Access to MY Backup and Recovery Drive in Tecra A3-S611

Hey you:

I lost my recovery CD and the XP operating system.
I still have my recovery HARD drive disk in my hard drive but I can't make a CD.
How can I access my HDDRecovery and make a CD with it?

I appreciate your quick response.
Thank you



First I put t understand how can someone lose the two CD WinXP CD s and recovery.
However, could you please explain what do you mean with HARD drive recovery disk?
Have you created an image and place on the HARD drive or what?

Generally if you have created an image file with a 3rd application you will need this program to install the image.

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  • Help for the preparation of an emergency on a drive disk external drive via., Dell backup and recovery (DBR) - Basic Version

    I have a laptop Dell Inspiron

    IAM intend to make a rescue disk via., Dell backup and recovery (DBR) - Basic Version

    Now, it says WRT below external link that this process will create two partitions on the hard drive.

    (Wipe all prior content of course.)

    DBR_BOOT (25 MB used out of 500 MB on a FAT32 style MBR partition)

    DBR_MASTER (9.7 GB used off GB 921 on a style of MBR of NTFS partition);


    Now, my question is will I be able to save my other files on the external hard drive that I use for the above process?

    (as the above process creates two partitions of 921 GB & 500 MB)

    IAM intend to save a system image from my computer on this disc well also, I have a few 250 GB of personal & video files

    (Iam that will buy a drive hard 500 GB to make the above process...)

    H ipkmishra86,

    You will need to copy your other files on the hard disk before the distribution, you will lose it. When you have completed the process you can put back them on here.

  • "Dell Backup and Recovery" asking the upgrade with the inspiron 15 model


    I'm new to this forum and also started to use the Dell laptop. I bought Dell Inspiron 15 (model 3521) 01-Jan-2014. I am trying to take backup of my laptop on a DVD. When I clicked on 'Backup and restore of Dell' app in app Manager. I try to click on backup system option 'Dell backup and recovery' section, its upgrade premium or enter key. Its not that allows to create backup DVDs.

    What may be the issue? Because when I bought it, seller said that his original one.

    It's part a scam from Dell.  I've got 5 Dell portable computers/computers / tables all have this software on it with a VERY limited useage then weekly or if I get a pop window op offering the upgrade at a special price which, in the end, is the same price as if you would have just bought or 'improved' (like Dell likes to call it) the program to a regular price which IS : 39.99.

    What I hate about businesses, in particular, the one that I spend a lot of money with it, is when they think they can put a quick access on me or in my case 5 times that I have 5 of these upgrade special offer windows popping up each week.

    You're better off getting programs like Goodsync which will back up your computer or synchronize your files on an external hard drive, and that you can use on all of your computers for only $29.99.  I use it on my servers and my offices.

    Otherwise good luck with Dell and their implementation to special day called 'offer' that is the price of retail, after all.  NOT COOL DELL ALL!

  • Dell backup and recovery file storage location

    I am trying to locate where a backup of files of initial data with the help of Dell Backup and Recovery on my new Windows 7 laptop (Jan 2015), stored backup files.  I failed to provide parameters to use an external hard drive for backup.  I want to clean up backup files it does I can start using an external hard drive as storage location.  I looked everywhere, both on my laptop and Google search to find the location.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I know that it is a bit a necro but since it is unanswered.

    You can determine where the Dell Backup and Recovery Software stored your files by default when opening the software and start to run another backup. (Note: when you run the software again you may see the option to run another backup from the home screen.) In this case click on the drop-down menu almost invisible in the title bar (blue arrow), then select "Backup" (red arrow) in the menu.)

    On the screen "Data Backup", check the "local".

    'Creating data backup' screen will display a box titled "Browse...". "under the title"Where. "

    At the bottom of this box, you should see the path where Dell Backup and Recovery saved your backup.

    For me, the default location is "C:\users\CURRENT_USER\Documents". (CURRENT_USER is your user name).

    If you navigate to this location in Windows Explorer, you should see a folder named "Profile1". Here's my Dell backup files are stored by default.

    If for any reason you do not see a folder named "Profile1" I open the files in the default location and search for files with the .inp file extension. What are your backup files.

    BTW, for anyone reading the FAQ is NOT DELL-Jesse L linked to you to note what the FAQ for Dell backup and recovery that is currently in use. This is the FAQ for their former Dell DataSafe Local Backup 2.0 software which they no longer use. If you read that FAQ you can noticed the question and the answer below:

    How can I move backups of the system to another location for storage?

    Backup system can be moved to another storage location if you wish. Simply open Dell DataSafe and edit the backup for backups of your system profile. When you select the location, select the location where you want that all backups of the system to create. The application will automatically move all backups of your system to this new location.

    I just tested this in the current version of Dell backup and restore (version, and he did NOT move my old files from backup to the new location, he created a new copy from the backup, so you should delete old copies manually.

    I hope this helps someone.

  • HP Backup and Recovery Manager__

    I have a problem where the recovery of the system no longer works, even if it's the last backup date, it comes to the solution which windows has provided:

    A problem with HP Backup and Recovery Manager

    Backup and HP Recovery Manager has stopped working properly.

    An update is available that solves this problem.

    Click here to download the update from the site Web of Hewlett-Packard Company

    Download instructions

    1. In the file download dialog box, click run orOpen. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    2. Follow the steps in the installation wizard.

      The problem still cannot be resolved because nothing happens when I click on the link if no update, no solution.

      Any ideas please.

    Contact HP options at the link above.

    HP's Support Forums at the link above.

    Contact HP about this problem with their software/program.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Upgrade to Premium from Dell backup and recovery Message editing

    Laptop continuously receives the message below after upgrade to Windows 10. The user chooses "Remind me" to each connection, however the message still reappears. Other problems such as departure changed to the top and responsiveness of the system are made.

    Is it possible to stop the notification?

    Upgrade of the operating system Windows 10

    We see that you have upgraded to Windows. You can only recover your device to the old version of Windows. If you want to save or retrieve your current version of Windows and all of your data, please upgrade to the Premium Edition of Dell for backup and recovery, create a backup of the system and take advantage of the new features that offers Premium.

    Please choose one of the following options:

    Show me the benefits of the Premium edition
    Don't remind me

    The message stop appearing.

  • where are my data after the use of Dell backup and recovery

    Three check marks displayed on a Dell backup and recovery, which, I suppose, finishing meant that my backup was successful (using Windows on a Dell Inspiron 8.1).  Where my data is sent to after the use of Dell backup and recovery?

    Click on the 02:22 mark of the video.

  • DBRCrawler belongs to the directory Dell backup and recovery?

    Today I noticed in my task manager, a process called DBRCrawler and when I open the file location was in C:\Program Files (x 86) \Dell backup and Recovery\Components\Shell.

    Is this normal or should I someone spying on my computer?

    Hi all

    I'm the senior engineer Qualtiy for Dell backup and restore.  DBRCrawler is a key component of Dell backup and restore.  Its function is to ensure that the use of various application databases are synchronized between them.

    It is the name of the file that triggered your concern?

    Thank you very much

  • Prices for Dell backup and recovery, Basic and Premium

    How much is the Dell Backup and Recovery Service since Dell Data Safe is abandoned in June 2015.  Thank you very much.

    Hey Rock Cairin.

    I could not find price on any of the Dell documents on cloud storage (which is distinct from the premium), but the Premium service is $ 39.99

    I hope this helps!

  • Error occurred in making the disc of recovery with Dell backup and recovery

    Mr President.

    When I was doing a System recovery DVD with Dell backup and recovery when all steps were completed and finally when he was checking the disc a dialog box appears showing "AN ERROR has OCCURRED". How to get rid of this error?

    Please answer fast. Any suggestions will be appreciated

    Thank you

    Hey Himanshu Teli,

    Please provide the model of your operating system and Dell. I would also recommend that you try a flash instead of a DVD disc.

  • Manager backup and recovery in Windows 8

    I tried to create recovery disks in the Backup and Recovery Manager.  The software would only make the first disk and then hang up.  All the other empty disks inserted appear as complete. I'm trying to burn DVD + R discs.  The backup application was updated to the latest version.

    Contacted Dell technical support.  Initially, the representative did not know what Backup and Recovery Manager is or did until I showed it to him on a remote connection.  He claims that it is a Microsoft problem, even if it is the Dell software.  Representative said that since Microsoft has no burning software disk in Windows 8, the Recovery Manager will be properly burn discs. (I could do the backup on a USB key).

    Microsoft contacted; they began to laugh because he comes to Dell software, but helped me to look at it any way.  After 2 hours of watching the software does not work, the rep told me to call Dell again.  He said that I need to download and reinstall the software.

    Of course, software release not correctly the player after that burned the first disc and shows then all the following discs as being full.  When the second disc is inserted, it is read as not having not any space and then is ejected.

    I could not complete the backup process by using a recorder external panasonic. So it seems there is nothing wrong with the software and may be a hardware problem.

  • Backup and recovery strategy?


    Asked me to provide/formulate the strategy of backup and restoration for the new env Oracle under construction. Currently, all this is done by 3rd party and they do not share nothing with me :-) Customer will take the place of servers in the near future.

    Here is some info from the environment:

    Env: There are four production databases. All are 10 gr 2 ( on RHE Linux 5.8. All transactions on databases are through various batch and then the data is used by some applications/search engines.

    Current backup info: There is an incremental backup of level 1 made on daily basis and a level 0 is made every week. In addition, the archivelogs are backed up every hour. After each successful level 1 backup the archivelog saved that day there are deleted. I guess that is the case with level 0 backups. Retention is 30 days.

    New env: I learned that backups will NOT go to bands. On the contrary, they will be stored on the disk. So I guess that no special backup software (netbackup, comvault, etc.) will only be used. I tried, but no one confirms this hypothesis.

    I believe that above approach can be reused. But if I am preparing a 'Backup and Recovery Strategy document' with this detail, it will be a one page document. I don't know if this is enough information to go in this document.

    Please advise what must be regarded, sought and documented.

    Best regards

    Current backup info: There is an incremental backup of level 1 made on daily basis and a level 0 is made every week. In addition, the archivelogs are backed up every hour. After each successful level 1 backup the archivelog saved that day there are deleted. I guess that is the case with level 0 backups. Retention is 30 days.

    I believe that above approach can be reused.

    And I also, since which is, more or less, what I do with my databases (TENs). The only difference is that the archivelogs are deleted immediately after the backup.

    If I am preparing a 'Backup and Recovery Strategy document' with this detail, it will be a one page document. I don't know if this is enough information to go in this document.

    Well, I don't know what your manager, but it is the substance...

  • backup and recovery

    can anyone temme wat is geomirroring or suggest me a link on geomirroring


    1. Please use official English
    2. Please mention the version of your operating system and the db.
    3. Please elaborate on your question.

    I suggest to see:
    Backup and recovery scenarios [ID 94114.1]
    Score master for Oracle backup and restore [ID 1199803.1]
    Top 10 backup and restore best practices. [388422.1 ID]

    PS: Please don't forget to change the status thread answer whether it is possible when believe you your thread replied, he pretend to wasting time in other forums users while they are looking outstanding which is not answered, thank you for understanding

    Respect of

  • Essbase data backup and recovery


    We have a process in place for the App backup folder... I saw a process where data recovery is made by just the files ind and pag... and the restructuring of the DB... it is a good practice for the data backup and recovery...

    Assuming that the pag and index files are in the same location that the db files then, stop the application, restore the files, start up, up to you if you want to restructure as if you have restored all the files, it will be in the same State when the backup was performed.

    See you soon


  • Backup and recovery with EXPDP and IMPDP


    I have a problem of beginner!

    My environment is &

    I wish
    to backup a small database with EXPDP (FULL=Y)
    and to recover it with IMPDP(FULL=Y). ( *I don't want to use RMAN in this case*)
    My question:
    + what have I more to backup ( e.g. Passwordfile, control files, init.ora..) to be able to recover  
      successfully with IMPDP?
    + what are the steps to recover with IMPDP?
    I tried looking for a Howto in INTERNET, but in vain so far!

    Can any expert answer me? or show me a place to get a good HOWTO?

    Thanks and greetings


    So that's a little different situation from the initial, general issue.

    This situation Yes, create a new instance when the user that contains the data catalog rman since your last export import. The rman catalog is usually low volume enough this import will have no problem (we will assume that the export has not held while all backups rman-ducts were running).

    We know that your environment already relies on rman, since it is the rman catalog you save, you must familiarize yourself with rman still. Set up rman backup and restore for your sounds of database catalog rman as the perfect learning exercise that you improve on the procedures of your predecessor.

    Backup and recovery quick start for 10.2 Guide:

    Backup and Guide recovery for 11.2:
    A section of this guide to a direct interest (protection Recovery Catalog):

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