can't find such a list.

    2 / airport utility > modify > click on the wireless tab. What wireless tab? Not easy for me at the airport 6.3.1.

    There must be a way, but I'm just not see it. I'm told my wi - fi enabled printer is more likely to work if she is not confused by the existence of a 5 GHz channel.

    Help much appreciated.

    How can I disable 5 GHz on 2nd GEN AirPort Express?

    You can not.  The 2nd Gen AirPort Express is a double router broadband simultaneously ... so the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are always on... or... the two are always turned off if you turn off the wireless.

    What you can do, is have a different name for the 5 GHz network, so the 2.4 GHz network has a name and the 5 GHz network will have a different name.  The two networks will continue to use the same wireless network password.

    Not sure if that would help your real question... what it could be.  More details would be useful.

  • Update the series/model number in the BIOS (ThinkPad 2nd Gen Helix)

    Hello! I have a ThinkPad 2nd Gen Helix (model 20CG000QUS), I replaced the motherboard in (because I'm with a Lenovo authorized service depot), but I'm unable to update the series/model number in the BIOS. I tried the utilties USB and bootable diskette and nor will not work (I can't boot from either one sense). This is despite me turning off the Secure Boot option in the BIOS. When I enter my credentials for the key to maintenance/diskette, I find the download ok in, but on the page for the supported systems for this key maintenance/diskette, the Helix model I have is NOT LISTED. I tried to update using other utilities and I get the words of INVA LID, and I can only replace the "LID". So, basically, I'm stuck.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    PM sent

  • Bike E 2nd Gen India

    When the bike E 2nd gen will be available in India on ( Available before April? What is 3g or 4g? Price in India?

    The 3G version is supposed to launch next month; the 4G version later in the 2nd quarter.

  • Problem with update on Moto G 2nd Gen (India)

    Hi Mark/Matt,

    Please read and reply.

    Bit of bike G 2nd Gen users in India can be found on 21.11.14 version as the update is unavailable currently. But he did not have before, former users have obtained the 21.11.23 update and they are running 21.11.23. In addition, the news that now sell a 21.11.23 device out of the box. Thus, only a small % of users are blocked on 21.11.14 like me. Please provide us with the update that almost everyone has it. Alsoit could be a problem when we get the next update, as most users will upgrade to 21.11.23 and we will upgrade of 21.11.14, it could cause some problem.

    Please let me know what to do or what will you do ? Mark said this before our feature ofs are not defective, but I still feel as all the others have 21.11.23 and I only 21.11.14.


    Users currently on 21.11.14 will be updated to a newer version in the future. We are looking at the update to 21.11.23 due to some users who encountered some problems in the process of updating. Once our assessment is complete we will determine the next steps. You will not be abandoned or stuck on 21.11.14. We just take the appropriate action.

    Locking thread. Please participate in the existing thread. Creating new threads duplicate clutters the community and accomplish nothing.


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  • Bike E 2nd Gen supports Bluetooth Aptx codec?

    Hi all

    Does anyone know if the E bike (2nd generation) supports the Bluetooth Aptx codec?

    The official website of Aptx is not reliable for this info, because there are devices that I know support Aptx, but are not listed on this Web site.

    Does anyone really know? Is there a way to check?

    See you soon!

    OK, I ran a test on my US stock running Android XT1527 Moto E LTE 5.1 at retail, and it uses AptX if taken in charge by the speakers. In the screenshot below, all audio packets are sent to the Bluetooth speakers using the real-time transport protocol real (rtp) with the "non-A2DP" codec associated with SEID ACP: 5 orders when the discovery have been executed, I saw that SEID ACP: 5 has the following fields: Service category: Media Codec, Media Type: Audio , Vendor ID: APT Licensing. So, there is direct evidence that the bike E 2nd Gen LTE XT1527 supports AptX audio Bluetooth. If all other areas tested this feel free report with your results.

  • Fedora 7 is not installing on hp 630 i3 2nd GEN is compatible or try the new version

    I have HP 630 with intel i3 2nd GEN, 2 GB of RAM (I just bought a month ago). I tried to install fedora 7 on my lapi but sound complete the installation but not opening not due to

    graphics compatibility and only a black screen opens on startup with a lot of error messages. is there a fault in my graphics card intel HD or should I use new version of fedora? Please help me

    try Ubuntu instead of Fedora... both are operating systems based on linux

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