Topology change syslog, how to disable messages?

I have a number of switches BNT/Lenovo (8124, 8052, 8264) and all are connected to our central syslog server. I have quite a few switches in the same vlan, and I get a lot of topology messages of change like this:

2016 03-11 T 05: 39:01.143556 - 07:00 Mar 11 05:39:07 switch-1 ALERT switch OS : STG 44, changing topology detected

I don't necessarily need to see this. I would like to delete this message without Gohan other messages such as the STP root bridge changes. Is this possible? These seem to be my options from the side of the switch:

8052b Journal (config) #logging?
all all
cfg Configuration
cfgchg Configuration change notify
CLI command line interface
Console Console
difference of Configuration monitoring difftrak
dot1x 802. 1 x
failover failover
Hyperlinks Hotlinks
IGMP-mrouter IGMP mrouter
applicant applicant IGMP IGMP
IP Internet protocol address
IPv6 IPv6
LACP Link Aggregation Control Protocol
system port link
management management
NETCONF NETCONF Configuration Protocol
Time protocol NTP network
OpenFlow enable logging of Protocol Openflow
OSPFv3 Ospfv3
private - vlan, private VLAN
RMON remote monitoring
Syslog server server
SLP Service Location Protocol
Spanning-tree-group group Spanning tree
SSH Secure Shell
Vlag Virtual Link Aggregation
VM Virtual Machine
VRRP Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
Web Web

I looked in the CLI guide for "journal of logging", but all I get is the following:

[None] Journaling log []
Displays a list of the features for which syslog messages can be generated. You
can choose to turn on or off specific features (such as VLANs, stg, or ssh).
or enable/disable syslog on all available functions.
Control mode: global configuration

There is no detail on the option does what exactly.

I know that I probably can filter messages from syslog server-side but I would rather start the level for the switch.

Thank you.

Today, there is no way to delete these specific messages.

They should not be too many and are often very useful to determine the cause of a failure.

In order to reduce drastically the TCN BPDU is to put all the host ports such as 'edge' or 'portfast '.

This setting prevent BPDUS and messages production when a host disconnect or connect to the switch.

Then, only the 'real' TCN is recorded and useful for diagnosis.

Ciao, Maurizio.

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