Notes app so much lag after updating iOS 9.3

Is anyone else having problems with an extreme shift in the Notes application after update 9.3?

I mean, extreme, it may take 15 seconds or more to meet the press of button, or the tapping of an icon, in the Notes application. This happens only in the Notes application. All other aspects of the device are absolutely perfect.

It does not appear to be linked to the note of size. This can happen with a new note.

I believe that this can be related to synchronization. I've got 9.3 on my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Pro. If I turn off one of the devices completely, there seems to be zero lag when I edit a note on the other device. However, as soon as I got the two devices, the LAG is.

Similarly, if I turn off the synchronization of Notes under parameters iCloud on one device, it starts immediately respond normally on the other device. Turn on the option, and back comes the lag.

I like to use the Notes app to make quick notes when out and about, but this problem has made almost unusable for this purpose.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Kind regards


Well, I guess it's me then with Notes of Apple.

Not only is the above past again, but synchronization has now ceased between my devices, making them practically useless soft.

I tried to reset all settings, signature of iCloud on all devices and back to hard re-boots etc and nothing works.

Such a shame, because they finally got the application up to the point where it is excellent functionally, but ruining with all these problems.

I'm starting to think of Apple should just stick to the material and traditional software, because they just do not work the cloud at all, even after all these years.

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