Satellite P10-304 - update Windows 7 problem

I have a Satellite P10 304 to 2003 which has Windows XP, but I need to update for obvious reasons. I bought a copy of Windows 7 (32 bit) and installed without any installation problem, however I can't update Windows.

I reinstalled, deleted the hard drive and reinstalled again. Tried the stop and start the Windows Update utility.
Downloaded the stand-alone Windows Update.

Updated the BIOS to V2.0 and downloaded the Toshiba Service Station application (who says no update is necessary).
All this without success.

My hopes were raised when I saw that the Station Service for Windows 7 32 bit software was available for the P10 304 but I am now at a loss.

Anyone know if this laptop can be upgraded to Windows 7 and how to get updates of work?

Help is welcome.



I'm sure that installation of Windows 7 update problems are not specific to Toshiba problems even if you use the Toshiba laptop.

From my point of few, you should check the Microsoft support pages to find the solution.
For example this:

Just a tip: I had some problems in the past to install updates because of the antirust software. He locked the installation of some essential updates and after you disable temporal, updates could be installed...
Missing Service Packs might concern the single installation of patches.

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  • Satellite P10-304: the problem writing and erasing CD - RW discs

    Some need help pls. I own a Toshiba satellite P10-304 with a combo player SD-R2412 installed. When I try to burn a new CD - RW, it does ok, but wouldn't allow no other written on the same CD in another session. The written CD - RW is then recognized as a CD-ROM. In addition, it is not possible to erase the cd - rw usinig this player. When I take the cd written for my laptop office of deletion, as it's done with success and my toshiba can then burn again. Any ideas on what to do?

    Additional information: laptop computer came bundled with "drag n dro cd" but I had to install Roxio and even tried the cd writing software provided with windows XP are done everything to nothing. I checked the 'advanced system info-error log' and the report there is 'the device, \Device\CdRom0, has a bad block'; I don't know what that means.




    In my opinion, it's probably caused by software. In my opinion, you should remove all burning software and verify all burning functions with windows option. After deleting some software, it can happen that, in the registry editor it is a lot of waste that will not be removed completely.

    In any case, delete all the burning software, and you can also try to remove the device from Device Manager DVD. Restart the laptop and DVD should be detected and installed correctly. Try using the option of engraving of Windows and if there is still problem writing once again please.

  • Satellite P10-304 and recovery procedure

    Hi all
    I have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite P10-304, the problem is that I can't plant recover, it does not boot up to windows xp, so I need to recover it, in any case. When I put in the recovery of 1/2 disc it works fine. recovery comes to ask...

    '1... recover the entire hard disk.
    2... mode Recovery expert
    3... exit ".

    I choose the number one, once I kicked a a similar scree comes up saying...

    The contents of the hard drive should be removed
    1... Cotuninue
    2 Cancel... ".

    Yet once I press number one to continue. Now once I have this button the screen goes black and a message reading...

    ' GDISK (E) no Suck disk fixed - 1.
    GDISK (E) No. suck fixed disk - 1"

    Teh screen turns off again and toshiba screen flashes for less than a second and goes off again, with the words

    "!!!!! ERROR!

    Press a key to continue. "

    Once I press any key, the screen remains black with this message now on the monitor.

    "Date: Fri Aug 1 12:51:36 2005.
    Number of error: (11030)
    Message: Invalid Destination drive

    "[PgUp] / [PgDn] [ESC].

    Once I Press esc, this screen comes up and it's been I can't go any further.

    X:\ >

    X:\ >

    It comes to have I'm stuck and can't get that much. I do not think that when recover what it is supposed to go that far, but there is, y at - it another way to reset the laptop may be a reset button on one of the panels under somewere I'm missing or batch should be thrown in the trash. Any help would be greatly appreciated and well thanks. A response as soon as possible would be great, thanks in advance.


    I am sorry to say that it resembles a discarded HARD drive.

    You can boot from a floppy drive and see the HARD drive at all. If you can, then I suggest trying to format the drive in this way and then tries again.

    If this isn't the case, then you should get a new drive.

  • Satellite P10-304 power until now


    Got the machine Satellite P10-304, which won't turn on after the 2nd attempt. What happened: -.

    Machine power of cold - booted Windows XP ok start. After 5-10 minutes, the machine screen is dimmed (resembles backlight is gone) and couldn't turn off the machine by pressing button, so had to remove the battery to kill machine power.

    Now machine won't turn on (same battery fully charged), when I pressed the power button, I get a light flashed orange once inside the circle of blue light around power button / stop.
    Leave the machine shut down for about an hour and machine started in the BIOS screen, then after 3 minutes the screen is dimmed. Machine unbootable. Checked AC adapter and get 19.3Volts and 6.1Amp for power unit ok.

    Looks like the motherboard plays up and needs to be replaced? Dose - that someone has encountered this problem before?

    Thank you very much


    > Sounds like the motherboard plays up and needs to be replaced?
    Yes, it seems so :(

    Maybe it s not the motherboard, but another part of the material. But to be honest, you should go to an authorized service provider. Technicians can check the laptop to determine what the problem is exactly.
    And here, you can search the nearest ASP: decision-making supported downloads & => find an authorized service provider

    Welcome them

  • Satellite P10-304-DVD-ROM/CD-RW questions!

    Hello world

    I own one of the original computers Satellite P10-304, which has a DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo drive. For these last months, we have one or two problems with that. It was a little skittish in which CD it reads, but in the last days he almost completely stopped read correctly (audio/data) CD / DVDs. He doesn't seem to know they are there. However, the Player opens and runs well, as if it were playing the CD, but nothing happens on the PC.

    Curiously, I then looked on the list of the system, and the DVD-ROM/CD-RW driver had an excalamation mark. Even more curiously, the pilot was called TOSIICA! DWD something or other, when I'm sure it should have been DVD TOSHIBA etc.etc. Following the instructions, I uninstalled and then tried to reinstall, but it does not appear now when I try to add hardware.


    I would be very grateful if anyone has any suggestions?

    See you soon,.



    It looks like a car damage registry entry.
    But that is only my suggestion. The other possibility is broken (lens calibration problem) by car.
    You say that you have already removed the drive from the Device Manager, but the peut t OS recognizes the drive again. Well, in this case one of the possibilities is to use the System Restore tool or retrieve the device with the recovery CD.
    But if the drive is broken recovery procedure doesn t help. In this case, only the replacement of the drive can solve this problem.

  • Want to upgrade RAM HDD & on Satellite P10 - 304

    Help, please

    I have a Satellite P10-304. There is only a tiny 256 RAM and 30 GB hard drive.
    Can I put both?

    I was looking to upgrade to 2 GB ram at least and 120 to 160 GB of hard drive.
    Looked at the pc world, I know not which is compatible with mine.

    Thank you


    Of course you can upgrade this P10.

    The RAM can be upgraded up to 2 GB and you use PC2100 DDR - RAM modules.

    I think that the laptop supports the HDD IDE ATA-5 and in my opinion, you would be able to update with 100 GB or 120 GB HDD


  • Satellite P10-304 - memory upgrade


    could someone tell me where to buy additional memory for my laptop?
    It has 256 MB. At the time were reading autour is better and possible to just buy a 1 GB and remove 256 and put in the same dwelling.

    Thank you any help welcomed.


    Satellite P10-304 supports the * 200-pin PC2700 (333 Mhz) DDR SODIMM * modules.

    It seems that it would be possible to upgrade to 2 GB RAM max and that's why you can use 2 x 1 GB modules.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite P10-304 - need driver for "multimedia audio controller".


    I had to reinstall the operating system on laptop Satellite P10-304 PSP10E ORCJM-EN, but I do not have the drivers for the hardware. I can't find the drivers for the "multimedia audio controller" on the Toshiba site:
    NES & action = search & teddProduct = 526 & selShortMod = 356

    All suggestions will be welcome.

    Thank you very much

    Hello Mark

    I guess what you're missing is driver sound.
    Please also check document Setup Instructions and install all the stuff after this installation order. It is very important.

  • Need drivers for Satellite P10-304

    Hi all

    I was wandering if someone could point me in the right direction.

    I bought a second hand satellite P10-304, had to replace the hard drive and operating system and now need drivers. Unfortunately the P10-304 model doesn't seem to be on the list of drivers.

    If someone could let me know what letter it is or it is a pro, etc, I would be very grateful.

    Thanks in advance



    All drivers for older models of laptops you can find under > support & downloads. But please, under product type choose ARCHIVE. In the lower corner you can find the label with the exact model number. This model number must be set to download under Model No short option page.

    If you have any other questions please post again.

    Bye and good luck!

  • What are the cards Wi - Fi are compatible with the Satellite P10-304?


    Please can someone tell me what mini-pci Wifi cards are compatible with the laptop Satellite P10-304?

    I tried a broadcom 4318 with no look.
    It installs the material as seen in the Device Manager, but can not find all the networks (think there is a conflict with the motherboard)

    Tried an AW-GM100 Azure that has a conflict as soon as the computer message cell phone messages.

    As in advance



    Theoretically, most of the WiFi cards should work, but the best way would be if you take a WiFi card that was delivered with a computer laptop Satellite P10.

    I put t know what cards shipped with this laptop, but I have a little search here in the forum and I have created a thread that might be interesting for you:

    Good bye

  • Satellite P10-304: replacing a WLan card - can I the same WiFi chip?

    Hi all

    got a satellite P10-304 of a companion here.
    He said the free thread never worked on it and hes had it years and someone else has already looked at and changed the TNA wireless card.

    Basically, she acts only as the wireless switch does not work and it remains permanently off the coast, although the drivers install correctly and map also shows ok. Simply disconnected.

    Now, I thought, okay, I'll take a look because I'm pretty good on the old hardware. Has taken apart and this you know, switch has been bent and not up. I handed the place, checked the switch and stop positions with a multimeter to check the switch worked and he was doing his job perfectly.

    Now it still doesn't.
    I guess it is now due to the fact that as I said, the map has been changed since its origin to a processor intel pro jobby.

    My question is, I'm right, do I just need to get the same card that was originally in it. I assumed that when the switch is set correct return, that I solved it.


    The WiFi card must be activated bu switching the switch TO the position (the LED must illuminate) and in addition, you should choose the WLan antenna using the FN + F8 key combination.

    Please check this!

    Notes; go to Device Manager-> properties-> Advanced tab Wlan card
    There you can check if the WiFi is enabled as well.

  • Docking station and Satellite P10-304

    Can I use a port replicator or docking station with a Satellite P10-304?


    Replicator station or docking as on Tecra and Portégé models port is with your model of laptop is not possible.

  • Satellite P10-304: USB Ports not recognize anything

    I have a Satellite P10-304 and the USB ports not recognize anything that are attached to them. Device Manager tells me that they are enbaled and works correctly. What can be wrong with them or what can I do?


    One of my friends has the same unit on the work and everything works perfectly. It uses the USB hub too and have many external devices connected to the unit.

    By the way: something like who can occur if the external device is not removed correctly use safely remove hardware option. If you try to connect any other device after that in most cases it is not recognized at all. In this case, you can restart the device or remove ports from the Device Manager and use the hardware detection to find them again.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P10-304 - the card WiFi mini pci can add?


    I have a Satellite P10-304.
    I would like to add a mini PCI Wireless.
    Can someone tell me one would suit this machine.

    Thank you

    Do you see black and white antennas near the Mini PCI Slot?

    If this isn't the case, then you can not install a Wifi card. He won't get any reception. You get a USB Wifi instead.

    If you have the antenna, Intel 802.11bg card (2200BG) should work.

    Its a good idea to buy the card from Toshiba (via an ASP) since the Wifi card can be modified to work correctly in the P10.
    If you buy a generic MiniPCI Wifi card, he can switch Wifi does not work properly.

  • What internal DVD +/-RW will work with my Satellite P10-304

    Can someone give me an answer to what internal DVD +/-RW will work with my Satellite P10-304.

    I said a CSD-6012 or DVD +/-RW UJ-820 might work.

    Help, please

    Thank you



    Have you checked the manual of the Satellite P10?
    Sometimes, compatible CD/DVD players are in the user manual that must be installed on your laptop.
    If you n t have the user manual, then you can download from the Toshiba page.

    However, if you don't get the right info in the user's manual then I would recommend contacting the ASP in your country for details.
    Usually, you can order a player taken in charge of these guys here.

    It is important that you know which drives are compatible because of the different master\slave\c-salt settings.

    Bye and good luck

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