Satellite A100-383 does not start - not battery


I have an old Toshiba Satellite A100 - 383.
Recent months its battery will remain as defendant for 20-25 minutes.

OK, that's an old laptop, it's normal, I thought... I connected the laptop to the grid and I haven´t you have any problem. I stayed several hours with the laptop with no problems.

But yerstarday, the laptop was closed suddenly and now, do not start. I see that the battery symbol flashes 11 times.

So I have a few questions:

1 - this laptop, works not connected to the network * without * battery? I thought it was possible...

2 - What is the problem? Battery? Charger? How I know this?

3-If the problem is the battery, how much would a new?

Thank you very much. (and sorry for my English).

> But, yesterday, the laptop was closed suddenly and now, do not start. I see that the battery symbol flashes 11 times.

Usually the laptop automatically stops due to high temperatures. Is the kind of physical protection, but after a few minutes, you should be able to turn on the device, the led flashing could mean that there is a problem with the electronic power supply on the motherboard means that the motherboard is affected.

You can try after bypass. :
Remove the dough (if it is not already removed), unplug the AC adapter, press the power button / stop for 30 seconds.
Now, plug in the AC adapter and try to turn on the unit.

> 1 - this laptop, works not connected to the network without battery? I thought it was possible...
Generally, it should be possible to use the laptop without the battery.

> 2 - what is the problem? Battery? Charger? How I know this?
Not easy to say: If the laptop powers not even using the power adapter, a power adapter or the motherboard might not work. If the two parties must be verified by the technician.

> 3 - If the problem is the battery, how much would a new?
Don t think that its battery from the laptop should run with adapter only

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  • Satellite A100-383 does not - the battery is not

    Hi all

    I own a satellite A100-383 (PSAARE) that does not start when the battery is totally empty, or if I leave without the battery of the day to the next. The battery will charge not façade is and all the lights are off. I should always have a load on my battery and don't let not unplugged more than 2 days.

    If for some reason, my battery was completely empty, Plug and unplug the power supply from the wall outlet would make all the lights increase and charge the battery again.

    Unfortunately, I went on vacation and I forgot my pc unplugged and it does not charge or turn on. ? The headlights are off. Tried my dear old method to connect the unit several times with battery and without it with no luck... I could see a connection for a second or two, but I wasn't fast enough to plug in and they are off.

    I would be so grateful to you all if you give me a help to put it on my pc. Once I have it on the load and back I'll buy a new battery for sure.

    I look forward to reading your advice.

    Thank you all in advance!

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    The battery will charge not façade is and all the lights are off, when the battery is completely empty.

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    Running Windows 7 32

    Thanks for the comments. I just want to say that you should buy high quality and Toshiba of origin of the product and not a cheap no. product name.

    Good luck.

  • Satellite A100 PSAA9C does not work without the battery inside

    I'm having a strange problem with a laptop Satellite A100 (PSAA9C-SK900E).

    The machine will not work without the battery in it. If the power supply is connected in the machine and the wall, it will power without the battery installed. If I install the battery, let it load completely (battery LED goes from orange to blue and the plug LED is blue) then start the machine it will work for a period of time (more than an hour depending on what I'm doing) then suddenly turns off.

    If I restart the machine, it will work for a very short period (sometimes only for a few minutes) just before going off.

    If I do this a couple times, the machine will be not even by post before turning off.
    If I let the machine to recharge, it runs for a while and then do the same thing after using it for a while.
    If the battery is pooched, which is fine with me. How to operate with only the power supply of the machine?

    As I type this I'm suspecting that the adapter cannot be taken out the required voltage/amperage. (adapter is not still hot when charging, are my other laptops) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


    If I understand your assignment, the laptop does not power up without the battery
    But it will light if the battery is connected.

    The question is; Is the power led on if the AC adapter is plugged?
    If this isn't the case, then it means that the power adapter is faulty and so the laptop cannot be turned on by using only the AC adapter.

    I think you should test a new adapter. Maybe it helps!

  • Satellite A100-232 does not start windows, but is stuck


    I am having a serious problem with my old laptop (Toshiba Satellite A100).
    When I turn on the pc, it does not start the Windows but is stuck.
    If I press F2 to open the Bios, it seems not work while the works of F12 (select boot device), but it is impossible to start anything.

    I tried the following:

    1 removed, cleaned and replaced the RAM
    2. HARD drive removed and reconnected.
    3. check the HARD drive if it is damaged, but it is not.
    4A tried to boot from the Windows XP cd and install it but it crashes
    5A tried to boot from the cd with Linux, but it does not work.
    6. has created a Windows 98 flash drive to start, but it does not work.
    7 tried to clear CMOS by removing the battery, but I couldn't because he is stuck on MB.

    I visited a technisian but he couldn't fix it.
    He told me that the BIOS is corrupted or crashed. Maybe I should replace somehow.

    Is this possible?

    Thank you

    It is for the Satellite A105 (PSAA2U) Bios Update, you can test the file at your own risk.

    A text readme file is located in the folder, follow the instructions.
    Download the Bios file from the link and copy it to a USB key, go into you Bios and this flash file.

  • Re: Satellite A100-011 does not start, a black screen at the beginning

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A100-011, which is almost 5-6 years. It suddenly started to behave abnormal.

    First of all, I started to get a 1-2 sec black screen when he was running. The screen was on and off occasionally.

    After a few days, I could not started upward from my windows xp sp3 operating system. I tried to start in safe mode with networking to see if I had a few spy, virus or something. I ran avast, hijact, ad-aware and some more, but not found anything.

    Later, I tried to format my laptop with a xp professional, but this time I can't see any reflection that passes more fun running and a black screen. I just got a black screen at the beginning and it does not start.

    I plugged on a television screen, and here I have started. I have re-installed all the drivers and formatted, but all I get is a black screen on my laptop at the beginning.

    What should I do now? Do you think I have a problem with my screen of HW or a driver problem with nvidia geforce go 7600? Maybe I'm missing something?

    Thanks in advance for all replies.

    If you can see the picture on the TV there are a few s laptop display problem. Y at - it some problem connection or display itself.

    You want to fix it yourself? You can disassemble the laptop?
    I mean if you have any experience with this kind of things that you should seek professional help.

  • Satellite A100-590 does not fuel upward, that a single LED works

    Hello Toshiba-Crew,

    first of all I want to say sorry if you don't understand some parts of my text, but my English isn't the best more :(

    As explained in the topic I have a Satellite A100-590. I got it as a gift from my father-in-law after the A100-590 no longer works and he bought another new laptop because the customer terrible service from Toshiba.
    As much as I want to try if someone of you can help me.

    Now to point to the problem of my A100-590.
    It worked very well for my father-in-law for about a year. Then all of a sudden it no longer turns.

    The only thing that happens is the power led (the one in the middle of the five) flashes, when the power cord is connected and the power button is pressed. This light flashes 10 times and that's all that happens.
    It flashes only when the power cord is not plugged in, if only the battery is put in.

    I mention that the battery is totally empty, because the Satellite has not been used for about a year and a half now.
    The A100-590 was sent to Toshiba already, but the only thing Toshiba has done has been to send everything back one put a paper in that the motherboard needs to be changed and it would cost around 650.

    I think they don't even look at the satellite, I know that from my other computer laptop manufacturer too.
    It seems as if changing the motherboard is the best way to repair a laptop. FS said it too, but it was only one my card WIFI which was broken.

    Maybe someone of you had an idea of what might be wrong with the Satellite?
    I think this isn't a big thing, but does not fit my technical knowledge of the laptop.

    Kind regards

    First you need to isolate the problem to the motherboard.

    Try to swap the memory modules around and try to start with a single Module, try the other location.

    If you can access the Wifi card, remove and see if it boots.

    If it still fails, then its likely to be a faulty motherboard or video card if the laptop has a.

  • BT sending between Nokia 7373 and Satellite A100-207 does not work

    Hi everyone, I wonder if you could help me please.

    I have a laptop Satellite A100-207 with Windows XP Im trying to send a few things from my nokia 7373 to my computer and some stuff from my computer to my phone, but it won't work.

    I have the bluetooth Wizard thing on my computer, but it keeps telling me that it cannot find not all devices.
    My bluetooth is on and shown at all, so I don't know what im doing wrong.

    Do I have to download stuff?
    This computer no bluetooth in there?

    IM so confused so if you have ideas, please let me know.
    Ive tried to fix this for two days now and im starting to lose my patience.

    > This computer no Bluetooth in there?
    Your assumption is correct.

    This laptop does not support the BT module and so you cannot use it ;)
    If you can't find any BT label at the bottom of the unit and then the BT module has not been installed.

  • Satellite A100-749 does not illuminate


    Since a few days, I have a problem with the power of the laptop.
    Immediately after the connection of the AC adapter or the battery, it will not power upward.
    The flashes of button and power indicator, any indicator on the keyboard flashes one time but the laptop does not work (hard drive and fans also).

    I noticed that I have to wait a few minutes with is plugged or (I'm not sure) inserted battery.
    Then, the portable lights and works normally on battery and adapter separately and jointly.
    This means that the battery and AC adapter are not damaged.

    I also noticed that, until the problem was the power LED flashes a few seconds after plugging in the power adapter. Similarly, the light blinks a few seconds after firing on the AC adapter.
    I guess there is a capacitor that needs to be loaded.

    When I can not turn on the laptop, this indicator will start / stop flashing immediately after plugging in / pulling on the power adapter.

    Where could be a problem?
    Could this be a problem with the CMOS battery that needs to be replaced?
    Could this be a problem with a capacitor inside the laptop in the power circuit?
    Something else?

    Thanks to advice
    Best regards

    Hi mate

    Usually the DC-IN (first on left) indicator lights up blue when the power adapter is connected and if the power supply is not assured. IF the adapter voltage is abnormal or if power failures then this indicator flashes orange.

    ((Deuxième à gauche), the power led lights up blue when the computer is turned on. If the laptop is in stand by mode indicator flashes orange, while the computer shuts down.

    I think you mean the first LED and in this case, it seems that there is something wrong with the power supply electric or electronic.

  • Memeroy upgrade in Satellite A100 - 529 does not work

    I am trying to upgrade memory on my Satellite A100-529 (PSAA2E). The system comes standard with DDR2 PC2-4200 1x512mo. I installed 2x512MB DDR2 PC2 5300 and the system tries to turn 5 x without success.

    All the documentation said that RAM DDR is backward compatible. The A100-529 will take only PC2 - 4200?

    I found this page useful:
    [Memory for Toshiba Satellite A100-529 |]

    According to the details of the memory, it must use the DDR2 533 MHz (PC2-4200) 200-PIN SODIMM memory modules!

    Using other modules you notebook primer not correctly or will not run stable!


  • Satellite A100-289 - does not accept the second module RAM

    Sorry for my bad English

    I have a problem with my RAM secend slot. At the first bank i installt 1 GB 533 MHz DDR2 RAM in the second Bank too. The laptop starts but when I installed the second RAM after the BIOS Windows screen accepts 2 GB of RAM.

    Modellname Satellite A100
    Serial number 96304832Q
    BS-Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3
    BIOS 6.00 version
    Processor Intel (r) Core (TM) 2 CPU T5500 @ 1.66 GHz


    > but when I installed the second RAM after the BIOS Windows screen accept 2 GB of RAM.
    This means that you install RAM modules while the laptop is running?
    I m wondering your laptop still works. Normally, you could destroy the whole motherboard and the module.

    Anyway, to me it sounds like that your laptop isn't compatible with the memory modules vive. What modules do you have exactly?
    I have good experiences with the Kingston modules.

  • Satellite A100-906 does not cool boot

    I'm new here on the forum, so hi to everyone.
    I have this Toshiba Satellite A100-906, one I'm trying to fix and explain (because up to now, I tried a lot of things) the problem.
    It has Windows XP Pack 2 and every time that I perfom a Toshiba start log on the collar, but stops loading Windows. This only happens to the cold start, I mean after two-three times closing down and start again from the power button, I can stop and start the laptop normally.
    What I've tried (even have a tech): run the Test Mem, repair Windows registry, update bios, update drivers, reinstall OS form the recovery CD - NOTHING!

    Thanks in advance

    Hi marina_2,

    Which is really strange and I m wondering have you always this strange behavior after using the Toshiba recovery disc. Normally with this disc, you get back factory settings where everything should work properly.

    Well, I think that it s a hardware malfunction, but it is difficult to tell what it is exactly. You can try to check the disk with Drive Fitness Test or another tool (ask Google for it).

    Contacting one ASP would also be an option I think

  • Satellite A100-447 does not accept the 1 GB of flash memory or a memory stick?

    I've had my laptop since March and have used a compact flash 128 or 256 MB via adapter without any problem.
    However, I have now bought a 1 GB (for my Eos 300 d) but my laptop says cannot find software?

    I then bought a memory stick USB 2.0 1 GB, but my laptop does not accept that no more? In both cases, it search in windows for the solution, and then asks for the disc accompanying the material. My husband (good PC knowledge) is at a lost as I am.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    A moment please. talk you about the USB drive that is plugged into the USB port?

    Well, usually all USB devices should be recognized without any bigger problems.
    Sometimes the 3rd devices come with a driver, but usually the operating system should be recognized as a new device!

    Are you using the Vista operating system?

    If Yes, please disconnect all USB devices and remove all the USB ports on the Device Manager.
    Reboot the laptop. After the operating system has loaded the ports should be recognised again. Then you should try to plug the USB again.

    PS: Please check if Vista has been updated! This Microsoft document describes several USB with Vista problem and provides a new patch:

  • Satellite A100 - recovery does not work


    I own a Satellite A100 with XP that I want to format my HD and reinstall everything from the original recovery disc supplied with my pc. When I inserted the recovery disk and restart, press F12 and boot from the CD/DVD, it load ramdrive and then the screen turns white and he finally boot from the HD. So I changed the boot sequence in the Bios so that it boot first from CD/DVD and second HD thinking that way he will have no choice but to boot from the recovery disc. Now what is happening, is it load Ramdrive, the screen shuts off and restarts the boot sequence. Loop on this sequence: ramdrive, virgins and restart... and never stops!

    Can someone help me please?

    Thank you very much!!!

    I forgot to mention my recovery disk is the "product Recovery DVD - ROM Toshiba Satellite M100 1 1 'TR05A31E1DVD product number."

    Thanks again!

  • Satellite A100-590 does not start anymoore

    of course, I deleted some system files and my satellite will not start, if I use the secure mode, the system starts but the Black Guard Office and the cursor flashes in the upper left corner.
    Also, I disconnected the battery, not distributed with the power system, the result was the same.

    I asked the support of Toshiba, they only referred to the Toshiba Recovery CD but it will be Formate my full disks and I lose all my data.

    Does anyone know, where to find a boot cd to repair my xp family?

    Thank you very much for your help.


    < does="" anybody="" know,="" where="" to="" get="" a="" boot="" cd="" to="" repair="" my="" xp="">

    How to purchase the Microsoft Windows CD?
    You should know that the Toshiba Recovery CD only contains the ghost of image files and it s not the same as an original CD of Windows!

    If you want to make sure your data from the internal HARD drive, I would recommend to put the laptop HARD drive in an external USB box and then you will be able to connect the HARD drive to another computer. Then, you can safe you data on the other HARD drive.

    If you want to use external case so I put t see otherwise to use the Toshiba Recovery CD or the Windows CD.

  • Satellite A100-283 - does not start every time so I've created workaround

    Hey guys,.

    I have a problem with my A100-283. A few weeks ago the laptop just hung and I stopped it the hard way by removing just the battery (I know, bad idea, shouldn't have done...)

    After that it wouldn't start. Or through battery with the adapter is plugged. There was no more noise fan, or beep or anything like that, just a few LEDs + turn signals for a fraction of a second (capslock + numlock and some of the front LEDs).

    The next day I tried again - and it booted up fine, everything seemed to work again. But off it again the same problem appeared.
    Now there is no more guarantee on the A100, so I disassembled and welded in a new BIOS battery because I thought that this could be the problem.
    After reassembling, the problem remains.

    * But now I found a 'solution' to get the boot the laptop upward once again, *.
    It is just that it's really annoying to have to do this every time you start. Sometimes it always starts in the usual way, I think that it always depended on time, it has been turned off. The book has been extinguished, more lucky to start normally.

    But back to the workaround. I press the power button, the LEDs blink in no time. I continue to press the button, and after 5 seconds or more, the LEDs blink once (I think that the laptop lights somehow without any fan noise or anything, and if I continue to press on, it stops again). After that, I always do it by pressing the button for 10 seconds. Subsequently, I release her and push it again and it will start up just as it should. This method works 10 out of 10 times.

    Now, someone please tell me, is it possible to run the normal way?
    An update of the BIOS might help? My BIOS version is 2.00.

    Please do not come upwards with the support from Toshiba, as I already don't said, no guarantee, then it would probably be cheaper to buy just one more...

    Hope someone has an idea.



    > More book was off, more a chance to start normally
    Perhaps this problem could be related to overheating I mean if the temperature of parts would be more raised then usual, then such question could appear

    Unfortunately, but it's the only plausible explanation for me

    The issue could also well be linked to the motherboard failure, everything is possible

    But I see you don't want to hear about ASP and laptop technicians. Well in this case, you will have to diagnose the failure yourself

    Good luck

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