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Office: Unable to connect to the Internet via WiFi or wired

I can't connect to the Internet when I'm on WiFi. What can I do? Bill

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I'm new to the germ of HP, I was scanning documents and when I save as to send to my boss he will save only as a sproutdoc, no other option is available on the menu drop down, if the document does not open on his mac from apple. could someone help me

NVIDIA GeForce GT 745A: can I update my graphics card?

Is it possible to upgrade the mount card Nvidia GeForce GT 745 A to a more appropriate for the game? I unstand there is a lot of work and it is expensive to install a graphics card on a pc AIO. If this isn't the case, anyone know how I can change sev

HP 6005: 9 times beep

my PC 9 time red flashing what can do for her

Cable connector HP Elite 8000 USDT network continues to Flash

My small Elite 8000 Ultra computer has a glitch. The connector of the network cable continues to Flash, even when the computer is shut down. Any cure? Hans

HP Pavilion 752n

I'm moving and I turned my computer off and unplugged. I plugged it back up again place and power button. Nothing. The green light on the back of the tour is on, but it won't turn.

HP m8100y: improve m8100y OS to Windows 10

I think of upgrading my m8100y to 10 Windows Vista.  Is HP support this model on Windows 10, as the firmware / drivers... etc.?  Does anyone have this configuration?  If so, how is the performance?

HP sff z240: make a workstation custom.

I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I want to make a custome workstation. Is it possible to get the custome workstation? If possible, how can I get it?

HP-Pavilion iq500.uk: HP Touchsmart IQ 500 hdmi upgrade.

I recently had Virgin Media visit to change my box V + for a Tivo, they couldn't because my HP Touchsmart IQ500's doesn't have HDMI ports can someone advise on what to get and any other update I may need the IQ500 works well otherwise... See you soon

M7790y: Problems making fresh Windows 7 install on M7790y

This system has been upgraded to Vista, Win7 and works well up to the failure of HARD drive.  New HARD drive was installed, but in trying to do a fresh install of Windows 7, I get the message: "Windows cannot complete the installation.  To install Wi

HP TouchSmart: HP TouchSmart does not illuminate

Have more power on my HP TouchSmart.   I didn't shut down or restarted the day before, but when I went to use it the next day, he was off and does not turn on.  I took it to Best Buy Geek Squad and they tried another power cord.   The button blinked

OMEN DVD in the BLU - RAY disc replacement?

Bought an OMEN that contains a DVD multi drive super slim.  Can not find the specs/size, but want to replace either with my own player multi HP Blu - Ray (standard size) or at least buy a similar one of the correct size ' ultra thin '.  The standard

Pavilion 550 - 102A: upgrade CPU 550-102 a Pavilion

My Pavilion 550-102 a short grunt - processor AMD A4-7300 is not manage anything beyond email from basis it seems. The official page of the HP product for my system lists the following quad core processor upgrade options: A10-8850, A10-8750, A8-8650,

Desktop HP pavilion 8500

I'm looking for drivers for devices on Windows 98 to a 8500 HP pavilion desktop pc. I am also looking for parts as well. Since support HP Pavilion 8500 with drivers for devices from Windows 98 and material Picard came not here. I tried an old compute

Pavilion P6310yPC: I can't open documents after scanning

Recent changes. The PC has opened a day with a blue full screen with messages of auto repair of floating, but would not meet one attempt to enter. I took the machine to Office Depot, where they have a Tech Department with trained professionalpersonne

Desktop HP TouchSmart 600-1205: HP TouchSmart

Hello, I wanted to know if there is only a varsione updated TouchSmart suite for windows 10.After the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 icon no longer works.I thank the glance

Pavilion 510-P020: can HP Pavilion 510-P020 drive a 2160 p monitor

I have a new Pavilion 510 - P020 and I wonder if the integrated graphics card Intel is able to drive a 2160 p monitor. What is the maximum resolution of the graphics card Intel?

HP EliteDesk 800 G2 (L2X86AV): SOLVED - can't access BIOS due to monitor not wake up when it is attached with DisplayPort

Hi all See the HP Partner center below on the 2nd post It is essentially a follow-up to a similar to the forum thread for the EliteBook G1 which has never been solved (publicly). I am troubleshooting the problem with HP EliteDesk 800 G2 (L2X86AV) con

HP Z800: HP mother Z820 & NVMe compatibility?

Hello I currently have a HP Z800 with two physical processors.  They are the hearts Intel Xeon 6 + hyperthreading.  You get 24 effective cores including the 12 more virtual.  It is not compatible with NVMe, and therefore it will not work with process
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