Problem with Radio App on my Journe touch

Hello, once again...: D

I have a problem with my app Radeo on my tablet, and I'm not able to fix it on my own...
When choosing a radio station to listen to, I always find myself waiting for a few seconds for the station to load ("open..." next to the icon of the station at the bottom right of the screen), then get the same message "error"...

I already updated the app from the online store, but nothing has changed...
And I have this problem with all the simple radio stations that I choose...

I tried searching the forums and google search, but I can't find any solution or even reports on the problem...

So, is this just a problem of my tablet, or I'm not the only one?

Thanks in advance!


Hi christine

A few months ago, I talked to the AEP from Toshiba on the availability of app touch trip and he told me that some of the travel apps will not work because the trip touch isn t no longer supported, I guess that the application of the radio no longer works because the server was closed and so the application can not find any radio station.

What to say journey touch is an old device with archaic system that is Windows CE. There is not a lot of apps for this OS and I don't expect that applications Windows CE would be released in the future.

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    bytes = IOUtilities.streamToBytes (is);

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    I tested this code under bb 9000.

    is - anyone of you see an error in this code? or maybe I should set some options under the device?


    YH... It was my stupid mistake... I used the url where the jad file was, not where the Cod...

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    2091 Wed Oct 24 11:31:06 MDT 2012 META-INF/AUTHOR. SF
    617 Wed Oct 24 11:31:06 MDT 2012 META-INF/AUTHOR. EC
    2091 Wed Oct 24 11:31:00 MDT 2012 META-INF/RDK. SF
    280 Wed Oct 24 11:31:00 MDT 2012 META-INF/RDK. EC
    0 kills Jan 01 00:00:00 MST 1980 META-INF /.
    0 killed Jan 01 00:00:00 MST 1980 native.
    SM 5683 Wed Oct 24 11:30:12 MDT 2012 native/back.png
    SM 5806 Wed Oct 24 11:30:12 MDT 2012 native/back_pushed.png
    SM 698 Wed Oct 24 11:30:16 MDT 2012 native/blackberry - tablet.xml
    SM 343980 Wed Oct 24 11:30:12 MDT 2012 native/FreeMono.ttf
    SM 714456 Wed Oct 24 11:30:12 MDT 2012 native/FreeSans.ttf
    SM 1687516 Wed Oct 24 11:30:12 MDT 2012 native/FreeSerif.ttf
    SM 6738 Wed Oct 24 11:30:16 MDT 2012 native/icon.png
    SM 129747 Wed Oct 24 11:30:12 MDT 2012 native/island.png
    SM 168252 Wed Oct 24 11:30:12 MDT 2012 native/island2.png
    SM 338161 Wed Oct 24 11:30:12 MDT 2012 native/
    SM 488362 Wed Oct 24 11:30:16 MDT 2012 native/shipwrecks
    SM 527402 Wed Oct 24 11:30:16 MDT 2012 native/Shipwrecked.s3e
    SM 379174 Wed Oct 24 11:30:12 MDT 2012 native/wrecked.png

    s = signature was verified
    m = entry is listed in the manifest
    k = at least one certificate was found in the keystore
    I = at least one certificate was found in the scope of the identity

    Error: Some files are missing signatures

    But it seems to me that all the files are signed; someone at - it suggestions?

    OK, so I figured it thanks Justin Tokarchuk (@jtokarchuk), which directed me to

    The problem, posted in the forums of Marmalade by Lester Madden, is incorect railways audit.

    Lester Madden says:

    To correct errors of audit you must remove the paths of verification in your file bar.

    This is done using the command d with zip.exe (attached)

    To identify entries that require the removal, review the output of verification for the marked date lines

    0 kills Jan 01 00:00:00 GMT 1980


    SM 758 Thu Mar 22 18:34:10 GMT 2012 native/blackberry - tablet.xml
    SM 19055 Thu Mar 22 18:34:10 GMT 2012 native/icon.png
    SM 1250853 Thu Mar 22 18:34:10 GMT 2012 native/Lara Croft.s3e
    SM 481675 Thu Mar 22 18:34:10 GMT 2012 native/LaraCroft
    SM 85808698 Thu Mar 22 18:34:08 GMT 2012 native/
    0 killed Jan 01 00:00:00 GMT 1980 native/lib /.
    SM 121904 Thu Mar 22 18:34:10 GMT 2012 native/lib/
    0 killed Jan 01 00:00:00 GMT 1980 native/music /.

    RATE this file meta-inf has this mark, but is excluded automatically, and requires no withdrawal. Do not run this command on this article:

    0 kills Jan 01 00:00:00 GMT 1980 META-INF /.

    to delete the entries, run this command:

    C:\PATH\CONTAINING\ZIP. EXE > zip.exe d 'Full\path\to\your\' native/lib /.

    example on my machine:

    C:\Users\spearce\Downloads>zip.exe d 'P:\QA Documentation\Zombie road\Builds\ri
    m\2-4-12\"native/lib /.

    When it is executed, you should see this:
    delete: native/lib /.

    and when check is run again it should appear is no longer in the output. This continues for each entry.

    Once all the files are deleted and check is working you should receive this message:

    s = signature was verified
    m = entry is listed in the manifest
    k = at least one certificate was found in the keystore
    I = at least one certificate was found in the scope of the identity

    Information: The bar is checked.

    One thing I would add, is that once this has been done users should try to install the build to their device because if they delete something by mistake the installation will fail and the CMS he will not catch when you download it.

    You can download the zip.exe for this post, or by clicking on and rename it to zip.exe.

    I hope this helps someone else who has this problem!

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