What are the best deals for an iPad?

What are the best deals for an iPad?


That best meets your needs. We do not know what those needs are, it is really not possible to say which cases would be best for you.  I would recommend that search you Amazon for the type of case (business keyboard, leather case, etc.) in which your interests and then read the comments for those who is very much appreciated.

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  • What are the best settings for video export in first Pro Cs5.5 in HD MP4 format?

    What are the best settings for video export in first Pro Cs5.5 in HD MP4 format?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

    Under the H.264 are several presets for ipad.

    Experiment with those.


    Looks like me 720 p is the largest export format.

  • What are the best practices for creating only time data types, and not the Date

    Hi gurus,

    We use 12 c DB and we have a requirement to create the column with datatype of time only, if someone please describe what are the best practices for the creation of this.

    I would strongly appreciate ideas and suggestions.

    Kind regards


    How do you intend to use the time?

    If you are going to combine with DATEs or timestamps from a other source, then an INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND or NUMBER may be better.

    Will you need to perform arithmetic operations on time, for example, increase the time to 20%, or take an average?   If so, the NUMBER would be preferable.

    You are just going to display it?  In this case, DAY INTERVAL in SECONDS, DATE or VARCHAR2 would work.

    As Blushadow said, it depends.

  • What are the best practices for a new employee to learn inside the instance of their business of Eloqua as efficiently as possible?

    We have companies everything changed at some point in our lives. And we all go through the process in the first weeks, where you feel new and are just trying to figure out how not to get lost on your way in the mornings.

    On top of that, trying to familiarize yourself with your new company Eloqua instance can be a daunting task, especially if it's a large organization.

    What are the best practices for new employees to learn as efficiently and effectively as possible?

    I am in this situation right now. Moved to a much larger organization. It is a huge task trying to understand all the ins and outs not only society, but also of the eloqua instance, especially when she is complex with many points of integration. I find that most of the learning happens when I really go do the work. I spent a ton of time going through the programs, documentation, integrations, etc., but after awhile, it's all just words on a page and not absorbed.

    The biggest thing that I recommend is to learn how and why things are made the way they are currently, ask lots of questions, don't assume not that things work the same as they did with your previous employer.

    Download some base in place level benchmarks to demonstrate additional improvement.

    Make a list of tasks in the long term. As a new pair of eyes, make a list of things you'd like to improve.

  • What are the best options for the composition of math in InDesign CS4?

    What are the best options for the composition of math in InDesign CS4?

    I tried a few versions of the composition of mathematics test. All have their advantages and disadvantages, but I can't decide on which the plugin/script will be the best in the long run (in taking account of the ePub and MathML).

    So far the two best seems to be InMath (if it becomes compatible CS4) or Math + Magic Pro.

    The biggest pro of InMath is editable on the screen, but it seems to have some risk: http://InDesignSecrets.com/InMath-update-with-new-reader-functionality.php

    Math + Magic Pro works well with CS4, but need of equations to modify in the window of their plugin, and because they are EPS format. The file size and the ability to work with a digital player disappeared.

    And MathType seems pretty useless...

    Someone at - it had positive experiences?

    Not exactly the kerning, but you can move blocks wherever you want with the arrow keys. And you can change the spacing between the elements by changing the spacer between them. There are also defects of spacing.

    Batch edit can be something again. I use 6.0, and I see that the most recent version is 6.5.

    I had problems with files EPS of Mathtype, which may include a preview, but do not include fonts. So, I opened each equation of the word with my default settings (they automatically change the default fonts, spacing, size, etc.), copy, paste in Illustrator and save as have. So when I'm finished, my equations are always vector (if that's what you mean by text).

    Microsoft has chosen to implement a version of Mathtype dumbed-down as the editor of Word equations for many years. So for me at least, long term has already been decided. There are several things wrong with Mathtype, but given the choice between the use of Mathtype to * convert * equations and using InMath or mathemagiques to * recreate * equations, I'll take Mathtype, warts and all.

    Ken Benson

  • What are the best settings for host when PPTX is looping continues

    With the help of Jorma is was able to realize my PPTX in continuous loop, and change the number of seconds a slide was shown see How to let a pptx presentation run on its own

    There is only one question left. What are the best settings. I find that to let him run, I need to press the sync button, but then participants may choose (inadvertently) to stop the presentation of the execution of the loop.

    What are the correct settings, so that a participant sees only the slides (no side bar etc) and the loop is running?

    Your response is much appreciated

    You should not need to press the Sync button. In the options menu Pod for the sharing, with the loaded PPT module, you'll see an option to view the presentation bar. Use that to get the part for the hosts and presenters in the room, then press the button play. The presentation will be now play in a mode loop for everyone in sync mode. You can also hide the PlayBar to keep other hosts and presenters to stop playback and Participants will never see the PlayBar or have the option to stop the presentation.

    In addition, if your door essentially on the sharing module (highlight a focus), you can use the 'P' button to start playing the presentation without revealing the PlayBar to just anyone. Adobe Connect 9 * accessibility features

  • I want to learn more about how to use my pencil and what are the best applications for drawing

    I want to know what I can use my pencil for and what applications are the best to use with my iPad pro

    Hi scscsc,

    Welcome to the communities of Apple Support and congratulations for your new pencil from Apple!

    Looks like you want to know what you can do with the pencil of Apple and which applications you can use with. Take a look at the Web page below provides much information about the pencil of Apple, which also highlights some applications that are supported by the pencil of Apple.

    iPad Apple Pro - Apple pencil-

    See you soon.

  • I use PE 13, what are the best settings for viewing a slide show on a TV

    I set up a slide show of my drawings for display on a TV.   The images are color JPEGs.   What primary settings work best for the project when it comes to watching a slideshow of images on an HDTV?   I know how to change the properties of the project, but I don't know which of the formats and options will work best to turn slideshow into a video clip.


    First 13 items on what operating system? You have 13 to 13.1 updates, using Help Menu/updates to date of an open project?

    Your question immediately... assuming you have a NTSC installation...

    1. What are the dimensions in pixels of your JPEG files, and how many of them are there? Depending on the resources of the computer, how many JPEG files, and what pixel dimensions, try to use 1920 x 1080 format JPEG and the project preset elements 13/13.1 first is NTSC, DSLR, 1080 p, DSLR 1080 p 30.

    2. what type of player is has your HD TV?

    (a) if only one DVD, then your destination drive is drive DVD/record/Publish + share with preset = NTSC_Widescreen_Dolby DVD. Video set for display at 872 x 480 after encoding.

    (b) if player Blu - ray, then the publish + share/disc/AVCHD (which are a DVD disc)... can be 1920 x 1080 @ 23,94 progressive frames per second (H.264 1 920 x 1080 NTSC Dolby)

    (c) if the Blu - ray player, then publish + share/Disc/Blu-ray disc... can be 1920 x 1080 @ 23,94 progressive frames per second (H.264, 1920 x 1080 p NTSC Dolby).

    I assumed you wanted a product of disc? If your HD TV player takes support other media of the video file, what are the formats on which media supports?

    With this information, I will propose Publish + share/computer/specificities for export to files.

    Please review, study and give more details.

    Thank you.


  • What are the best settings for Youtube videos using Camileo X 200

    What is the best video settings for the x 200 for youtube videos. 720 p-30 / 60-720 p / 1080 p-30.

    Thank you


    In my opinion the 720 p-30 is good enough for Youtube.

  • What are the best settings for Pages documents look great when opened in Microsoft Word?

    I'm a freelance journalist. Pages is often the best tool for my writing work. Some editors want to submit articles directly in their CMS. It's a simple cut and job-last Pages. But most of the editors expect to send me copy as a Microsoft Word document. Pages to Word conversion is trivial, sometimes a little weird exit at the other end. It is a no cost me all work, he probably won't, but I like to be professional and give the copy as clean as possible. Are there guidelines to get the best results when a Pages document is converted to Word format?

    TO be professional, I recommend you use Word or at least a clone as LibreOffice Instead of Pages.

  • What are the best "bang for buck" upgrades for my MSI m/brd?

    Hello to you all,.

    This is post multi-question, my apologies if it is not consistent with the Protocol of this forum, I thought that it would be wiser, that post 3 different questions related to this topic. Hope somebody smarter that I can enlighten my brain electronically challenged!

    Desktop HP My p6320y came w/a updated motherboard MSI 785GM-E51 (FX) military class II. There w/4 DDR3 DIMM slots. According to the manual, I can use "dual-channel" mode What are the advantages and disadvantages between DDR2 and DDR3, & single or double channel?
    Right now, he has two modules of 4 GB memory installed in the first 2 slots (DIMMS 1 and 2)
    The manual States certainly not for Exchange DDR2 & DDR3.  So, if I want to max out my ram, & run it in dual channel mode. I need to complete all 4 slots w/4 GB DDR3 DIMMs for a total = 16 GB of RAM.
    Would execute my M/consultant w/16 GB max. two-channel mode. RAM has make my system perform significantly more fast/visibly better? Or I could use the cost of the 2 memory modules xtra in a different way to give me a clearly observable bump in performance?
    So that had him drive performance, would upgrading my current CPU (phenom quad core AM3 2.7 Ghz) to something more 3.0 Ghz, be worth the effort & produce an observable speed bump?  Or do the two would be too much to kill the M/Board of potential?
    Finally, the manual explains how overclock my FSB in 3 steps: 10%, 15%, 20%. Is this really a Hi-risk for ovr. / CLK. compared to the increase gained? Even on the low setting - 10%? Would be an additional fan counter the rise of heat, which allows a full life?

    Thank you very much for any advice, Alan

    My preference is a Samsung 840 Pro series SSD. I went from Windows from my hard drive to SSD with EaseUS Todo Backup ver 5.5 'Home' edition (Home supports cloning) which is what you need to do, in addition to your SATA I hope is set to AHCI and IDE mode AHCI is required to support the 'Trim' that all need units SSD to truly free disk space when a file is deleted.

    It was modified a Hervé 65, air, fuel injected, forced exhaust headers, great FI pistons, to the special slippers and cam, suspension, shock absorbers and transmission.

    J W Stuart: http://www.pagestart.com

  • What are the best settings for the export of the comps before edditing in Premiere Pro

    Hi all!

    As the title says, who are the best settings to export compositions of EI on Pr.Pro and then edit them?

    Let me explain: I have two comps in AE (intro and outro) and want to export in Pr.Pro for with a fottage edditing I shot.

    When I give the size of the files are huge (30 sec = 7 GB).

    Which is the best method (and settings) I can export the intro and outro to a 'normal' size of the file and then put them in Pr.Pro without losing quality?

    [Comp settings: HDTV 1080 29.97 (1920 x 1080)]

    AE and Premiere Pro the two CS4

    If you're having trouble to play things in your Premiere Pro timeline, then find out editing in offline mode. In the edition offline, you work with a version of lower quality of an asset when editing and then replace with a version high quality when you are ready for the release.

  • What are the best practices for use of GLOBAL Variables


    Please guide how Global Variables can be declared and how they can be initialized.

    Further please guide what are the impacts of the Variables(if any) world on the memory of the CLIENT or the SERVER, if they are not initialized or released after use.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards.

    There are 255 characters (fixed) - or a less than before, don't know if they still are that length.
    My preference is not to use and use the settings or package variables. There is no real control of globals, so you may find yourself with an applications which has a good number of them which is used only once but which persists during the user's session.

  • What are the best settings for GEforce GTX680 & first Pro CC

    I bought the Geforce GTX 680 mac edition and installed in my Mac Pro 2012. However, there are some settings in Premiere Pro that are a bit complicated to me. To maximize the effectiveness of the video card and get the best time record I want to make sure my settings are correct.

    I read that under sequence settings, it is best to check the quality of best rendering then under Preferences > memory I need to check memory instead of the Performance. Am I correct in doing this?

    Do not set the memory to memory. Real time playback and export slowing down considerably. Only if you're low on ram, to start with. Only, you must ask the rendering quality Max for sequences sometimes when FX preview correctly.



  • What are the best practices for editing files .mov (output of a Ninja Blade ProRes recorder) on a PC?

    We recorded using our recorder ProRes Ninja, resulting in files large .mov (as expected). While my Mac laptop is capable of playing Quicktime files, my PC cannot of course. In the meantime, I create compressed copies of the files (such as .mp4s) for sequencing on my PC, because it is a much more powerful machine. However, I don't know how to use these compressed files affect the quality of the final product.

    I have to encode files .mov to a different output for use on my PC, is there a way for my PC read uncompressed files or .mp4 files will be sufficient for the high quality of desired output?

    Thanks for your help!

    For a PC, you have to download the Quicktime Player... Although I found that the best work, go ahead and get the Qt Pro license (bit less $ 30) seem to make the best out of my 1080 p mov files. Many users pc found here as soon as they have downloaded Qt, their mov worked well. So... you should be able to use fine as-is in mov codec after d - l QuickTime or at worst, Qt Pro license number is entered in your Qt player.


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  • WinFast tv 2000 xp driver problem

    I havea a tv tuner leadtek winfast tv 2000 xp and I can not end anywhere the drivers for this device... I'm on the computer windows 7 ultimate 64 bit edition... I downloaded the drivers from the official site http://leadtek.com, but this driver does