Satellite A200: How to get old setting for touchpad

Last Saturday, I bought my A200 satellite with Vista Home Premium. I found that I could set the properties for the touchpad via Control Panel-> mouse and (on the last tab)-> advanced settings.

A few hours later the last tab was suddenly replaced by a tab named 'Device settings' and I left there are tabs with settings for a standard mouse instead for the touchpad.

Now, my question is: How can I get the old situation, so that I can change the settings for the touchpad?

Have you tried to redefine the windows about to start?
It would be interesting to know if this will bring back the button early state.

Have you tried reinstalling the driver for the Touchpad? Check it!
Delete the old and after restarting again install the Toshiba page!

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    Hey Buddy,

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    Merrry Christmas and happy new year

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    Good bye

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