-L50 A Windows 10 Nvidia GT740M satellite

I am trying to solve a problem on my Toshiba laptop. It is related to the installation of smart dual gfx. I have an error Code 12 (not enough resources), or else an error Code 43 (windows stopped the device because it has detected problems). I consta

S50 satellite - B - 15U problem with the cooling system has been detected.

Hello I bought a Satellite S50 - computer laptop B 15U and have installed Windows 10 - it seems to work ok but the above message appears asking regularly return for repair. I can hear the fans walking up and down though the window of the pc health mo

Satellite L50 - A - 1 DG - my GPU was stopped by Windows

Hello ,. I'm French and I bought a laptop Toshiba Satellite L50 - A - 1 DG in December 2013. But yesterday, I got a blue screen and after I saw that my graphics card was stopped by Windows because it has problems: Control Panel Nvidia gone too: I tri

Re: Need drivers for video controller for Satellite

Please where can buy drivers for cotroller video compatibile vga?

No sound on my Satellite L40 - 17R

I have a problem with the audio drivers. I installed the drivers correctly but got the message no devices mixer in the Task Manager.Everything works well including sound devices What should I do? Please, I beg you. help!

Satellite L350D - 12 M - microphone stops working without a reason

I've got Satellite L350D - 12 M with Windows Vista. My microphone don't work for nothing. Don't know what to do.Can someone help me?

Strange keyboard on my Satellite L40 problem

I have laptop Satellite L40 - 17u, and I had it again for about 2 months. My keyboard now seems to do its own thing. I'm going to the settings to correct this. It is ok for a while then goes haywire once again, so leave some letters on the key on boa

Satellite L40 - failed to update BIOS

Hello! I have Win XP on my Satellite L40 - 14F and I download BIOS update and... * nothing *.Only invites to the splash screen for a second and nothing more.Please help me!

Why Satellite L300-10 q does not recognize wireless network

This new laptop works well on a wired LAN but does not recognize a wireless local area network. Received the message no network found. In the same room with another PC laptop Toshiba the wireless LAN is located and has good signal strength.The wirele

NTLDR error on Satellite L35-S1054 lack

I was with my recovery cd and applications to restore my laptop to the orginal way he was, and my child cancelled my recovery and now when I try to boot my laptop it tell me that NTLDR is missing, CTRL/ALT/DEL to restart. When I restart it, the same

Application of Satellite L300 PSLB2E update Bios

Hello. I'm sorry but I don't know where to ask for a request for update of the Bios. As we all know that x 3100 is a new graphics chipset and Intel is developing to make it worked better and better.Currently, the site of intel, there is a new driver

Satellite L350D-10s - bootproblems USB - HD on

* L350D-10s - bootproblems USB - HD on *. Hello If I want to make a backup of my external hard drive systemI have to start 3 or 4 times until I get behind my BACK. first I so wait several minutes with a "_" on the black screen until I get to the xp-b

Satellite L40 does not start

When I turned on my laptop today I just had a black screen. Says battery fully charged, but if I turn off the power the light disappears. The led drive usually flickers, but is it not also. Can someone please?

Question about bios settings on Satellite L40 - 17 Q

Hi all yesterday, I bought a Satellite L40 - 17 q (psl4ce).I installed win xp and update the bios to 5.40 worm. but I found a way to change the shared video memory amount. How can I access to advance bios feateres (impossible to disable/chipset featu

Satellite L350-141 works with 4 GB of RAM?

I want to improve my Satellite L350 up to 4 GB of RAM. BIOS accept 4096 MB.But I can't install an operating system (xp prof. or 32-bit vista)My L350 boot from CD DVD, but if the installation program does not start I have a reboot. My question is: wil

Full screen for videos doesn't work is not for the Satellite L355-S7812

Hey,. I just got this laptop (Satellite L355-S7812) and whenever I click on full screen for any video (Ex. YouTube, Google, etc.) a blank screen appears. So if someone can help me with this problem and tell me what I could do I would really appreciat

Satellite L300D - SP5802 and overflow protection

Hi, could someone confirm if L300D - SP5802 has overflow protection? I need to buy laptops for a surgery environment. Thank you very much Luis

Installation of satellite L350D-10s WXP

Hello I bought a Satellite L350D-10 s with Windows Vista and I'm not a very big friend of this OS. Is it possible to install a Win Xp32/64?There all the drivers available? I checked the partitions with partition magic and paragon and a few partitions

Update BIOS crashed Satellite L40 - 17Q

I just did a bios update on my Satellite L40 - 17Q and after a reboot of the entire system just crashed... now I can't do anything, not even the bios does not start... I have a product recovery cd and the computer reads it but nothing more... someone

Satellite L40 - signs of bad keyboard

Satelliete L40 series + _ +. _ laptop keyboard is not functioning properly as an example of press the @ and the number 6. External keyboard via USB works fine - any ideas?
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