Shortcut keys toggle the State of the toggle switch

How can I prevent a switch to update it's GUI State when it is accessible via the shortcut (Alt + letter)?

I want to be able to do this without disabling the control and adjustment of the mode indicator.  I have created a reminder to swallow the event_commit.  The control still toggles when you use shortcut keys, but not when you click the control.

Thinking about your problem occurred for me to experiment with a few SDK function to check whether the key of the accelerator feature can be disabled. While I failed at it, I noticed that if you install a quick access key system via the function RegisterHotKey SDK is a priority on the accelerator THAT CVI installs everything by adding double underscore somewhere in the control label. In other words, even if the sign of the accelerator is present, a quick access key system comes before and prevents the recall affects to be fired. This could be a realistic solution for your real problem.

I did a quick example that shows all this matter: you can test all the combinations of keys installed on the control and see what happens.

Tags: NI Software

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