Word distorted after upgrade to Premiere Pro v10.4 good buddy

I use Premiere Pro on an iMac end 2013 24GO RAM El Capitan. When Iwas using Version 9.0, all mov files have been imported, and plays very well. Since the upgrade to 10.4, the speech is high slope and Mickey Mouse like. The files play normally outside the program, but as I import them, the odd effect helps. I have re-installed Premiere Pro with the same result. Advice would be greatly appreciated. The audio plays at the correct pace and maintains synchronization with video normally to the rhythm of the participant.


I found a solution using "encode the selected video file" by clicking right on the file .mov and then a .m4v file encoding and who normally plays in Premiere Pro and has only one audio stream. Thus sorted, I hope, but do not know how the two additional audio stream have arrived!

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  • Why is my audio distorted after being in Premiere Pro?

    Hi guys, first post so I am sorry if I did nothing wrong!

    I use Premiere Pro CS6 to modify records of the video game and add comments. I did this for about 6 months and have never had any problems.

    On this a MP4, however, something strange happened. Once I have import the file and put it in a sequence, the audio is messed up. In particular, he drags the video severely and jumps a lot. Here is the video in question after the first export: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyU2l4XVrtw [WARNING: this is a recording of the video game Dead Space 2, which has a lot of animated violence / blood inside.] Also, spend a little in the video to go beyond the pause screen]

    But when I look at the MP4 in windows media player, it's totally fine! This is not the file itself that is the problem.

    Things I've tried:

    -remove the MP4 to the workspace and in re-importing.

    -suppression of the order and putting the MP4 in a new.

    -put the MP4 in a new project in itself.

    -export the sequence to see if the problem resolves after export.

    More information, if it helps:

    -J' I never change the settings of the sequences/projects, so my default sequences on the widescreen 32 kHz. Then when it says "this video is not the sequence settings", I just have him say to change sequence settings to match the settings of the element.

    -J' have other records in the same game, and none of them has this problem.

    -J' I save my xbox 360 with a Happauge PVR2 HD Gaming Edition, which generates a MP4 video and audio on my computer.

    I don't see anything else to add. I really appreciate any help I can get on the situation, because he throws a key in my series if I can't download 10 minutes of play... and I can not re register it exactly. Thank you!

    Clear cache files solved problems of breadraptor with the clip in question.

  • Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro install question.

    Hello! I have a problem with some of my creative Cloud programs install. So the thing is I'm working with a Windows 10 operating system and I have tried several times to download Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, but it doesn't always let me. Premiere Pro appears as "up-to-date" but with no button to open - it is not on the programs on my computer! And with After Effects, it seems just constantly with the ' we have a problem, please come back later "without giving any code error or something like that. I already tried to uninstall and reinstall all my creative cloud Adobe programs and even the creative application of the Cloud itself. It just keeps ennuyer bored with this, could you please tell me how to fix? Or has anyone of you had the same problem before? I hope you can help! Good day!

    for the first problem, try solution 2, Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application uninstalled Adobe apps as up-to-date lists

  • Free trial upgrade to premiere Pro...

    Hi, I bought the Premiere Elements, and when I launched it offered me a free trial upgrade to Premiere Pro. At the time, I refused, and I clicked on do not show again because he was getting whenever I launched. Now, I have a plugin that does not work in the elements, but apparently does not Pro (flicker). I would use the free update of the trial to see if it works before paying for the upgrade. How can I get this window that invites to the first update free return?

    There is certainly a way to do it, I recall he said «if you change your mind...» "- I just don't remember how. Thank you!

    You can use the first track pro:

    Install the desktop cc app from here, https://creative.adobe.com/products/creative-cloud

    and use the application to install first pro trial version

  • After Effects or Premiere Pro not available as tests?

    I downloaded Adobe Application Manager and it lists 13 programs, but it does not list After Effects or Premiere Pro as options to install. These are the two that I had to try more than anything. Help?

    They are available in tests, but your system does not meet the requirements. This is why they are not in the MAA. Refer to the card tech on the product pages.


  • How to change After effects in Premiere Pro

    Hello I am working on a project for a buisness, and I put a CC 2015 after the effects of the project in Premiere Pro CC 2015 and I choped the effects after the project upward and put sequences video inbetween. But now I need to edit the effects after part (taken just a few words and wont be any longer) and I don't know how to do

    Right click > Edit Original.

  • .PS generate a blank PDF file after upgrading from Acrobat Pro 7 to 9 of the file

    Hi all

    I searched for it in vain, so I come to you now in desperation. My boss asked me track down this error and I have to be honest, I'm a little green with Acrobat Pro. So come the situation I know. My Department, usually use a .ps file to generate a publication as a PDF of the other .ps files. We operate on a network share (drive P :) on Windows XP SP3 machines with the latest updates.

    In Acrobat Pro 7 we can double-click the .ps file that executed the code through Adobe Distiller and a finished PFD at the same file below name would exit in the host directory. But now, after upgrading to Adobe Acrobat 9, this process produces a PDF file with all bookmarks appropriate and no content.

    % Program postScript for distilling and combine multiple PostScript files.
    % During the incorporation of subsets of fonts, it is strongly recommended that you use this technique
    % to distill several subset of police for one of the PS file is used for each policy.

    /prun {/mysave save def % performs a backup before running the PS file}
    DUP = RAS % watch running PS file name
    RunFile built in distilling procedure calls %
    Claire cleardictstack % cleans up after PS file
    mysave restore % restorations save level
    } def
    [/Author (user)
    / CreationDate)
    / Creator)
    / Title (title)
    / Topic (Subject)
    / Keywords (words)
    / DOCINFO Pdfmark
    / UseOutlines
    / DOCVIEW pdfmark
    [/ Page 1]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (cover Page)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 2]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 1)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 3]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 2)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 4]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 3)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 5]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 4)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 6]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 5)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 7]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 6)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 8]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 7)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 9]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 8)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 10]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 9)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 11]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 10)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 12]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 11)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 13]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 12)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 14]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 13)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 15]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 14)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 16]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 15)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 17]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 16)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 18]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 17)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 19]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 18)
    / OUT pdfmark
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 19)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 21]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 20)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 22]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 21)
    / OUT pdfmark
    [/ Page 23]
    / View [/ XYZ null null null]
    / Title (Page 22)
    / OUT pdfmark

    prun (p:/ps/pdf/cover.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page2.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page3.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page4.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page5.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page6.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page7.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page8.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page9.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page10.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page11.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page12.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page13.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page14.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page15.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page16.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page17.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page18.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page19.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page20.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page21.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page22.ps)
    prun (p:/ps/page23.ps)

    % 1. Find all PostScript files in distiller.
    % 2. Make a copy of this file and give it the name you want to have as a prefix
    % for the rΘsultat file. For example, you can name this file MyBook.ps.
    % 3. Include a line for each PostScript file to run by using the syntax of path
    % appropriate for the Acrobat Distiller platform running.
    % Macintosh path syntax: prun (Macintosh HD:Folder:File.ps)
    % Windows path syntax: prun (c:/mydir/file.ps)
    % UNIX pathname syntax: (. / mydir/File.ps) prun
    % Note: the syntax for Windows may seem strange, but the double escapement of the
    % backslash is required to use filenameforall.
    % 4. Distill the file on the computer running Acrobat Distiller.

    Once the process is 'done' the following log file is generated.

    Acrobat Distiller 9.4
    Start: Monday, October 18, 2010 at 13:32:05

    Adobe PostScript software version: 3018.101

    Start time: Monday, October 18, 2010 at 13:32:06
    Source: publicationtest.ps
    Destination: C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\usfdtest.pdf
    Adobe PDF settings: C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe PDF\Settings\High quality Print.joboptions
    Distill time: 00 hour (s): 00 minute (s): 00.390 second (s)
    End of job *.

    Is there something obvious that shouts, "you're a fool!"? I agree with that, simply to repair.

    I thank in advance for any help you can provide.


    Run the Acrobat Distiller with the /F. command-line option

  • REC 709 color is different in After Effects and Premiere Pro

    Can someone explain to me why the same piece of video shooting Rec 709 color looks differently in Premiere Pro and After Effect?

    The left image is After Effects with workspace of the project set to HDTV (Rec. 709) color setting.

    The right image is the same piece of footage come falling into a sequence in Premiere Pro.

    Why the color look completely different? Am I missing a setting in After Effects?

    Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.23.49 AM.png

    Hi Aubrie,

    Have you tried to open the item in the source monitor in Premiere Pro where you get an extra tab in options to effect called "Master * clip_name.mov' where you will see a LUT Lumetri that can be disabled or removed?


  • Cannot import and export MPEG2 files in After Effects and Premiere Pro.

    I don't know when, but a few days ago my Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects do not recognize the MPEG2 files.

    When I try to open a Premiere Pro with a MPEG2 file in it: "this project contained a sequence that could not be opened. There be no preview sequence preset or codec file associated with this type of sequence.

    FAQ: Why some codecs and sequence presets missing my Premiere Pro installation?

  • What is the difference between After Effects and Premiere Pro?

    (note; Cross posted in other forums there)

    Okay, that's the substance of my question, now for clarification and the reasons behind it.

    Imagine for a moment that there is a person who has heard of all these amazing products and wants to work with them to possibly change careers. Now imagine that person is a noob and has only a little creativity, a pinch of imagination and absolutely no experience whatsoever in what anyone who resembles a professional graphic arts, media, career, etc. with the exception of a few dabbling autour with paintings in oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic and sometimes charcoal.

    Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your persepctive I work on computers, these basics are covered. So now you understand my absolute lack of knowledge.

    I was check and finally purchased Production Premium thinking I am able to express something in Flash. The problem I have is (other than an obsolete computer) what is the real difference between the two programs, I asked? It seems some overlap in their functions. Sort of a different route to accomplish the same thing. I read the text of presentation on the Web site and the two sound very similar to my ears without instruction (eyes? alert mixed simile).

    If someone could kindly explain the reasons for using either of the two products and what they can do differently to me I would be very happy. I bought CS5.5 Production Premium and currently have loaded on my laptop before installing Windows 64-bit on the desktop (both at 32 bits at the moment) so I currently have the trial on the laptop. I understand the difference between Illustrator and photoshop, but these two are confounding. I also understand the differences between After Effects/Premier Pro 32-bit and 64-bit seems to be the spiffy Mercury playback engine. (a quick thank you to Adobe for versions 32 bit CS4 for these programs for the luddites such as I have, including!).

    I'm waiting for your wisdom.

    Premiere Pro is a video editing solution.

    After Effects is a video compositing solution.



  • After effects and Premiere Pro CS5?

    Hi guys,.

    I'm quite new, I've only done a videoproject and it was in Premiere Pro CS4. Now, I have a new machine and have the two first Pro CS5 and Adobe After Effects. I started to learn the AE in some videos and it's quite impressive what you can do.  So I hope that I can use AE to improve my videos.

    My question is, will I do the project in PPCS5 and then connect to EI to make special effects on clips or I'll do the whole project in After Effects?

    If I choose to AE for the project, I'll miss certain features of Premiere Pro?

    Thanks in advance!


    It depends on what you do in your project. I did pieces that have been entirely graphic animated started in AE, then went to the first. However, if you do a science fiction film, you should start first then go to AE.

    I very rarely would export a clip of first use in AE. There are ways much, much easier to work with Premiere and AE. You can use dynamic links, which some people like. You can also import a project into AE and it comes as a composition with all your video files as layers cut and everything. Here is a page with more information.

    As someone new to AE, I highly recommend you , start here.

  • Problems with the Audio after export in Premiere Pro CS3

    I am currently working with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and after that I have export my project to an AVI or MPEG (does not seem to matter), you can hear the buzz stirred in the background during the entire video.

    The audio sounds absolutely perfect everything while listening to him itself, it is only after I export it.  This is the first time it happened, I've never had these problems before.

    I tried to turn off multiplexing, I tried MPEG2 vs DVD in multiplexing with no difference.  I tried MPEG vs PCM as audio format, I tried different frequency, different bitrates, constant or Variable and nothing seems to work.  More funny, if I export as a part of the video, the audio seems fine.  It is only if I export the entire video I have that noise of snoring, restless in the background.  I thought that maybe it is just a file in the project which is the cause, but no matter what part of the video I export, it sounds good... I don't understand.

    I have attached an example of my problem in this post... anyone got any ideas?

    To Render & replace, select an Audio Clip and choose (Toolbar) Clip > Audio Options > Render and replace. A new Audio Clip will be created and will replace the Audio Clip selected in the timeline panel.

    Now, there's these Audio Clips of multiplex Audio & video, files or separate the Audio Clips?

    Good luck


  • Graphic is AMD Radeon R5 330 card sufficient for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, and Premiere Pro (all CC)?


    The question is in the title. Specifically, I want to get this desktop PC which has the above charts.

    HP Pavilion Desktop 550-179na - exclusive offers white | PC World

    Please let me know!

    Thank you

    As far as I know, NVidia is always better for Premiere Pro

    creation http://blogs.adobe.com/premiereprotraining/2011/02/CUDA-Mercury-playback-Engine-and-Adobe--pro.html

  • Adobe CS6, Windows 7 64-bit, After Effects and Premiere Pro, new NVIDIA, Adobe approved, K4000 video card won't provide any GPU or CUDA.  My old NVIDIA FX 3800 was working

    I got a NVIDIA FX 3800 in my machine and today I installed a new improved NVIDIA K4000 card.  The K4000 is an Adobe approved card.  Affect when I go into Preferences, previews, I get the following: "GPU device driver or view not available-incompatible". In Premiere Pro, I get this message when opening;  "This project last used with Mercury Playback Engine GPU (CUDA) which is not available on this system accleceration."  Software playback engine only Mercury will be used. »

    I downloaded the latest drivers from NVIDIA and called several times and they have no solution.  I was not able to find a solution on the Adobe Web site.

    My next step will be to uninstall the K4000 and substituting my FX3800 old and slow.

    Your GPU isn't on the list of those who provide CUDA features for CS6 application versions.

  • Advice needed - graphics card for After Effects and Premiere Pro

    Hi all

    I did research of PC in the hope of making an investment in the most powerful PC, I can afford without breaking, and I need some advice.  According to my research online, it would seem that the best configuration for video editing would include an Intel i7 processor and an nVidia GeForce GTX 590 graphics card.

    The problem is that each computer I see who has this combo is significantly more expensive than other computers that have an Intel i7 and GeForce GTX 570.  The best bang for my money, I found was HP - he had an Intel i7 processor but only use a GeForce GTX 550 graphics card.

    You all have my question is this: how much difference do these graphics cards in terms of actual speed and reduce the working time & time in After Effects and first Pro CS5/CS5.5 rendering?  Is - what value the extra $300 - $400 to get the GTX 590?  Or who would only drop a tiny minutes rendering time / performance of the software?  In addition, could get away with high speeds and times of rendering with a GTX 550?

    To give you an idea of what I use this software for: I'm working on wedding HD DSLR video, sometimes with several layers of courses on the effects and transitions; I'll work on videos ranging from a few minutes in length of more than 45 minutes in length.

    I appreciate any input anyone has.  Thank you in advance and Kindest regards!


    Beware of HP systems. In general, they are unperpowered from a perspective of power supply, they use custom PSU which can not be exchanged for something else that HP, they use custom for the power supply dimensions, so it is impossible to replace one yourself and they are anything but attractive from a perspective of RE-ENGINEERING. They are very hard to overclock or not at all and are nothing more than mediocre artists or performers.

    Specifications you gave shows that he is a misconfigured system. An i7-2600 system should have 8 or 16 GB of memory, not 12 GB. It must use the 4 DIMM connectors, not 3. The power supply is low in power for this video card. Primary drive is too much for OS & programs and a complete waste of space. On a well-tuned system 150 GB is more than enough. 2 TB is not appropriate. You miss the 3rd and 4th hard drive, you will really enjoy for the performance.

    In short, these specs look like a waste of money.

Maybe you are looking for