Where can I find the name of a vCenter Server?

For an ESX Server, I can find the name using the $_ - & gt; Summary - & gt; config - & gt; name, where $_ is a host view.

How to find the name of a vCenter Server?  There really a distinct name to the host name of the system?  If this isn't the case, I would still find it.

Where it appears in the object hierarchy?

Thank you.


3 ways:

(1) because you connect to a vCenter server, you can retrieve the name of the - server variable

2) there is an advanced vpx option that contains the name of the instance of vCenter: VirtualCenter.InstanceName who should be its host name, either long or short

(3) If you are on a host ESX (i) which is managed by vCenter host, there is an exposed property called managementServerIp - http://www.vmware.com/support/developer/vc-sdk/visdk400pubs/ReferenceGuide/vim.host.Summary.html#managementServerIp where you can do a search of reserve if you have correctly configured to get FULL of DNS domain name


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    -FREE - WirelessKeyView recovers all the wireless network security keys/passwords (WEP/WPA) stored
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  • Where can I find the value of ss_nm_jvm_startup_properties?


    I am trying to reset the password for the user weblogic using the document Doc-ID 1949675.1

    I am stuck at step 4

    B. start AdminServer:

    Java $ < s_nm_jvm_startup_properties > - Dweblogic.system.StoreBootIdentity = true - Dweblogic.Name = AdminServer weblogic. Server


    < s_nm_jvm_startup_properties > is the same as the variable value of context ss_nm_jvm_startup_properties

    Where can I find the value of s_nm_jvm_startup_properties.

    I searched the support site and google it without any result.

    I'm new in EBS and try to upgrade the EBS 12.2.0 to 12.2.4

    Thank you



    Application contextfile $INST_TOP/appl/admin find the setting "nm_jvm_startup_properties".

    grep nm_jvm_startup_properties context_file.xml

    Thank you

    A H E E R X

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    I've written a series of blog on file handles lately. Part 2 http://wp.me/pcBZk-bi has a working example.


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    Thanks and greetings


    Yes, you can use delete statement to delete the file.

    Kind regards

    Patel Kartik

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    Hi Walter, ~ / Library/Preferences/com.apple.TextEdit.plist.

    If your library is hidden in Finder 'Go' menu 'Go to folder' enter the path in the text box that appears and press return.

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