Why Firefox always tells me that Adobe plug-ins must be updated, when I've just updated beyond the versions them says Firefox update?

On the status of the plug-in page, Firefox said I have potentially vulnerable Adobe Flash player c. and should be updated. I have already taken this opinion but Adobe confirms that my version is I ran the update at least twice (and of course I restarted Firefox several times and refreshed the page for good measure). Why Firefox think I always c.

Essentially the same story with Adobe Reader plug-in 15.9.20069.28170. Firefox said I have this outdated version and should be updated. I ran the update at least twice (but unlike with Flash Player I don't know how to confirm that the update is installed). The version that Firefox says I have and advice to update, has not changed.

I've updated two plug-ins yesterday. Immediately after the update, when I refreshed the page status of the plugin, these plug-ins have disappeared from lists "vulnerable" or "outdated". It's only the Adobe Flash Player and Reader plug-in updates (which I did yesterday) that Firefox seems to blind. I waited a day to see if Firefox would recognize the edits today, but it still does not work. On this page of presentation of the question, "Assumptions" of Firefox on my current browser list older versions of Adobe Flash Player and Reader that I've already updated since.

Plugins are installed on the system and not in Firefox. So he can tell you were the same when you installed know that it is usually because you have two system installed an older version of Flash Player.


Maybe try to uninstall all versions of Flash Player (basic plugin) and install the current https://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/distribution3.html (basic plugin), while Firefox is closed.

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