What is the difference between a graphics card of GEForce with ddr3 and the other with ddr5 and are they

HP Pavilion Elite 590uk with windows 7 64 bit.

What is the main difference between the GEForce GT420 installed and the GTS450.

I know the 429 is DDR3 and the 450 is DDR5 what - what, can I replace the 420 to 450 and how do I



There is a large performance difference and energy consumption.  Look at this comparison.

The 420 is a narrow card requiring only a single slot where the 450 is a map more wide which will cover the next adjacent location.  Look at the diagram for the motherboard of your PC. The GTS 450 requires a PCI-E power connector 6 pins provide the extra power for the card.

Open your PC and a few measurement in parallel with the PCI-E x 16 slot to see how long of a video card will fit. The adjacent slot on the PCI-E x 16 slot must be vacant.  Look for a PCI-E power connector 6-pin.

' HP ' how-to ' articles should be useful.

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    Thexn, welcome to the forum.

    The problem is a lot of video cards latest require the computer to have a complete UEFI BIOS.  HP began using one in mid-October 2012.  Before that date, the BIOS is the legacy.  This is why the video card does not work with your computer.

    I don't know what you would spend on a card, but MSI is a GTX 750ti which is a VBIOS hybrid.  It has a switch to change to inheritance or UEFI.  Is there a video link directly below the image of a card.  Paul of Newegg gives a complete description of the map.

    I like the best EVGA cards.  Their Support gave me a lot of information on their cards.  However, you will need to return to a GT 640 map to find one of their cards that does not require the UEFI BIOS.  They have a few updates for their BIOS' are which solves the problem, but we must call them for accurate maps.

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    and a link to the landmarks of PassMark Software - graphics (GPU) video card Benchmark

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    Thanks for all the help.

    Problem has been resolved. There was little extra space (undesirable character in file) which has been provided by the user. Monday, I created a test user and manually run reset password and has worked well:

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    My apologies without testing on my side I asked a question here.

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    If you remove these entries in password manager then sync will stop working and you will have to set up the synchronization again.

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    Also do I need to provide the original receipt? I have paided by using a debit card.

    Thank you

    Post edited by: PauPau

    > If I sell the laptop to another person are they covered under warranty?

    I think you will need to contact Toshiba to move the warranty to the other person who bought this laptop.

    > Also do I need to provide the original receipt?
    Yes, I think that this will be necessary.

    Here you can find the Toshiba EU warranty registration page:

    There is an area called: revision or update of previous records.
    I think that you can update the record providing new data of the person who bought the unit

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    Hi David,

    The items you listed are real items used by your operating system, although they can be stopped if you want without making any real damage. This will largely depend on if you want to use all functions in which they are involved.

    For example, TCtrllOhook.exe and TPSMain.exe are associated with the Toshiba power management utility.

    Ltmoh.exe and AGRSMMSG.exe are you installed the modem.

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    Kind regards

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    Photoshop is the large capacity, editor of pixels that makes diapers and plug-ins; ideal for graphic designers, used by many photographers.

    Photoshop Elements is a more basic version of Photoshop; often be everything as photographers really need Photoshop.

    Lightroom is a Digital Asset Manager that lists your images and enjoys a good 'image' in her Editor. The catalogue allows the non-destructive editing of your images. Often does 95% of everything which has need of a photographer.

    "Photoshop Lightroom" is the official name of Lightroom;  a bad choice by Adobe that confuses people.

    For $10 / month, the "photographer" Lightroom + Photoshop bundle is difficult to beat. Subscribe to bundle licenses you the two programs, each to be downloaded and installed separately.

    Any 'CC' appended to the name is something marketing allowing the software to talk to some of the web servers of Adobe to activate features. All software are still installed on your hard drive; all your images are always stored on your hard drive.

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    I was wondering if someone could let me know on what the difference is.

    Cheers for the help in advance guys.

    There is no difference between the versions of Photoshop. Add the package of photography.

    When Adobe introduced the rental model, they charged about £49 per month for all of the Creative Suite (things Inc. as first, AfterEffects, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver...) and £19 for a single application like Photoshop. Then they produced the plan of photography at half this price - probably with the idea to win much more large volume of sales by targeting the photographers. Whatever the reason, yes the pricing individual app looks weird, but everything you need to know is that with the plan of photography you get Lightroom too (more Lightroom Mobile), but exactly the same Photoshop.

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    Hi controlaltdelete,

    11.0.10 reader & Player 10.1.4 are older versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat Reader DC is the most recent.

    Acrobat Reader DC supports online Acrobat (subscribed service), which are more supported by older versions of MB.

    Acrobat Reader DC is the best UI compared to the other oldest.

    Acrobat Reader DC & Adobe Reader 11 is compatible with the latest version 10 of Windows.

    Kind regards


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    Could someone explain the differences between these three commands? I created a circle with a stroke, applied all the three commands and ended up with the same thing, a compound path. Are there situations where this is not the case, or situations where one of these commands is more appropriate?


    In the case of the accident vascular cerebral/nofill right, object > describe vascular accidents, cerebral and object > expand seem to do the same thing.

    In the layers palette, you can see three different results to develop if you have so much background and outline ticked, ticked off just about fill, and only STROKE checked. Only the last corresponds to the contour line.

    You use Outline Stroke that more simple if it's what you need. Trace to create something with one or more holes of several paths, either to raise subsidized the Clipping Path of a clipping mask paths. Expand is for the rest.

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