On the Start Menu, I lost the most frequently used programs section.

I use Windows XP.  In the start menu, I lost the most frequently used programs section.  It works fine in all other accounts on this computer.  All accounts are administrative.  It worked very well for a dome of years.  How do I get it back marin

I use Windows XP.  In the start menu, I lost the most frequently used programs section.  It works fine in all other accounts on this computer.  All accounts are administrative.  It worked very well for a dome of years.  How do I get it back marin


You can fix this problem by right-clicking on the start menu button then click on temptation then go to Start Menu tab at the top, then in the privacy section, check the two checkboxes, then click apply and then click ok.

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  • Windows 7 Start Menu Worthless - how to make it useful?

    Once upon a time, you can arrange the start menu with folders of shortcuts for easy access to your most frequently used programs.  This is no longer allowed.  Now you need to pin a single shortcut to the start menu (as opposed to a related shortcuts folder), or access the long list "all programs."  It's a bit like you giving the choice of the purchase of gasoline by tanker or the.

    If you try to pin a folder of shortcuts related to the start menu, it is accessible only in the form of a folder, not a menu.  Is it possible to restore the old features of the Start Menu?

    One of these two tips might help:

    • You can organize Start Menu by adding your own files:

      In Windows Explorer, open this location: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ (this location is specified to the single user. If you want to have an overall effect that is visible to all users, you should go here: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start start\program )

      You can create files there and then just simply drag and drop shortcuts on the Start Menu.


    • You can try to restore the classic Start Menu
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    my laptop, 1 vote against and 7, the other with vista will not work.  I use norton 360.  message at startup said to go to microsoft update on the start menu.  There is no windows update in the start menu.  I'm locked out using my laptop.  Help, please

    For Vista, see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/How-can-I-tell-if-my-computer-is-up-to-date and http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/Updating-your-computer

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  • Intel Pentium 4 CPU: my problem is in my Start menu when I go to open a program, he said that "the parameter is incorrect."

    He said: "The problem with the shortcut" do not know how this happen or why and do not know how to fix it.    Help, please.



    Let me welcome you on the HP forums!

    I read your post on Start menu problems launching apps and wanted to help.

    As test, open one of the shortcuts on the desktop by right-clicking on it and choosing Properties.

    There is a box of the target, and there you will see the full path to the program file.  The file name must end with ".exe" write the full path to the bottom.

    Then open Windows Explorer, and using the information that you noted, navigate to the folder that contains this file.

    When you find the file, double click it and see if it starts.

    If so, the shortcut is "broken" and you need to replace it.  To do this, a right-click on the same file again and you should be the ability to create a shortcut.  Once created, drag that shortcut to your desktop.

    If the file does not launch, it probably means that it is corrupt.

    Try this with several other files.  If all fail, it means that you have file system corruption.

    And I think at this point there would be that your hard drive has failed - due to age and wear.

    Because it is almost impossible to find even XP these days, you will have to seriously consider replacing this PC with something more recent.

    Sorry, but the PC does not last forever.

    Good luck

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  • Computer laptop HP DV6 freezes when on the power of the battery, for the most part using Firefox. Looking for help in debugging

    Is there anywhere I can look to see what is running or happening when my PC crashes?


    My PC has been freezing more frequently lately.

    It seems to happen more often when I am on battery, usually when I am online using Firefox my default browser.

    I tried checking the event viewer, but did not find much, and do not know, I am interested in the right part.

    I can say without a doubt it happens when it is on battery power, almost never when it is plugged.

    In addition, it seems to happen more frequently when I use Firefox, but then I'm usually just surf when I'm on battery.  When I don't really work, I tend to sit at a desk and connect.

    Here are my specs:

    HP Pavilion dv6-3120us laptop

    Product number: XG871UA

    OS: Windows Home Premium Service Pack 1

    Browser: Firefox Chrome for the most part, other times

    I'm starting to capture when / where it happens the more frequntly in a strive to locate the problem.

    I'll try to turn off Firefox addins / extensions as a first step, but would like any other tips.

    Thank you!

    I did a quick check this week, surfing on the battery while using Firefox, I fell two times.  Once run it normally, first with all add-ons disabled.

    When I switched to Chrome I had any problems.

    I'll close this and call it a problem of Firefox, I'll open a new ticket if it appears elsewhere.

    But I'll check the both battery test.

    Thank you!

  • Start menu doesn't have not of recent programs

    My Start menu has 2 items checked to store and display recently opened programs. BUT the list of programs displayed is NOT a list of programs recently open.

    There are programs I opened yesterday not on the list.

    There are programs MS 'default' in my menu that I've never opened such as Windows Media Center, Center of picture Windows and Windows Live Messenger download, Windows DVD maker WelcomeCenter.

    My list does not appear in alpha order.

    However your info make me look in another location. I've found that I can remove items from the list on the right click on the item and select Remove from the list.

    What I'm left with seems correct.

  • Is there a better way to remove the toolbar "Frequently used tools" (which I've never used!) to open whenever I open Acrobat reader. rather than uninstall Acrobat and use another PDF reader?

    Is there a better way to eliminate the "frequently used tools.
    toolbar (which I've never used!) to open whenever I open Acrobat
    drive. rather than uninstall Acrobat and use another PDF reader?

    Hi jg49392310,

    You can disable the tool pane with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC was last updated, see this note cover hide the tools Panel in Acrobat and Acrobat Reader DC at all times.

    Kind regards


  • What happened to my opening page with links to my most frequently used sites that I use to ride on a dashboard of Wordpress in one click!

    My Firefox's normal opening page disappeared. I is a page with about 12 Web pages in the small windows that are links to my frequently used sites. Some of them are the Wordpress administration pages, and I need them to access my sites. How can I get this page back?

    Another change is the persistent presence of Ask.com on each search engine. Where did this come from? I n ' [t or Ask.com. Is this something that Mozilla added in? If so, it's a bad idea. I used Google to search for and want my opening page of Firefox pet back on the opening of Firefox.

    Thank you very much for the help. Susan

    Looks like you picked up a piece of Malware change your homepage .


  • Where is the most widely used MS Word word-processing system and why it isn't included in my purchase?

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    Microsoft Word or the suite of Microsoft Office programs is not free and are not included with an operating system.  Unless you buy a new PC that has a special promotion, as well as MS Office, you will need to buy it.  This is the same any PC, you buy, Dell, HP, Acer, Gateway, etc.   If you were to buy an Apple MAC PC is also the same thing.

  • The most effective use of models DW?

    Hello world!

    I think on the use of several models to compose a complete page. Does this make sense?

    For example, the header/navigation in a model and another model of a column two lay out, then another for a column of three

    Instead of having the different sections of a page in the templates, just create three pages of complete separate models?

    Maybe I'm overthinking the use of models.

    It is just a way to add editable regions, or should I put pages and templates like the sections of a page?

    Thanks for your help!


    It works either way.  You have an editable area available in the page's head that can accommodate either an embedded style sheet, or a link to an external.  The necessary CSS just for passage from 2 to 3 columns is so small, although I tend to integrate...

  • Office Visio ceases to make an appearance in the list more comprehensive term used start menu programs.

    Windows Start Menu Properties is suitable to store and display recently opened programs in the Start Menu.

    Only Office Visio ceased to show in the list, but I have used this quite frequently * compared to other programs *.

    I manually reset the list by unchecking and rechecking the box Start Menu Properties .

    Then I started Visio two or three times and he had still not showed.
    I start my Internet browser, and it appears in the first list time.

    What explanation for the behavior described? Is there a way to get Office Visio to be recounted in on the list of programs?

    Microsoft Office Visio Setup works very well and always appears in the results of the research. It just not supposed in recent programs lists the most frequently used.


    Please contact Microsoft Community.

    The show description, I understand that you are not able to see Visio in recently opened programs in the Start Menu.

    I suggest you check the troubleshooting steps given by  Aziz Nin the mentioned thread:


    I hope this helps. Do not hesitate to contact us for more disproportionate

    Kind regards

  • Why remove the only element used, the bar addons?

    Why their v29 change log done said 'additional options', when the only thing that most of us see is deleted the options, including the most widely used single section: bar of the addon? I don't want to install an addon to display the bar of the addon, which is present from pre-Firefox Mozilla days. So why delete the single most used item? Done the previous CEO Pro-life as it too and the new direction isn't that? Looks like Firefox is going backward, not forward.

    NO.... I'm not citing specific examples, but put MORE junk at the top after we are inundated with having TO use the tabs (which are redundant copies of windows below only cramped in to the top at the same time bar) bar, now I have 22 size icons and even drop my space window of text buttons lower in my workspace. It is not that the buttons/icons/addons don't work. (I swear to you that I don't know how people who work in support might need these detailed explanations) It is the fact that, to keep the premium screen, space open, to crush the tabs windows and Firefox destroyed this option. So we went with opening and closing of the bar of the addon whenever we need an add-on. Not to mention the addons as a certain addon Instagram that shows when new photos have arrived, or my safety bar that shows how much the ads and the sites have been blocked, as well as a mouse on display them separately in a concealed popout. Firefox developers are so stuck on their own crud they REALLY think that everyone has and uses on a Galaxy phone apps and crunches all icons like a 13 year old? Those of us who are older, more mature and use addons for something else than sharing photos... (as my Google Voice addon that does not work now to accept calls to open a bar and clicking on the icon until it accepts the click, oops dropped call or went to voicemail because you did not 3-ring)... Phone, Flash development, download videos from websites, eBay, Amazon shopping sales, torrents and each model of business platform has their own INHOUSE addon. You DESTROYED, DECIMATED, no. the model of less clicks is longer, for A SUPPOSEDLY SLIM BROWSER SIMPLIFIED! It's no wonder Execs of Firefox are clueless. Block us who care, our usage patterns and thus only the details on the use of the games for children under 15 to noticed by telemetry from FF.

    The basic concept, delete something, at least that replace you it with something equality in employment and work.

    Make users create a toolbar addon to replace the bar of the addon is stupid! Pointblank and simple.

    Add more clicks to get to the new bar addon was stupid and dumber still was the destruction of a top level bar with a value of the space in the window by the new addon bar be an addon or a creation of the user between the Bookmark Bar and address bar. STUPID!

    Finally, why is Firefox simplify anything. It is at the discretion of the user during the construction of its browser him or her self. That's what means be a modular browser. It is not Mr. potato head with only 4 types of eyes, nose and mouth. It's supposed to be a free canvas to work and create our idea of art works.

  • Lost start menu shortcuts/program after you perform a restore of the system under windows 7

    I did a restore of the system to an earlier time, today and for some reason any now my shortcuts on the start menu and programs have disappeared. I tried to reset the default settings in the properties and clicking on and and unclicking show open but recent programs that made my start empty set menu. Go to an another system restore does not resolve this problem. As far as I know everything works but I can't search for certain things in the start menu.

    I could really use help on getting things to what they were.
    Thank you

    OK I fixed the problem. It seems that the system restore point, I tried was automatic when windows update tried to install something. Something to do with this restoration has been listening on the start menu. I restored before this restore point and my menu start came back to normal :)

  • program icons missing from the start menu

    original title:
    If you can help me I would be grateful, otherwise I'll be grateful for the time spent reading this email anyway.
    1-workstation lost all the icons on the start menu, all icons and folders in all programs and even in C: drive, did not show all records.
    2 - I got some of them:
    a icons turn on the start menu, depending on whether I use some programs. (are populated according to are open)
    menu b-all programs, and is now show a list of all records programs installed, but when I click on the folder, click on the icon and run the program, it shows empty, the icon is not present.
    c in C drive, today shows all folders and all content must also normally.
    My question: How can I fill all incons in all programs to be able to access each program on the pc?
    Computer is: HP Pavilion Slimline, Windows Vista Home Premium system.
    Thanks for all your time and help, if possible.
    Nice day!.


    1. don't you make changes to the computer before the show?

    2. you receive an error message when you try to open any program of all programs?

    Method 1: restart the computer in safe mode and check if the problem persists. To restart the computer in safe mode, follow the steps in the following link.


    Method 2: If the problem persists then in safe mode, restart the computer in clean boot in order to verify if any third-party application is causing the problem. Follow the steps below provide links to perform the clean boot.


    Note: Make sure to restart the computer to normal startup followed step 7 in the link.

    Method 3: I suggest you to run a full system scan on the computer by using the Microsoft Safety Scanner and check if the computer is infected with the virus.

    You can download and run the Microsoft Safety Scanner from the link provided below.


  • How to permanently delete a recent list of the start menu program?


    I would like to know how I can prevent a program from appearing in the list of most recently used programs on the start menu in Windows 7 (Pro).

    For example, "notebook" is in this list, but I've only start it by double-clicking on text files, never through the start menu. In this way, 4 of the 10 last menu entries are shortened I will never use and that take away space for other, more valuable shortcuts.

    I know that I can delete items manually by using the right-click menu ("remove from list"), but I really prefer a way to do this is permanent.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Michael

    I don't think there is a way to accomplish what you describe. There is no way to set this component to "ignore" specific programmes.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you for using Windows 7

    Ronnie Vernon MVP

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