Wishlist deleted

On my phone and iTunes, when I access my list, I said that my list is empty, despite having at least two pages of apps out there yesterday. I did not remove anything, but I did download an app from there a few days ago...


I don't have an answer, but I wanted to add my voice. I looked at my list of wishes yesterday, but today I am told it's empty on my PC (running the latest version of iTunes), iPhone 5 c (on iOS 9.1) and iPad (on iOS 8.4.1). 2 I'm quite ticked off because I do not remember what was there. I hope it's a temporary problem and I won't have to rebuild.

For the record, my purchase history seems to work very well.

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    Select the movie you want to delete, and then select 'Remove' on the next page when loading.

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    You must use the Bootcamp Assistant to create the Bootcamp partition.

    Please provide details on the total space and free space on your internal drive. Post screenshots of what you see in system-> storage information. In addition, select the drive in Finder-I press control and post a screenshot of the window read the information.

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    You used Time Machine at all? I see you say it was not on, but it never on and is at - it a backup Time Machine on the Macbook Pro?

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    To change tracks in sync, follow the normal procedure for synchronization of a reading list, but this time choose the playlist you want to add:

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    Maybe the database...

    Open the Finder.

    In the Finder menu bar, click go > go to folder

    Then, copy or paste the following text:


    Click OK, and then place the History.db file in the trash.

    Quit and then restart Safari.

    See if that makes a difference.

  • How can I delete mail folders

    How to remove records of e-mail on a macbookpro?

    Right or control click on the mailbox, then click on delete a box.

  • Delete older backups time machine from the server

    I have a small number of iMacs here that back up using Time Machine on our local network to an external hard drive on an iMac running server. I added a second external hard drive and I say most of the Mac to use instead. Once they have saved once the new drive safely - how can I remove the old backup of the first disc? Is it safe to just delete the sparsebundle to it? Or is there a way to do it properly



    Yes, it is safe to delete the sparsebundle in the old media from backup after you remove as the backup location and create your 1st upward on the new location. Since your iMac is now pointing to the new backup media, they are more associated in the former. If you have no other Mac backup on old media, you can simply reformat.

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    How to do?

    It is very inconvenient if I can't remove all the emails in the Inbox at the same time.

    Not a very smart phone.

    This guide http://osxdaily.com/2016/09/27/delete-all-mail-ios-10/

  • It would do any harm to delete pictures? I hate this - not even close to opening.

    It would do any harm to delete pictures? I hate this - not even close to opening.

    Yes he would because it is part of the operating system and you can not remove it - you can ignore it and you can use Aperture 3.6 as long as it continues to operate (which stops a day) and you can use any photo software you want

    and the photo is no program consumers not professional software like Aperture, but it is very good and much better that iPhoto - many power Aperture (but certainly not all) have found an acceptable Organizer


  • Deleting emails, mail approx. records even Clears Yahoo on computer?

    Given that the content of Mail takes a lot of space, I want to delete a large number of emails and files (the same that exists on Yahoo mail). I just want to be sure that their deletion on the mail app won't also erase them from Yahoo on my computer.

    Hey CloudsRestWalk,

    Thank you for being a part of the communities of Apple Support.

    I see that you're wondering about the impact of the removal of the mail files on your e-mail account.  Everything depends on whether or not the mail files are saved on your Mac, or if they are part of Yahoo.  In the Mail sidebar, you should see the label above the folder list.  If she says "on my Mac" then the emails in that folder are stored on your Mac, and delete the folder should not affect what you see on the webmail of Yahoo.  On the other hand, if the label says "Yahoo" then the folders are on the mail server itself, and remove them will remove them from Yahoo email servers.

    For assistance with freeing up storage space, then take a look at the information in this link:

    Mail for Mac: free up the storage space for an e-mail account

    Take care.

  • Accidentally deleted my email app!

    I managed to remove the standard e-mail off my 6s iPhone application.

    There are a few older questions and answers on the forum, but go to setting > general > reset > reset home screen presentation is not restore the app.

    I tried to restore the phone from a backup, but at the moment where I connected to iTunes the phone automatically backed up... overwrite previous backup of a moment where my phone got the email.

    Any help appreciated - for your information, the phone has been updated with the latest IOS (I think that the version number is 10.02).

    Go into the App Store and search for "Apple Mail" and it download it again. With iOS Apple 10 allows the destruction of many of the default applications. But those that can be deleted are available in the App Store for relocation if necessary.

  • I can't delete a file recorded, prepared by a custom number template

    iMac, OS X, El Capitan, 10.11.6

    Delete the last completed copy but not 11 copies recorded during the preparation. The files are in MY FILES. Tried to do drag, remove, button, command + DELETE. Double-click the file gives a pop-up 'alias 'File Name' cannot be opened because the original item cannot be found... DELETE aliases, FIX, okay.  The Alias to delete does not, gives the difficulty Alias "select a new original... does not open."  A pop up States: "cannot perform this operation. An unexpected error occurred (error - 43)

    Any ideas on how to remove 11 copies.

    Thank you


    Hi George,.

    I did a brief search on that, and reached a post in these forums of Linc Davis, suggesting a restart of the computer could heal the situation. Certainly worth a try.

    Either way, the message you read indicates these items are not files. they are aliases (pointers) to the actual file. By double-clicking an alias will open the file it is pointed. The message "Can't find" sense - the file is not found because you deleted.

    Kind regards


  • How to delete photos stored in macbook air any of iPhone

    I am on my Macbook Air storage as whenever I backed up my iPhone, I also chose to "import" all the new photos in the iPhone.

    I think this is redundant with as backup iTune keeps pictures of the iPhone (from thousands of them since 2007)!

    Now my question is: How can I safely delete all photos imported from the iPhone and keep the rest that I took with a digital camera? It removes the original photos in iPhone too next time think I synchronize?

    Thank you all.

    We need the details - what version of the operating system, IOS and iPhoto and how you import you MBA?


  • Deleted Notes records returned

    I have a folder in my Notes (Mac, iOS and iCloud.com) application that returns no matter how many times I delete it.

    Here's how I got here: I imported a batch of notes (all in .txt format) and created a new 'imported statement' as expected. I then moved all those notes to my regular 'Notes' folder that is synchronized to my iCloud account. Now that the newly created folder is empty, I'm deleting it. After maybe 40 seconds, he returned. I tried rename and delete then, put a note in it there and delete... it always comes back.

    All this experience or have a fix? I can't simply sign on and in, or restart my camera, because it happens everywhere that I can access my notes (iPad, iPhone, iMac, Safari). Thank you.

    See if this thread on the similar theme helps.

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