Pavilion 500-339: update video card for a 500-339 Pavilion... room with Ram?

I posted a message here a few days ago because I wanted to find a possible upgrade for my graphics card. I have a Pavilion 500-339, 3.5 GHz with 8g of RAM. The video card is a Radeo R7 240 and I want to upgrade. Big_Dave said (thanks for that!) but I am facing another problem. The motherboard is good, but compact and I fear that new video card (because it is longer) pretty much sitting on top the RAM (if it fits in all). I know that my computer is not a "PC game", but would that be a problem? One more time card would still hold? What choices do I have? Thank you



Aries won't present a problem of heat for the graphics card.

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    Im looking to upgrade my video card for HP 500-027c desktop computer and I was wondering if it can accommodate an EVGA GTX760 SC? I heard some people having problems with the GTX760 series of BIOS and doubts as to my turn may even support a double tie. Any suggestions?

    Kevin, welcome to the forum.

    I think that users who have problems have not a UEFI BIOS into the motherboard.  Your computer has a complete UEFI BIOS.  The problem you will have is the length of the card (10.5 ") and the need for power (600 w) with a minimum of 42 amps on 12V + rail.  You can make a model of the size of the card to see if it will fit.  You need a lot of space for good air circulation.  The power supply can be improved.  You must at least 700W.

    Note: After further research, I found that there are several different sizes of this video card with the requirements of different powers and lengths.

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  • Update video card for P6605F

    I have the Pavilion P6605F running windows 7.  My son plays video games, that part of his games cannot run because of the video card.  There are so many things to choose a not really sure what will work in this pc.  I don't want to pay a lot for a card max 100.00.

    It will be a great help, could someone recommend a good map of less than 100, the name of one of the games is called left for Dead2.

    Thank you.

    PRkidd, welcome to the forum.

    The problem you'll find a video card that works is the power supply unit (PSU) in the computer.  It is only 250W.  Will not feed one of the newer cards. especially the one that will be good for the games.  In fact, I tried Newegg for a good card that would work, but the only card that approached required 300W of power.  You can upgrade the PSU and buy a decent video card for slightly over your budget.  I'm sorry that I could not do better for you.  Upgrade both components would give you a chance to do a project with your son.  He would win a large part of the experience.  There are many good guides online to help you.

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  • Update video card for Dimension E310

    I need to upgrade the video card for my Dimension E310.  I don't need the upgrade for playing games.  I need only because of an image editing software, program that I would buy requires Open GL 1.5 support.  Is the card to work with the computer or y at - it another card I should use?    I am running XP.  The card I am considering is Visiontek ATI Radeon X 1550 256 MB PCI.  Thank you.  Danny

  • Pavilion 500-339: update video card for a 500-339 Pavilion

    I have a HP Pavilion 500-339. AMD A10, processor 3.5 GHz quad-core with 8 GB of RAM, running windows 8.1, 64-bit. It came with a Radeon R7 240 video card. I know that physical space is limited inside the computer case, but what could I upgrade to that would fit? While not the biggest PC-gamer out there, I do not play a bit and I would like the best features. Thank you!


    Without replacing the power supply, the NVIDIA GTX 750 TI would be an excellent choice. Choose a model that does not require a 6-pin auxiliary power connector.  Open your Pc and do some measures so that you know for sure that the GTX model 750 will be fit. Most should adapt to certain expectations.  Know what the return policy is before you buy.

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  • Food and update video card for Pavilion s5 - 1021p

    I want to upgrade the power supply 270w in my Pavilion s5 - to 500-600w 1021p and replace the graphics card integrated with a Radeon 4650 video card.  Is it possible, given the constraints of size?  Any help is appreciated!

    Hi callen3625,

    According to HP Partsufer, the power supply of your PC is not included because it has a separate part number.  This is also confirmed by the information contained in the library of Services HP partner.  The block of power SUPPLY HP Partsurfer therein is 220 watts.

    Look here in HP Partsurfer for video cards that are used in the new Slimline models with a 220 Watt power supply.  These cards have been made specifically for the HP Slimline PC with a 220 watt power supply.

    Even more recent slimlines are other graphics cards AMD that work with a 220 Watt power supply.  Look here and here.

    Review the specifications of performance ATI and NVIDIA . Look at the specifications of strip memory bandwidth and level of DirectX support.

    You should contact HP support and get a recommendation of the video card or maybe even HP Partsurfer.

  • Update video card for HP Pavilion Dv7 2040us

    HI My Dv7-2040us has an ATI Radeon 4650 video card. I want to run some new games and I need at least of 4860 to execute. I looked around and it seems that I need to get a new card and install it directly on my motherboard. It is all do able for me I just need to know which new card would be compatible with my laptop model. If anyone knows who or where I can start looking for one I would greatly appreciate the info. Thank you!


    The only way you can update the video in your laptop is to replace the motherboard together with the one who has a better video solution.

    However, when you look at Chapter 3 of the the service manual on the link below, you are already at the top of the mark about what video chip is on the available motherboards.

    So, you will have to live with the status quo or to buy a new laptop.

  • Update video card for m9690a.

    I really want to update my current video card which is a nividia Geforce GT 130 on a m9690a MBO in my HP Pavilion.

    I'm pretty interested in either a NVIDIA GTX470 1280 MB Gigabyte PCIe video card or a ATI 5870 1 GB Gigabyte PCIe video Cardinal

    I intend to power level to meet the highest a 800w at the same time.

    Will says cards actually run on my system without drama or would I need to change anything else to compensate? RAM, space. MBO, etc..

    I thank in advance for any help or suggestions you can provide.



    800 watt POWER supply is excessive.  The Corsair HX 650 remained with 52 amps on 12V + rail.  Stay with NVIDIA cards because they are usually shorter than the ATI counterparts.  470 to 9.5 inches is a tight fit. Another poster did get the 470 to work.  The 470 is a high-end card, so it probably does not work at full capacity with your PC. It will be plenty fast however.  I use the NVIDIA GTX 460 w/256 bit memory interface. It is 8.5 "length.

    Review the specifications of performance ATI and NVIDIA . Look at the specifications of strip memory bandwidth and level of DirectX support.

    How to replace a power supply.

    How to replace a video card.

    First make the power supply and make work before attempting to get the work of the video card.

  • Update video card for hpe-170f?


    Before you go out and spend money on a video map high-end, I need to know what video (NVIDIA preference) card install smoothly and work best with my HP desktop computer. Of course, since I bought my PC, I did not open her top and check inside.

    I'm upgrading to take full advantage of Direct X 11 and play new games such as BF3.

    Thank you!

    HP Pavallion Elite 170f w / Antec EarthWatts 650 POWER supply
    I7 - 920, 12 (3 x 4 GB) G.Skill DDR3 1066, EVGA GTX 560 (SC), 1 TB Hitachi 7200 RPM HDD
    Samsung LCD 27 "monitor
    Come on... San Diego Super Chargers!

    460 watt is good for the GTX460, Nvidia said min 500 watts for a GTX560ti. Even your probably very well with the GTX560ti as long as you have not OC it. With the GTX560ti you would be the limit / pushing running on a 460 watt POWER supply. Also, you'll need to use 2 sheets of power supply 6 pins, your power supply only has one. If you install a GTX560 card, I think the GTX460 use only 1 6-pin socket.

    If running a card GTX560, you will need to buy 2 sata for power adapter connector 4 pins to connect the molex power cable 4 pin supplied with the video card. Fry's sells these @ $3 ea. This will allow you to run your GTX560 or any card power 6 2 pins with your current 460 watt POWER supply. At this point you will have exhausted all of your internal power connections if you have 2 HD installed.

  • Update video card for Optiplex 980


    I need to update my video card.  I recently started to do video and photo editing, and I think that my video card is one of my bottlenecks.  Other features of the system: Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, 16 GB RAM, Core i7 2.8 GHz,

    I currently have a Synergy Edition PCI Express Zotac GeForce GT 430 2 GB card.  It is installed in the blue slot (if it matters).

    I want to get the best map as I can for this computer.  While the money is still a problem, I really need to increase the length of time that the system needed to make the video and create previews for a catalog of Adobe Lightroom 125 000 images.   I have 3 questions:

    1. I'm not sure I understand... the PCI Express 2.0 v 3.0 and the x 4, x 16, specifications.  I am concerned to do the wrong type of card.

    2. I'm afraid that I don't have enough power for a more powerful card.  The current power supply has a maximum 305 w output power.

    3. it seems that there may be a limitation of physical size on the length of the card because of the cpu heatsink.  My optiplex, is that if large size with the CD/dvd installed horizontally on top of the case and 4 ports usb in the front.  (I have attached a file to the post with a picture of the possible interference)

    Serial number is: 4JWKJM1

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions


    Because you have a tower with 305 w power that a card Geforce 750 TI with simple fan alias cannot exceed 8 inches works very well.

  • Update video card for m8430f

    I currently have a Geoforce 8500GT. Is there a better update available. I have 300 w power, windows 7 64 bit, 8 MB of ram ddr2 and single slot pci express.

    This NVIDIA GT 240 should work or this model GT 240 1 GB DDR5.

    Unplug your computer and open it. Read the label on the power supply unit (PSU).  What is the total power and amperage on the bus + 12 volt?  The amount of amperage + 12 volts is important when choosing a video card.

    I use the card above in one of my PC (m9200t) who has the same motherboard as your PC.  Check the amperage on the bus + 12 volts.

  • Update video card for Dell XPS 8300

    I'm looking for suggestions for a video card to replace the original NVIDIA GT420 DDR3 1 GB video card in my XPS 8300 running with Windows 7 64 bit.  The PSU is rated at 460 W (+ 12VA-18 a; + 12VB 16 A; + 12VC 8A; + 5V 25A; + 5V to the 2 0a; 3.3V 17A; and - 12V 0-3).  I would avoid upgrading the power supply if possible.

    The original of the NVIDIA card is a PCI Express x 16 slot.  I don't know if it's PCI Express x 16 or PCI Express 2.0 x 16.  Someone knows for a desktop XPS 8300 bought July 2011.

    Thank you.


    It is difficult to determine how quiet a card can be if you look on the comments of the people who bought the specific card you want, or you happen to find a professional opinion on this.   I find most of the double slot cards or cards with the biggest fans to shut up, so I don't think you need worry too much noise.   I have a Sapphire HD 6870 and it's very quiet.  I don't know the HD 7750 is fine for your application and games even if it will happen later.  With the game, you kind of match the video card with the monitor you own and resolution capabilities.  If you have a high screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 or more and you want to set this resolution, then you want a better video card.  After rebate, it may be that a difference of $20 between the 7750 HD and HD 7770 so keep that in mind also.

  • Update video card for D4790Y

    I'm thinking of upgrading my D4790Y video card upgrade.  I currently have a Nvidia GeForce 7600GT, and it seems that the only option upgrade I have is to go with a GeForce 880GTS.  Can someone let me know if this is indeed the situation in the present case.

    Thank you


    No it's just what HP suggested as an option to the configuration of the retail. You have the second-best video card, they offered, but you can install any express pci card, you can buy instead of the GeForce 7600GT. You also may have a power supply upgrade. Power requirements are generally overestimated for desktop computers. With a single hard drive and an optical drive, your 350 watt PSU should lead on any video card. If you have 2 hard drives and optical drives 2, 350 watts may be a bit low for a top of the line video card, of driving too.  Make sure you have the correct power cable as many video cards require a power adapter 6 pin how to plug on the map:

    If the computer does not have this power connector, an adapter to activate one of the molex (white connector 4 power pins) in one of them usually comes in the box with the video card.

  • Update video card for an Inspiron 1505

    Anyone know if there is any video card 512 MB which is fit in a Dell Inspiron 1505. This thing has the 7300 256 MB and hope to upgrade. Thank you for taking the time to read this and any help will be appreciated. Norm.

    Vista Premium

    2 GB of ram

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  • Update video card for Inspiron E1705

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I have a question that was buzzing around my head somehow. Is it possible that I can improve my video card on my laptop which is Inspiron E1705?

    The specifications of the computer so far is:

    -Intel Core 2 Duo CPU

    -2 GB Ram @ 667 MHz PC-5300 DDR

    -ATI Mobility Radeo X 1400 256 MB

    I do this because its out of warranty now and its too expensive for me no more to buy more powerful laptop or desktop.

    After looking around forums, most of the answers is a big NO and he pushed me a little bit. If there is no chance whatsoever, whatever happened, I bought a defective Inspiron with graphics NVidia 512 mb inside and Exchange my E1705?

    I'm doing this because I'm a quite a player myself and using SolidWorks. The specification that I have is quite satisfiying, but as you know human never satisfy. So is it possible to change the graphics card from another laptop of Dell? If so, what laptop series Dell? If this isn't the case, please indicate why.

    Thanks for your time

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