1 red appearing in the photos after upgrade to sierra

Since I upgraded to Sierra there is a red "1" which appeared on the icon in the dock for Photos. Looks like just the numbers indicating how many E-mail messages I... Want to know if it means something, and if so, who, for what?

This means that new photos or comments have been added to a shared album - view the picture or the comment to remove the notification or in the system of preferences turn off notifications for Photos


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    Installed at Sierra 10.12 4 days ago on my 2010 IMac running Lion 10.7.5 did not a specific backup on the hard disk running on time machine assumes that the last backup should be sufficient.

    1 problem is that my 15 000 pictures present date instead of filing in the events as they have always been.

    2 mail seems lost several mailboxes that I had installed in the margin to quickly drag and drop INFO and interesting technical questions.

    3. I have a stream of photos don't drop-down after a few days, which will not go away it just keep reappears not no this that I still need it for.

    4 never used the cloud but considering buying iPad and dumping of my old Apple laptop not likely with the capacity of 128 GB.

    A year ago, Apple went from iPhoto to the new Photos app. If you have questions Photos I would re-post in this forum. Can be found the link to it by clicking on the Photos for Mac

    About your mail, try to rebuild your mailboxes and if this does not work, you may have to re-create the mailbox store that you had previously.

    On the planned purchase of an iPad, you have a question or was it just a comment?

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    My iPad appears fine with an option to import the 'new' photos and then delete them once they are imported. However my iPhone appears not at all on the pictures. Although most is already imported via the cloud, some are not, but more importantly, I would remove at least half of 30 000 photos that are taking place on my phone and a "clear items after button import" would be nice right now! I tried to turn off photo stream on my phone, but it still does not appear in the application.

    What can I do?

    Thank you!

    If you use iCloud photo library you cannot delete pictures after the import (or) - deletions on any device will be on all devices - if storage is a question about a device set to use optimized photos


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    Flashlight is the control center? I swear that I saw on one of these demo phones in an Apple store.

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    When I opened the Photos app and then connect the iPhone, iPhone sounds and does not appear in the Photos.  How to solve this problem?  Thank you.  9.3.5 of iOS and Mac OS 10.11.6 on MacBookPro.  Thank you.

    Consult this guide to see if it helps.

    Photos - Support official Apple

  • Purchase extension does not appear in the Photos pane in system preferences

    I bought a Photo of affinity on the App Store.  When I look in system Pref / Extensions nothing appears in the Photo.  The extension is installed.  How can I activate, while when I photograph, I can use and see affinity in the 'More' command dropdown in the Extensions?

    Try again by restarting and check to affinity in the Extensions of the Edit mode.

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    Always remove files with the characteristics of the cameras after you log out of your computer,

    Whereas when you confirm them files were imported successfully.

    This free tool needs to restore the files on the camera,


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    When I press the left mouse on an image without a grid appears in the photo. I can't change anything without a grid.

    Choose the crop with these settings tool in the Options bar, and the left click will work for you

  • Problem with the mapping of the keyboard after upgrading to Fusion 7


    I noticed that the keyboard layout has changed in the comments after the upgrade to VMware Fusion version 6 to version 7, even if nothing has changed in the settings "Region and language" in comments Windows 7.  Keys that have changed are "------' with ' < ' and ' | ' with ' > ' everything is OK. The keyboard is configured in Italian

    All the world has noticed the same problem?

    Have you solved?

    Thanks in advance.

    The problem has been resolved by the technical support of vmware with a workaround. They know that the question on the keys is interchangeable in the VM after upgrade to Fusion 7.

    Their development team is currently working on this issue on the priority. This will be fixed in the next update.

    However, they have a work around for the problem of keyboard. Following the instructions below to map the key manually in VMware Fusion.

    : Note make a note of the interchangeable keys in Windows before you enable the mapping of the keys.

    1. click on VMware Fusion-> preferences-> keyboard & mouse-> mappings of keys

    2. make sure that 'Enable key mappings' is enabled

    3. click on '+' sign at the bottom

    4. press the key that you want to send from the text box Mac keyboard

    5. press the key you want to receive on the VM in text box

    Note: You can also use the combination of change, control, Option, command if necessary.

  • A plugin uninstalled will still appear on the Photo &gt; edit in &gt; menu.

    A plugin uninstalled will still appear on the Photo > edit in > menu.  I did a search of file name and the files of the plugin went as expected.  How to remove my menu?

    In Preferences > external editing > additional External Editor, in the drop down preset, select the plugin.  Again click the dropdown menu, then select Delete Preset.

  • How can I reinstall the CS6 after upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 10?

    How can I reinstall the CS6 after upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 10?


    You can download the Photoshop CS 6 from the below mentioned link.

    Download Creative Suite 6 applications

    Thank you

  • horizontal lines appear in the photos when printing

    I'm having a problem with printing photos in an indesign document.  When photos, jpeg files, are placed in the document and printed, there are small black lines that travelled horizontally through photos to a half inch.  These lines run through only the photos, not the rest of the document, and they do not appear when the photos are printed separated, and not in an indesign document.  This may be the cause?  Is there a guide that I accidentally put under tension which might be the cause?

    Thanks for any help on this matter.

    What version of InDesign and operating system? InDesign is fully patched?

    Your printer has a dragt mode and it stops in the driver?

  • App store, Safari and iTunes does not connect to the Internet after installing macOS Sierra

    App store, Safari and iTunes does not connect to the Internet after installing macOS Sierra

    After upgrade 'OS X El Capitan' to "macOS Sierra" window only empty "App store" and page "Safari" made its appearance, no error message shows. store "iTunes" and "Dictionary" does not connect too.

    But Google chrome works well.

    So have you tried the next steps in your original post that Safari does not work after installing macOS Sierra:

    (1) x OS: "Unable to connect" or "unable to connect to the App Store. An internet connection is required"- Apple Support

    2) Advanced the steps to correct the problems with the iTunes Store - Apple Support connection

  • Photostream not working after upgrade to Sierra

    I noticed after upgrading to Sierra, that my photo stream on the Macbook no longer works.

    When I connect to www.icloud.com I see that there are new photos downloaded from my iPhone to the iCloud, but not to my Macbook, no news pictures showed in Photos on my Mac. I tried login/out my iCloud on the Macbook and the iPhone account, but nothing has changed.

    Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

    Start by providing details

    What are your parameters to iCloud every IOS device on your Mac and if you use iCloud library what his status on each device

    Your message is confusing - you cannot see or access MyPhotoStream on the icloud.com - on iCloud.com/Photos see you iCloud photo library photos only - and if a device has not finished to upload to ICPL it downloads pictures

    So to help, we need to know what services you are using and what their status is


  • Projector does not work after upgrade from Sierra

    My projector does not work after upgrade to Sierra. Or search in Outlook (I use outlook for Mac due to having MS 365 for labour) or the search function in the finder. I use this all the time and need this feature back. I tried to reindex spotlight and nothing. Anyone has any ideas.

    Try to rebuild Spotlight rebuild the Spotlight to your Mac - Apple Support index

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