Stop problem with MacBook Air

I have the 2012 of 11 inches, i7 2 GHz Air running OSX EL Capitan 10.11.5.

Since the installation of El Cap, I got bad to close the Air. The toolbar at the top (the one containing the logo apple etc) goes away after I clicked on "shut down" and freezes the process of closing. So I should stop by pressing the button "on" for several seconds. I'm fairly certain that there is no APPS open and I tried different remedies offered on the internet.

I am now at a loss what to try!

Everyone knows about this problem?

Does anyone know a cure?

Thanks in advance!


Once you start the shutdown process by clicking the Apple logo in the Menu and then "stop" bar in the resulting drop-down list, you should see:

Do you see that?  If so, exactly what to do and what do you see?

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  • Can I use your Apple TV with MacBook Air

    I use a MacBook Air, 13-inch, mid 2013, OS X El Capitan 10.11.6. I am interested in Apple TV. With this product I was able to connect my Epson EB - S18 projector to my Mac in order to project movies that I bought on iTunes on my wall of the apartment? Would be there is always a problem to play these movies 'protected' outside the computer itself? Must they be downloaded in SD and not HD? Can I use a patch to connect my Mac to the Thunderbolt port to the projector via the HDMI port? Can I use a patch to connect the VGA cable to the port on the computer to the projector? Please notify.

    Thank you very much.

    Can I use your Apple TV with MacBook Air

    Yes! AirPlay with an AppleTV is the easiest to use and less complicated solution.

    SD / HD makes no difference.

    You will only be able to enjoy the full quality of an HD movie with a better projector however. This model projector is not really intended for presentation of home theater. It will work well. As you can imagine that there is no upper limit on the amount, you can overlook these things, but $2000 is going to buy a nice home theater projector these days. A few years ago, you would need to spend $ 50,000 or more.

    Would be there is always a problem to play these movies 'protected' outside the computer itself?

    No, not if you bought (or leased) from iTunes. They have to play on any device compatible iTunes. You can even use AirPlay to distribute it to your AppleTV from an iPhone.

    Can I use a patch to connect my Mac to the Thunderbolt port to the projector via the HDMI port?


    Can I use a patch to connect the VGA cable to the port on the computer to the projector?

    Not without a converter. Avoid using the VGA if possible. It's a terribly outdated and generally horrible alternative to any digital standard. Since your MBA has a port Thunderbolt, and if your projector has a HDMI input, buy a cheap (± $10) Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter cable. But AirPlay is preferable to a wired connection.

  • I have major problems with adobe air.

    I have major problems with adobe air. day before yesterday it works. now, he tell me that it is musconfigure. so I tried a download again. but still does not.

    I discovered the problems. Have a nice weekend

  • Merge with Macbook air - problems



    MacBook Air running 10.8.4

    VMware Fusion 5.03


    When launching VMware Fusion and by selecting the settings of the Virtual Machine-> USB and Bluetooth, I expected to see 'automatically' integrated iSight camera in option to pass through to my VM (Windows 7) However, only 2 items listed have been

    • USB Bluetooth Apple host controller
    • Apple internal memory card reader

    To check on Google people see the "Apple iSight Camera" as a merge option, but it does not appear as an option for me.


    I searched Google gih and low for an answer and can't seem to find it

    I downloaded and installed the drivers from Windows ready for when I get the camera view by fusion -

    I checked for the Root permissions - & docType = kc & docTypeID = DT_KB_1_1 & externalId = 2004687

    Checked the VMware KB - & cmd = displayKC & externalId = 1027964

    I also plugged in a USB headset and then who appears in the options available under USB and Bluetooth and is seen by the virtual machine and works well from the small amount of tests, I have undertaken.

    I checked the camera works well in the native operating system and that fact in a plethora of applications

    I'm not to give up easily, but seem to be running out of ideas now, oh and hair...



    What is an air of 2013?  The iSight camera is not a USB - PCIe device.  VMWare is working on that.

  • Internet dial-up, now of problems on Macbook Air only service

    I am running OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 on a MacBook Air.  We used to have AT & T pays U, and I never had any problems.  Now we have Time Warner and it seems to work fine on all our appliances (including MacBook Pro my husband) but on my cell every hour or two my internet no longer works and I have to disable wifi then turn it back on and happens to work again.  The indicator never stops showing a sign strong, but I lose all the features of the Internet periodically.  Does anyone have an idea what could be the problem?

    1. turn off the power to the router. Unplug it from the wall. Wait a while.

    Plug it in, back to the wall. Turn on the router. Wait for all lights are light up properly. It will take a while.

    Restart the computer.

    Boot mode safe.

    2. If this does not help, please contact support for Time Warner.

  • iCloud not synchronized completely with MacBook Air

    I'm running OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan on my MacBook Air (end 2013) and the iOS9.3.5 on my iPhone 5. Have also, incidentally, Apple Watch. Use iCloud for Notes, but could not get the Notes appear on my Mac. Signed Notes and back with Apple ID on the Mac, but the cursor just whirs around. Have the same Apple ID on all devices. All the other things iCloud on sync phone perfectly with Mac, calendar, e-mail etc. Have 200 notes or that I used to use it all the time on the Mac and the phone, so its really frustrating that I can't access it from the Mac.

    Research in the system for software services log I see that sort of thing:

    local Notes [843]: could not get the proxy for the remote object for container < CKContainerID: 0x7f9276045a10; containerIdentifier =, containerEnvironment = 'Production' >: error Domain = NSCocoaErrorDomain Code = 4097 "connection to the service named" UserInfo = {NSDebugDescription = connection to the service named... ReportCrash [7281]: Remove excessive log: file:///Users/Duncan/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/cloudd_2016-08-26-180445_Du ncan - Air.crash

    Any suggestions?

    Have you tried restarting the computer? Tried to restart in Mode safe?

    Safe mode - on El Capitan

    Start Mode without failure-El Capitan.

  • It does not work with macbook air 2008! What should I do?

    It does not work with the macbook air 2008 os x 10.5.8. What should I do?

    What does not work?

    More details please!

  • Use the iMac 5 k with Macbook air as a second screen


    I just bought an iMac 27 "5 k new and I want to know if I can use my Macbook Air as a second screen and if so what cable do I need? Ive read some stuff claiming the 5 k unusable with a second monitor, but this looks like it could mean that the iMac can serve as a second monitor?

    Thank you

    You're right that a k 5 iMac can be used as a display of the target, but cannot a MacBook Air to use your iMac as a display with the target - Apple Support Display Mode

    Nor has any video in ability.

  • How to use thunderbolt with Macbook Air (13 inch, late 2010)

    Hi guys,.

    I have a Macbook Air (13 inch, late 2010), which means he has only Mini DisplayPort and NO bolt of lightning.

    And I need to connect it to the hard drive (my book lightning Duo) with crush. Is it possible to do?

    If so, what type of adapter, I need to buy? Will you please tell me and it's important for me.

    Looking forward to the answer. Thank you.

    In a Word, it can not be done.

    USB or share it on the network from a computer Thunderbolt.

  • Stop problems with windows 8

    Hi, I have a HP laptop and when I turn it off using charm the next day I got on I got from the tower and the error report.

    also sometimes I shut down the computer and the fan still
    Windows 8 HP envy M6
    And when I put the laptop to sleep I can't wake him up even if you press the keys I have to close my pressing the power button for 5 seconds
    Duplicate the content of the Post-
    Windows 8 stop and restart problems

    Hi ive been having sleep disorders and closed its a HP envy m6

    and did you need to submit error reports multiple the problem is when I shu it down it is not just the screen turns off, but you can hear and feel the fan running until I waited over 10 minutes so that it turns off, I have to hold the power button for about 5 seconds when it turns off completely.
    And insomnia when I put the laptop on the way 'sleep' may not wake up by pressing each key and button the same power but to move, I have to turn it off
    and when it runs I get the report
    If you want to see the error report, please indicate your email if I can send it
    It won't post on the forum
    Thank you

    My son got a new 6 envy with Windows 8. Set up, immediately loaded KAspersky, then we began to notice problems with it to wake up from its sleep. We didn't link the problem to KAspersky in time. Called hp support, they had us go through a restore to factory settings, and everything worked fine. Then we have reinstalled unconsciously Kaspersky and bam - problems with waking up from his sleep. We have uninstalled Kaspersky and now it works fine.

  • How to (partially) sync with macbook air iMac

    I have a 27 Imac at home and a macbook air for on the road. I would like to sync (automatically), live cable?

    Connect to your local network. Enable both file sharing in sharing preferences. You can transfer data between the two using Drag and Drop or file third-party synchronization utility such as SyncTwoFolders. Or you can configure a DropBox account. Keep all common files stored in your DropBox account. Both computers then running DropBox and can transfer to and from the current folder. DropBox offers an initial free 2 GB of storage. If you need more, then you must pay for it up to 1 TB.

  • I have phone sync with macbook air

    I want to remove photos from my i-phone, without deleting my MacBook air.   Is this possible?     At the present time, when I delete a photo from my phone, it deletes my macbook air.   Anyway around this?

    Thank you

    You synchronize using iCloud? iCloud is a synchronization system, not an external 'hard drive '. If you remove them on your device, they will remove icloud. To increase the available space, go settings/iCloud/Photos and select optimize iPhone/iPad storage. That will reduce the space required by 90% when it is fully effective.

    If you don't use icloud, how you sync the computer and the phone?

  • HP Photosmart 6520 and problems with the air IPAD using IOS 8.0.2

    Used APPLE IOS 7. No problem with printing to the 6520. Now, I've updated to version 8.0.2. now, to get a message on the IPAD, saying: 'no printer not found '. No printing from laptop to printer and no problem shows on laptop as the printer selected in the folder devices and printers. Y at - it an update of software of HP to run version 8.0.2. .

    JERENDS, thanks for your response. I had already tried the "hard restart" at the suggestion of the Apple Tech Help, but that doesn't seem to help. But late last night after posting my question Imtried print again and IPAD are my printer without problem. Why he couldn't find yesterday morning but has been able to find it later in the day is one of the mysteries of life, I guess.

  • problems of MacBook air with mackeeper

    I downloaded Mackeeper - realized it wasn't what I thought and uninstalled (I thought) but get now jump - rises - how to get rid of it please

    1. use free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac to remove adware.

    Download, install, open and run by clicking on the "Scan for Adware" button to remove the adware.

    Once this is done, exit Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.


    Remove the adware manually by following the 'HowTo' from Apple.

    2 Disable Extensions and test them.

    Safari > Preferences > Extensions

    Select Disable all extensions and test them.

    Enable the Extensions one by one and test.

    To uninstall any extension, select it and click the "Uninstall" button

    3 safari > Preferences > Search > search engine:

    Select your preferred search engine.

    4 safari > Preferences > general > homepage:

    Set your home page.

  • Strange intermittent problem with macbook pro

    Hey there ppl.

    So, I have a Macbook Pro (15-inch, mid-2014, retina), processor i7 2.2 GHz, 16 GB of memory. Running OS X El Capitan.

    My problem is a strange, because it is only intermittently. ID say like 10-15% of the time. But its very frustrating and annoying when it does and because I am working on my computer (poker), it's also costing me. in any case, the problem usually occurs after I've been using the computer for 1, 5-3 hours or more. Usually ill be playing poker online, listen to spotify and use of the internet for stuff randomly. Everything will be fine and then suddenly ill notice that my mouse cursor will be suddenly shot through the screen occasionally. as ill be goes well with the cursor but it'll jump to the left, a couple of inches or more. Also bad note that some of my habit of 'clicks' record, so ill use the calculator for example and badly want to press 543 and maybe 5 records, but when I go to click on the 4 it does not work, and ill have to like wait a second, then click New to register the click.

    Also, if im typing something, as in poker, I have sometimes to take note of the way in which an opponent has played a helping hand or whatever, a letter or a space press custom register, so ill be typing a phrase and the space bar is and I'll have to press the key once the couple , then a letter will not register, etc.. Sound very disorienting and made it difficult to continue the task IM because it does not smoothly because of the LAG, unregistered, mouse jumping, etc.

    IM really not sure of what the root of the problem and what it is. Ive has run the malware anti-malware bytes, but that has not solved the problem. Usually when that happens ill try to restart the computer, or stop and return back but generally the problem persists. Then, after some time, maybe 20 to 45 minutes or so, when I try to use the computer it works normally with any of these problems.

    Very bizzare. Any help or insight is appreciated, let me know if you need more information


    Good afternoon brandonfrommililani,.

    Thanks for letting us know about the problem you are having with your cursor jumps erratically on the screen of your MacBook Pro.  The resources below provides some initial troubleshooting steps, you can try at this address.  I suppose that you work with the trackpad on your MacBook Pro.  In addition to the steps suggested below, try to connect a wired mouse to your computer to exclude Wireless interference.

    If your pointer is nervous when you use a trackpad, Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad


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