remove items from the sidebar

tried CMD + do drag, but failed to remove the point from the sidebar. How El Capitan handles this task?


Try 'Right click' remove it from the sidebar.

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  • Remove items from the sidebar of Safari

    At the top of the side bar of Safari, there are 3 icons: something like an open book, something that looks like glasses, and the symbol @.  My question has to do with the second of them.  In the column below the glasses there are registrations for the places I have visited a year or more there.  How can I remove these entries?

    Click on them.  You should see an X in the upper right.  Click on it to remove it.

  • I use Homeshare to watch downloaded movies on my computer and then visible on my TV via Apple TV, but I how remove items from the library of movies on Apple TV when I looked at the

    I use Homeshare to watch movies downloaded on my computer and made visible on my TV via Apple TV. How to remove items from the show announced on television through homeshare /AppleTV when I looked at them?

    You must delete the contents of iTunes on the computer to remove it from the list of content on Apple TV.

  • It is usually safe to remove items from the user / local/temp file? I want to free up space.

    Original title: local/temp folder files

    It is usually safe to remove items from the user / local/temp file?  I want to free up space.

    Clean the system (compensation to all temp/tmp folders and included all the content offline, the tif browser, delete the cookies of compensation.)

    Do a disk cleanup. Click the Start button. in the search box, type Disk Cleanup, and then in the list of results, click Disk Cleanup.

    Delete your temp files where a large number of software malware installers cache and or CCleaner for a more thorough cleaning.

    Download the basic version (slim) via>

    The basic version (slim) does not contain the toolbar disgusted

    Cleaning DO NOT USE ANY Advanced options. DO NOT TOUCH THE REGISTRY OR TOOLS. At least not for now.

    UTC/GMT is 04:20 on Thursday, January 5, 2012

  • Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 - how to remove items from the recent projects list

    Windows Live Movie Maker 2011

    I have duplicates on my list of recent projects.

    How to remove items from the numbered list of recent projects?  What are the (thumb)

    bugs used for?  Thank you.


    The question you have posted is related to Windows Live Movie Maker and would be better suited in the Windows Live Solution Center. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the best support.

    Amrita M

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

  • On my iPad, I would like to remove items from the iBook

    How can I remove items from iBook

    You can remove books/PDFS downloaded/synchronized to the iBooks via the button in the top right of the shelf

  • Dell V305W printer unable to print and remove items from the queue

    Original title: Dell V305W printer

    Cannot get my printer to work.  the queue contains 2 documents.  I can remove all but one.  under status it says delete but it does not delete when I try to cancel it.  all of the suggestions.  Thank you.

    I solved the problem.  I turned off the computer and the printer and when I rebooted, I was able to delete the item in the queue.  Thanks for your reply Zhang.

  • Cannot remove items from the view of games

    I inadvertently dragged a shortcut on the desktop (to a URL) on my games window. It now appears in the list of games, but I can't delete it – make a right click does not have a menu and organization | Delete does nothing. How can I get rid of it please?

    It has been for me an experience of Discovery Channel and another example of the way in their attempts
    to make Win7 dumbed down and easy, they often succeed in the opposite direction.

    «The ' menu of games that I'm talking about is one you get when you click on "Games" after clicking «Start»»»

    This is what I found last night. Three options are found in the start menu.
    Two present in the right pane - either / or - display as a link or show as Menu.
    I don't know I noticed them during the first pass of Win7, but had turned them off since then and paid little
    attention than start\program as well.

    * Process * -.
    Display as link
    is apparently one you use and the only one of the three I have no
    try to slip and fall in last night (how is that bad science.). I see now that it's actually opens
    a window of vs an extension out of the Start Menu.
    The folder I was focused on what is start\program, and is the one who has the 'real '.
    the folder I was alluding.
    The other two are also, but I now have a link to the universal currency converter
    with my game shortcuts in the window display as link and show as Menu.. 

    More fun - as I hoped, delete the folder games start\program is only temporary.
    I thought it would come to the time where the installation of a new game, but no, drop the shortcut URL in
    the window display as link also creates a file it with the shortcut URL in there, which
    will remove.  Strange science, what!

    OK - I'm off to find where Windows MASK the 'real' folder, that these two other Menu start files
    are stored in. I don't know that I fell on it in the past...
    * return * traces - well, I found the Game Explorer folder and deleted the most recent file (they were quite 'intelligent' hide which is what using numbers/letters rather than the names of game).
    All this is move the icon for the shortcut from the list of games 'Unspecified '.
    Maybe it's role-playing GE folder?

    Another weakness with this business of game Explorer is that it lists all of the games. He has only 86
    by 145 games I installed. It lacks all the steam and the 8 demo and games BACK.

    EDIT: Maybe a system restore? I tried to restore the file to a previous version, but that did not help.
    I can't (won't) to try the system restore because it allows you to uninstall a game yesterday, I downloaded form steam.
    Crikey! Now, it seems that I am stuck with a URL in a window full of shortcuts that I use never - OMG!

    EDIT again: deleted the folder of game Explorer (User\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows,
    rebooted and everything came back, always with the URL shortcut, so there must be a
    «real real honest to the of the goodness experience record- must find the folder... »

    STOP press: I was looking for a similar folder in the 'real' Start Menu folder, but this is not what we
    It's she want! Registry... That is why the AppData folder is alphanumeric, Yes!

    Open regedit and go to-

    And then type the URL name to Edit > find (I just typed universal currency) and the
    Registry entry for the shortcut URL wandering will highlight. You can verify that this is the right key duplicate
    by clicking on the title before deleting.

    End of the story. Ooh! It was fun...

  • dynamically add or remove items from the context menu?


    Is there a (safe) way to dynamically add or remove items

    a context menu for an effect plugin type parameter?

    Thank you.

    N ° parameters, including pop-up lists, filling occurs before the effect is applied to a sequence.

  • Remove items from the library

    I am new to the catalyst, so maybe this is a stupid question.

    I created a bad datalist and as soon as I realized my mistake I deleted the artboard, but it is still in my library. Now, whenever I run the project, I receive an alert indicating that DataList1 missing a necessary part and will produce an error.

    I need DataList1, and I'm not really interested to fix. In the current version of the application, is there a way to simply remove this component in my library so that I don't have to handle the error more?

    Thank you.

    Currently you can not remove the components from the library panel, but it is something that we are working on. There is a temporary solution: switch to code view and you will see a sign on the right side of the screen that shows all the files in your project. The components folder, to a DataList1.mxml file. Right-click on it and choose Remove.

    Note that if you follow the steps above and you remove a component that is used elsewhere in your project, your application will not compile.

  • remove items from the start up in XP


    I installed "windows search 4.0" (from MS) and "dell system detect" (Dell) on my 2005 fully updated windows xp PC.

    I didn't search for Windows and not get dell system could detect to run, so I used add remove software control panel area to uninstalled both.

    They seem to be uninstalled HOWEVER:

    They are both still accuse in my execution atart "msconfig" list and are both checked.  I can uncheck them, but when I restore to start normally, they will be re-checked.

    1 - is there anyway to permanent delete it from my startup list?

    I want too little to run at startup as long as possible, but were still all basic compueter features.

    2. can someone suggest a minimum list and provide know how removed unnecessary startup points permanently, so after selecting launch normally they will not launch?

    Download and run freeware from Microsoft "Autoruns".
       <> >
    It of a bit like msconfig but shows several startup items.  If you disable an item in this list, it should remain unchecked.


  • Remove items from the ListView to a ContextAction in QML?

    Is it possible to delete a list in qml item triggered by an action of context? I tried to do in signal of onTriggered of the ActionItem of all actions in context, but it seems that I can not even access my ListView by its id.

    Inside of a list component should be possible to remove it by

    myItemRoot.ListItem.view.dataModel.removeAt( myItemRoot.ListItem.indexPath );

    Inside of the OnTriggered could be:

    listView.dataModel.removeAt( indexPath );
  • remove items from the table

    Hi all

    If I have the table as

    var my_Arr:Array = new Array ("a", "b", "c");

    and I have a button to use a random element of the array of ths, y at - it no to remove this element if I press the button once again I don't think the last item?

    could someone help me...?



    var someArray:Array = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9];

    someArray.shift (); remove the first value (1)

    someArray.pop (); remove final value (9)

    If you type: untableau. then comes a list of possibilities and you can see that makes each of them, e.g. .reverse probably reverse the table e.g. 9, 8, 7... etc.

  • remove items from the path

    I tried to delete the path points where the width and the height is zero.

    If there are 3 such pathitems, iam cannot remove the last element, it returns the error "No such element" in

    for i = 1 to app.activeDocument.pathItems.count

    If app.activeDocument.pathItems (i) .width = 0 then

    app.activeDocument.pathItems (i) .delete

    end if


    Please let me know the problem in the above lines.

    Kind regards


    Because when you delete items, the index is rechecked. Remove 2 of pathItems, pathItems (3) is no longer exists.

    Thus, instead of the increase in the index, you should use order of decrease.

  • remove items from the table and resize the matrix

    Hello, I'm new to Labview so I'm struggling with ideas. I have the following matrix

    A = [1 2 3 4

    5 6 7 8

    9 10 11 12

    13 14 15 16]

    I want to get only follows resized in a matrix with items 6, 7, 10 and 11, that is

    B = [6 7

    10 11]

    I appreciate your help

    On the table-online matrix palette, there is a function to get a submatrix.

Maybe you are looking for