What happened to my favorites

I went to my favorites, and only a very little bit of them are there. where's the rest of them. my more recent ones. I tried the system restore, did nothing. How can I get that back. each of them


You can check for problems with the database places.sqlite file in the Firefox profile folder.

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  • I converted comes from IE to firefox. What happened to my favorite option on my label? He said when I downloaded it this morning that he saved all these info.

    I can't find my favorites icon in my toolbar. I'm on Yahoo and it converted fine, but missing my favorites and history options. I know he told me when I downloaded what he kept this information.

    Favorites in Internet Explorer are called bookmarks in Firefox.

    History and bookmarks are two tabs in your menu bar. If the menu bar is not visible, right-click on an empty space near your tabs of the browser and select menu bar from the drop-down list.

    Please provide more information so we seem to be misunderstanding your question. Not sure why you referred to Yahoo for example.

  • What happened to the Favorites icon?

    Just got an update today (14.0.1) and noticed that I lost my favorites icon. Verified the subject: config and this element is set to true. Now what?

    See the Site identity button:

  • What happened to my favorites right click? Now I have ' save page, discovered the image of background etc, junk, I don't use! How to bring back my click bookmarks right? image

    Before the upgrade, I could use the right click to access bookmarks, now I have a load of junk that I don't use and no Favorites. How can I get my favorites via my back of mouse?

    Kind regards


    The 'blues star' image 'button' is to Mark this Page in the right-click menu (context menu).

  • What happens if I sync two firefoxes Office? My Favorites will be organized by computer or are there duplicates?

    How to set up firefox sync is well described, but there is virtually no information on what happens after the installation. I have two computers with different bookmarks and settings and I want to keep it like that, but I still want to have access to the data of the other computer.

    Synchronization will import all the settings and merge or settings remain separated somehow? This will affect only bookmarks or also of the sessions, i.e. the open tabs and windows? I would agree with merging of bookmarks, but browsing sessions must remain unique, although it would be nice to somehow access the list of the tab open on the other computer.

    Firefox Sync "synchronizes" data types, the user selects on connected devices.
    If you select bookmarks in sync settings, your bookmarks on this device will be synchronized with those on the server. If favorite is not enabled on a particular device, bookmarks on this device are not part of each synchronization session.
    If you only select tabs you want to synchronize, your story will not Sync-only what is selected on a device will be part of each synchronization session.

  • What happened to the ability to manage my favorites and save them as a backup to import later for the same or another PC?

    Prior to version 4 of Firefox, I had a function I made much use of available. Management of bookmarks allowed me to save my favorites in a file on the hard drive and use for purposes of backup or transport to another PC.

    What happened to this function?

    It's still there, just changed menu item name. Choose "Show all bookmarks" in the bookmarks menu. It opens the same window to 'Manage Boomarks'.

  • What happened to my folder "recently marked with a bookmark?

    There was once, on my "Bookmarks", drop a folder: 'recently set bookmark ".

    What happened to him?

    If she could disappear without my knowing what I did to cause, without knowing that I did anything, the system as a whole of Firefox bookmarks is not very robust.

    How can I recover the folder "recently my favorites?

    Hi all! Firefox updated to version 29 and I love again look but that Firefox is starting/opening he says: "in trouble with sinc' so I allowed my sinc file saved to move to another computer and boom, I lost me"recently added folder." Also, now with Firefox 29 some addon does not work in the private browsing session. Anyone know what is happening? Man oh man, I love Firefox and have always, but since "you know who" is peek-a-Boo all sorts of questions crazy I've ever had. You must love the 21st century LOL! Thank you goodbye all...

  • How to make the default visible bookmarks. response on Firefox Help "What happened to the bookmarks toolbar?" does not work.

    I want to have my favorites in the left pane of the default desktop, when I connect in firefox, as before. the solution proposed in the firefox help page "What happened to the bookmarks toolbar?", i.e. to check "bookmarks toolbar" in the drop-down display-toolbars menu, does not work.

    can you suggest an alternative?

    I use firefox on a macbookpro with os10.6.6 4.0b11

    The bookmarks toolbar has nothing to do with the Bookmarks Sidebar (on the left side of the browser window). {Ctrl + B} open/close the bookmarks bar. If you close Firefox with the open bookmarks bar, it should be open when you launch Firefox, next time. If it does not work like that in your profile file localstore.rdf file is probably damaged.

  • Apple id two verification step. What happens to the disabled reliable when phone number?

    Recently, I have restored my iPod touch 5 and during the implementation was faced with this application id of two steps. There seems to be no way of not choosing this option, so I used my phone number. I didn't do that but could find no other way to get around it. I assumed it was another bright Apple who must love or fixed ideas to stay up-to-date (as for example losing favorite functions e.g. shake to shuffle etc) of their clients. After doing this (subject), I received an email telling me that I might opt, which I did, but only after changing my password as I didn't want to do. The way I see it was not only a waste of time, but as someone who is intensely private and do not link personal information for security reasons I feel like I've been forced to do something I would never normally do just to keep the unit I paid a small fortune for compatible with applications that I want to use for example. latest versions of traktor etc. It makes me feel like anytime I can do to compromise my desires as a customer just to continue to use MY PROPERTY. Anyway there is the substance of my question (if you have not asleep and could be bothered to read it all) which in the end is - what happened to my number of confidence when I chose? I can't find anything about this in the text of presentation, or on the forum. It is to dispose of safely, or is it for always TAPI in some dark Apple cavity or FBI database (or other personal data collection entity)? At a time where we are told to pay attention to our information it seems to have been a lot of too-ing and back and forth of my personal data on the web for no reason and I'm done with a password change, that I didn't. Can anyone put my mind at ease on at least that?

    step 2 is optional, you didn't have to use it.

    If your idea that Apple don't has not given you the choice is bad, that you choose. But you can disable it again.

  • What happened to my office?

    Signed this morning and instead of going directly to the regular WIndows screen with many things on, I saw rolling points with "preparing the windows displayed. I then had an opening screen very reduced with half a dozen applications (?) when I went to my office, all my folders, applications, and files have disappeared. What happened and how can I get them all back. The Explorer also lost my favorites.

    Hi Michael,

    Glad to know that the computer works as expected. Thanks for sharing of the resolution. Post your Windows related queries in Microsoft Community Forums.

  • What happened with my CC of Photoshop and it's Plug - ins, all disappeared... There where the Photoshop logo was in the dock is now a big question mark...?

    What happened with my CC of Photoshop and it's Plug - ins, all disappeared... There where the Photoshop logo was in the dock is now a big question mark...?

    Please see: cannot install Add Ons for the Creative Cloud 2015 products

    You can also check: the basics of the Mac: the Dock holds your favorite applications, documents and more - Apple Support

    Let us know if that helps.

  • What happens to my billing

    What happens to my previous purchase? I can't update my apps!

  • What happened to the flashlight after upgrade to ios10

    What happened to the flashlight after upgrading to IOS 10

    Flashlight is the control center? I swear that I saw on one of these demo phones in an Apple store.

  • What happened to the Photo retouching on Photos in the Sierra?

    Photo editing seems to be missing with Sierra. It is to be fixed?

    Photos for Mac can always edit the photos.

    What makes you think that it is no longer possible?

    If you are unable to edit the photos in your photo library, there may be a problem with the library. What happens, when you try to edit a photo?

  • What happened to Sierra Mac Mini mid-2010?

    What happened to Sierra Mac Mini mid-2010?  As a first step, I realized it was the lower end of the system requirements.  Many citations on the support pages and anywhere on the web say "Mac Mini mid-2010 or newer."  But now, after half a day struggling with the installation, I find that he must now be "mid-2011 or newer!  Changed Whaaaa?

    "Never promise what you can't deliver."

    Mac mini (mid-2010), 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 8 GB of memory, running OS X El Capitan 10.11.6


    It is said...

    • Mac mini (mid-2010 or more recent)

    See Configuration hardware Mac here > http://www.apple.com/macos/how-to-upgrade/#hardware-requirements

    You may be looking for feature requirements:

    Instant Rebate Hotspot and universal Clipboard

    Supported by the following Mac models:

    • MacBook (early 2015 or newer)
    • MacBook Pro (2012 or newer)
    • MacBook Air (2012 or newer)
    • Mac mini (2012 or newer)
    • iMac (2012 or newer)
    • Mac Pro (end 2013)

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