Why do firefox 4 is flashing constantly? I don't want just the flash, I mean the whole page. I'd like to solve this problem, either Firefox 4 is completely unusable. Help, please!

It was a really strange phenomenon. I just upgraded to Firefox 4 an hour ago. The problem started as soon as the upgrade is complete. First of all, I get a black screen, then the page is displayed. However, when I move the mouse or scroll or anything like that, I get constant stuttering and flicker. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, maybe my computer settings are wrong. I had to go back to 3.6 to not even enter the help of forumPlease!

safe mode is a bit drastic, for disable me hardware acceleration did the trick.
Click on the orange menu button goto options-> options and then click Advanced at the top right there is an option somewhere in the middle of the hardware turn it off by unchecking the checkbox and press OK.
Don't forget to try to re - activate after each update because hardware acceleration unfortunately improves the performance of the browser

Rather than wait for a update for firefox, you can also try to update the driver for your grapicscard and see if this allows you to make hardware acceleration without problems.

~ edit: I'm color-blind firefox menu button is of course not yellow and orange, said protip for the graphics card drivers.

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