Shortcut keys toggle the State of the toggle switch

How can I prevent a switch to update it's GUI State when it is accessible via the shortcut (Alt + letter)?

I want to be able to do this without disabling the control and adjustment of the mode indicator.  I have created a reminder to swallow the event_commit.  The control still toggles when you use shortcut keys, but not when you click the control.

Thinking about your problem occurred for me to experiment with a few SDK function to check whether the key of the accelerator feature can be disabled. While I failed at it, I noticed that if you install a quick access key system via the function RegisterHotKey SDK is a priority on the accelerator THAT CVI installs everything by adding double underscore somewhere in the control label. In other words, even if the sign of the accelerator is present, a quick access key system comes before and prevents the recall affects to be fired. This could be a realistic solution for your real problem.

I did a quick example that shows all this matter: you can test all the combinations of keys installed on the control and see what happens.

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    The Blender Forum figured it out for me. It ends up being the constant guard of Comcast. I didn't think that I had the problem right after that I installed. What's funny, is that the uninstall survey had this problem listed in their "why did you uninstall constant guard ', looks as if it's in the investigation, they must be hard at work to fix.

    Well thank you for the insight and ideas on how to solve this problem.


  • Shortcut keys in the Mac Terminal

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    CTRL-Tab: Select next tab

    CTRL-SHIFT-Tab: Select previous tab

    ⌘C: kill the process/demolition/KeyboardInterrupt

    None of them have worked. I guess the problem is the offset of the menu title. How can I get the title of exact menu used for functions?

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    I was able to get Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab using the language you specified.  Extra spaces and exact capitalization, etc...

    I don't know where you saw "kill the process/demolition/KeyboardInterrupt" as a menu item.  I looked and it was not found.

    + Command + C is also the global copy selected text.  You can remap it, but I don't know which menu you were seeking "kill the process/demolition/KeyboardInterrupt.  Maybe a screenshot.

    Of course it makes me wonder why Ctrl-C (standard on all the Unix platforms to kill the current order) is more difficult than the command-c to use to kill the current process.  You are ready to use control during the passage of the tabs, but does not kill a process?

    Other thoughts.  You have all kinds of other software mapping of the keys installed that would interfere with your maps?

  • T60: Just installed windows, how do I fix my shortcut keys and the blue ThinkVantage button?

    Hi guys

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    Another problem is that I don't know how to activate my wireless without using the blue ThinkVantage button.

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    Help, please...

    Best regards

    I answered your question "in the face".

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    String [] choice = new String() {"Save", "Throw", "Cancel" ;}
    Dialogue diag = new dialog box ("Changes!", choice, null, 0, Bitmap.getPredefinedBitmap (Bitmap.QUESTION));
    int iResponse = diag.doModal ();
    If (iResponse == 0) {}
    record pressed
    If (doSave())
    System.Exit (0);
    Returns false;
    } ElseIf (iResponse == 1) {}
    Throw a hurry
    System.Exit (0);
    Returns false;
    } else {}
    you press on cancel or "back" button
    Returns true;

    Do not use the static dialog box class, create your own using PopupScreen in your implementation of PopupScreen, keyChar() of substitution and detect the values of keys you are interested in.

  • Shortcut keys for the visible layers in In Design CS 5.5

    Hello!  Y at - it a hotkey to toggle if some layers are visible?

    Thank you!

    Is there a reason you are not using ruler guides?

  • Is there a keyboard shortcut key to activate the wlan switch?

    Network switch wireless on Acer Aspire 3050 1047

    Switch wireless on Acer Aspire 3050 1047 does not work. Is there a keyboard shortcut key to toggle the switch internally?

    Thank you, david

    Hi David,

    You should check with the Acer support to see if there are key shortcuts to activate the internal switch.

    Acer support

  • How to reset the shortcut buttons on the touchpad of the Satellite A200

    How do reset you the shortcut keys on the touchpad Synaptic on an A200. Theres nothing on the mouse control panel!

    Do you mean by reset? Removal of all functions or what? Please specify your problem and in addition to what you really want.
    He would like to because of more ability to help you with your problem.

    Welcome them

  • Function keys on the keyboard does not

    Original title: Volume on Asus X54H Windows 8 Upgrade key


    I had a laptop Asus X54H Windows 7. Then I downloaded Windows 8 on it, that I love, and now I can't use shortcuts. Usually, I would conclude function, then I would press f10 for mute, f11 to decrease the volume and the f12 key to increase the volume. These three do not work. I would like to be able to control the sound with the shortcuts keys. Sleep still works (f1) and Wi - Fi connection key works, (f2). Although the screen shortcut keys do not work. I would have preferred, but it is not as necessary as the volume keys. Any ideas?

    Also, try to install the "ATKACPI driver and utilities focused on the shortcut key' from the following link - the last version displayed is V1.0.0023 for Windows 7, but should work in Windows 8:

    Change the OS to Windows 7 32-bit, if you are using 32-bit Windows 8.

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    Hi people,

    I really enjoy all the new shortcut keys in the cc version! But now miss me one: to open a selected item in the monitor source from the Panel of the sequence (like you would double click it). Why is it not like you do the clip selected in the project Panel?
    Maybe someone knows another way or is - this sth. ask as feature?

    In the sequence, it's just the F key to Match Frame.

  • Keyboard shortcut to run the last Script?

    Anyone know of a keyboard shortcut to run the last script that was executed? I'm editing an animation and wrote a script that writes code based on it, and I need a quick way to run it without the open file dialog box.

    Thank you!

    Method 1:

    You can assign shortcut keys to the first 20 scripts listed under the file > Scripts menu via the file «Adobe after effects 10.5 shortcuts» Just search for "ExecuteScript' in the shortcuts file find the section.

    Method 2:

    You can use ft_ToolBar which allows to launch scripts with the click of a button. You can also create a new button and just paste your script code directly in the window provided without having to create a jsx/jsxbin file.

  • Disable shortcut keys

    Hi Ppl,

    I am change the complete user interface of recommended LabVIEW code. I'm not able to locate the part of the code that activates the shortcut like Ctrl + S, Ctrl + O keys.

    I disabled the menu properties VI bar. But I always find the shortcuts to work.

    Thank you

    Hi Ray,

    I found the place to toggle shortcut keys. The full recommended user interface code LabVIEW, it is an event of activation of the menu. Inside of the occurrence of the event, the menu bar is built when the user clicks on the menu. While inserting menu items, hot keys are also specified. So, if we don't specify keys shortcut for the menu item and there is no other control connected to that particular command in the façade, this shortcut shortcut key won't work. That's what I inferred from my experiences.

    Thank you

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