the poster of the Bookmarks window is too big (suddenly occurred with the new version). I can't figure out how to get the smaller screen. Zoom does not work on the display of the menu bookmark.

I have the 4 version, just download and a Mac OS 10.6. w. 7.
Display the bookmarks (when I pull to the low "bookmarks") is far too broad. I can't understand how to reduce the display size. The window is not persistent, so I can't yet get you a screenshot.
Thank you, Sara


It seems that there is a change in Firefox 4, where the width of the drop-down list is now determined by the length of the longest bookmark name in the displayed folder. Versions previous of Firefox would be to shorten a long name like this and add an ellipsis to indicate the name has been truncated.

Sorry, I don't know how to change it otherwise that you advise to change the name of this long bookmark name and make it less wordy. Just scroll to the bottom of the list of bookmarks in this vast folder until see you the culprit, then right click on that bookmark and open properties and change the line of name at the top of this dialog box.

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