need help factory reset an iPhone 4

It seems that I am currently in the worst possible position to reset my iPhone 4. The power button is broken so I can't do the factory restore it this way, if I unlock it, it goes back to the logo of apple by itself, and I can't reset it on my iTunes, because my iPhone is on find. I'm out of options that don't cost money, or is there another way?

Thanks in advance


There is no magic words that will fix the broken hardware. Make an appointment at the genius bar and get the phone fixed / replaced.

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    Ask your provider if they open it. Nobody else can.


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    Kind regards.

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    Thank you



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  • I need help to recover my iphone

    I got my iphone 6 for more than two years know I default to set up factory reset me gives error tha my sim card is not supported, but I've been with you even with the phone sim card before I reset it please need help.the phone imei-* please help me.

    < personal information under the direction of the host >

    It sounds as if your iPhone may have been hacked for use with the carrier that you used, and now that you have updated, it is locked to the original carrier.

  • How long HP Pavilion G6 2320 need to factory reset


    I have the HP Pavilion G6-2320TX laptop with 1 TB of HDD.

    My machine is a month old.

    Initially, my laptop took 15 or more minutes to start. WiFi and bluetooth didn't work. Takes too much time to install windows updates.

    After searching this forum, I decided to factory reset using the hp Recovery Manager.

    Spent 4 hours and the screen displays "reset your PC (25%). ».

    I want to know how long does take for the complete factory reset? I'm a little worried because here in my region loadshedding is a problem.

    Help, please.

    I've seen reports of recovery taking a night or more to complete. but I've never had it take more than a few hours. If you lose power I hope the battery will carry you through.

    BTW, the questions declare you which led to the recovery can be a sign of hardware failure, usually disk or sometimes the memory. This could also lead to recovery fails. I suggest to use F2 to power on to use Diagnostics to test your hard drive and memory if the recovery fails, or if the recovery ends and you still have performance problems.

  • Laser Jet P1102w, need to factory reset

    Hello. I have a Laser Jet P1102w, which I had set up to print wireless before and had difficulty. So in the integrated Web (EWS) of the printer server I set up with an IP address manually and subsequently he fiine. Then my ISP sent a different router that I have implemented. Unfortunately I did change the IP address manually on my printer to the integrated Web server, first of all. Oops!

    In any case, I reinstalled the printer using the original HP DVD installation disc and also downloaded all updates firmware and HP Scan and print doctor. But it will not complete the wireless installation, I get an error message: "the printer has been able to connect to the network wireless using the wireless identification information.  However, this computer is unable to communicate with the printer.  Please check printer is on the same network as the computer and try again. »

    I am able to print a page of Self Test/Configuration of the printer which shows the old manual IP address that I had put in the SAP. Of course this IP address will not bring up the SAP any longer so I can't change it to manual. Config page shows also that my printer is on the new network, as it's my computer. I think that printing held back by not being able to connect with the new router from this router is an IP address anywhere near manual that I put on the printer (if necessary).

    I saw in the other responses to requests for similar information that I can get rid of the IP address manually, if I do a factory reset. Except that I do not know how. P1102 w doesn't have a 'control panel', just the wireless button and another "X" button - the one who insisted to get the Configuration Page. Press together does not reset anything.

    Can you tell my how to do a reset to the factory settings? Or think of another way, I can get into EWS printer so I can fix this? Or another solution?  Thank you!

    Hi, me again. I managed to reset the printer by following these steps: 1. get off the printer. 2. press and hold pressed the buttons 'X' and wireless at the same time and then press the power button. 3. always held the X and the buttons wireless for a total of about 15 seconds to push at the start. Then released.

  • Need help with reset factory for Thinkpad X 40


    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad X 40-2371, I want to get back to its factory settings. It doesn't have a CD-ROM drive, so I can't use a recovery CD. Operating system is Windows XP Professional. I tried to use the "Access IBM" and buttons "F11" to see if I can find any option of restoration of the factory, but there is none. Advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Welcome to the forum!

    It seems that the recovery partition is missing or damaged in total. You will need to get an external multimedia drive and install the OS from scratch.

    Good luck.

  • Equium A60 - I need to factory reset

    I have an Equium A60, I need to reset zero factory because it is very slow and has a lot of unwanted things about it. However, I need to keep all the I-tunes that is on. I have also no original discs etc to re program, and I'm not a total pc expert.
    Can anyone help?

    Hi Mark,

    The only way to get your A60 comes back to its factory condition is to have a set of a Service partner chartered Toshiba recovery disks. In addition, you will need to back up your I-Tunes (by copying them to an external hard drive if you have one, or else by copying them to a CD/DVD flammable).

    Note that the system from the recovery CD restore will erase the contents of your hard drive and you will find while the latest updates Microsoft etc. will be missing. You can doenload the Microsoft Update site.

    Personally, I would recommend just clean your system of unwanted content. The simplest approach would be to run a utility like CCLEANER (Google to do this, it's freeware). Then run a full scan of the system (from your existing package of anti-virus) and finally run an adware scan using Ad-Aware and SpyBot (Google for these, they are both freeware).

    Finally, go to the Add/REMOVE software control panel section and remove any what spftware/applications you don't want.

    Run a system utilities disk defrag tool and the work is done. Your A60 should be as good as new but with all the latest Microsoft Updates always applied.

    Kind regards

  • I need help to swap my iphone 6s I bought from the United States and I can't replace it here in India

    Hello Apple

    I bought an iphone 6s on the apple store in Tampa, Florida in December 2015 and it worked for a few months and then it started giving a problem that I remove the charger, the phone will of I talked to apple care him they tried every possible means to help me in restoring the software and all but however there seems to be a hardware problem , so for that I have to send the phone to an Apple store outside the India which is not possible for me because it is very expensive for me, this phone can be replaced in case India model number. its been a month now that I can use my iphone 6s, what should I do I need urgent help. on the purchase of the phone, they told me its guarantee in the world and can be replaced in India, but now he can't be replaced here please do help me with the same

    I'm sorry, but nobody here can help you. We are just other users of products Apple here. You must contact the Apple support and ask them about it.

    The warranty of the iphone, however, has never been international. He always included the clause that support may be limited in the country of purchase. I don't see any solution for you other than to exchange the defective unit in the United States.

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    Thanks for your help!


    Enter: 77625860

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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