What is the difference between HP Photo Creations and Snapfish

I've been curious.

What is the difference between HP Photo Creations and Snapfish?


Hi Jeff17866. The difference between these two services are the location, accessibility and share-ability of the recorded images. Snapfish is a photo on the web edition and sharing and belonged to printing HP service. You upload your images on the Snapfish site and share with other sites (Facebook, Flickr, etc) by selecting the appropriate options. The images are then stored on the cloud, and you will be able to access it from any device with Internet access. So, if you want to easily share your photos with your friends and family around the country, Snapfish is a great tool to do. HP Photo Creations is a photo editing software that you download to your desktop. You can edit your photos and order prints just as with Snapfish, but all pictures remain on your hard drive. They can be shared by downloading files on the sites you want the images appear, but you are not able to access it on other devices. -Chauntain

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