Acer Aspire g e5 - 573. You can not install a distribution of Linux. The problem of BIOS 1.25.

Linux install no UEFI and LEGACY. If I understand correctly - not loading the kernel
Windows Installer in the UEFI and LEGACY
reason - BIOS 1.25. BIOS version 1.15, there is no problem.

How to get back on the BIOS 1.15?

Why users should suffer because of the mistakes of Acer?


Hi all

There is a new BIOS version 1.31 for Aspire E5-573 on the driver download page. Has anyone tried to install Linux after that the BIOS upgraded to this version?

Thank you.

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  • ΗP - 15-r124nv (ENERGY STAR): ΗP - 15 r124n - tune can not install a newer version of the Bios (sp72062)

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    I have a problem installing the BIOS via HP assistant. It starts to download the latest version of Bios (110 Ko..), and finally the HP Assistant fails to install the bios.

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    Welcome to the Community Forum of HP.


    Your computer Support pages:

    HP laptop - 15-r124nv (ENERGY STAR)


    Updated the BIOS

    It is the opinion of the Expert that you shouldn't depend on HP Support AWizard when it comes to BIOS updates.

    According to other factors in the system at the time when the HPSA trying to hit your system with an update of this type; the results could be... other than expected.

    You can set 'Notification' HPSA to prevent it from trying to update your BIOS.

    DON'T update the BIOS when you see an update in your Web page of the computer AND that this update can be used to provide a fix for a problem that you have discovered in your system.  In other words: If your computer is happy, do not update the BIOS just because you think it would be a good thing to do.

    If you decide to update your BIOS

    • Make sure that ALL backups are up-to-date and complete - this means that everything you need to restore the system in case something goes wrong.
    • Understand that even when you do everything exactly right, you can end up with a bricked computer, that is an expensive paper weight.
    • Make sure you have at least your critical data on some form of external backup.
    • Unplug the USB drives and other useless material.  Desktop keyboard and mouse can stay connected.
    • Always run power cable to update the BIOS, never on the laptop battery
    • Touch the system during the update is underway
    • Optional: Leave wireless ONbutton. You could turn off the router to ensure that there is no interruption.

    If you still get into trouble, see: restore the BIOS

    Click on the thumbs-up Kudos to say thank you!

    And... Click on accept as Solution when my answer provides a fix or a workaround!

    I am happy to provide assistance on behalf of HP. I do not work for HP.

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    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • I can not install 2680317. I get the error code 80070641, not 646. I tried Microsoft fixit and still no installation. Any ideas out there?

    I can't install the update to windows KB2680317 update for Microsoft Works 9.  I get the error code 80070641, not 646.  I tried Microsoft fixit and still no installation.  Any ideas out there?


    I would suggest trying the following methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1:

    Put the computer in a clean boot state, and then try to install the updates and check if it works.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a boot in Windows Vista or Windows 7:

    Note: once you have completed troubleshooting, try the procedure described in step 7 to reset the computer to start as usual.

    Method 2:

    Try the steps in the Microsoft article and check below if the problem persists.

    The problems with the installation of the updates:

    Method 3:

    Try to download updates from the Microsoft Downloads Web site and check.

    And also to try the steps in the following Microsoft article.

    Hope the information is useful.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Can not install Desktop Manager due to the DEP.

    BlackBerry users good day.

    I just of me a BlackBerry Storm 1 and I would like to install the Desktop Manager.

    I downloaded the installation from the website and tried to install it.

    At the beginning it goes well, that I start, select my country... but then...

    ... When I chose my country and I click then the installation hangs and I get the DEP error.

    I looked around these forums, but I am not getting any help.

    Could someone help me please?

    I'm pretty annoyed by this error.

    I hope to have a useful answer.

    Kind regards

    Jurrien van Rooij.

    Unfortunately not, as with most of the facilities of software, information must be written in some parts of the computer, such as the registry, and you can just use a USB flash drive to run your applications.

    This error is a Microsoft Windows error occurs when Windows detects code that is run from a protected location  At this point, Microsoft is your best bet for support as it is not an error of BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

    Thank you

  • Can not install a creative cloud on the new iMac/Yosemite

    The new iMac has arrived. I used Apple's Migration tools move above all. None of my CC apps will run. I get the pop-up "Adobe Creative Cloud is necessary to solve this problem. However, it is missing or damaged. Please download and install a new copy of the creative cloud of http://www, "When I do and run the Setup program, this message appears. Circular.

    I looked in the forums. Could it have something to do that I have installed Java JRE 8 on this machine?

    In any case, how can I install CC on this new machine so I can run the CC apps?

    I finally got it. I had to do a de-install FULL of CC. It is not documented, so here is the log from my chat with Adobe Support. It worked!

    Nathalie: We appreciate your patience and regret the inconvenience because of the high waiting time.

    dkaye: Hey, Midhub!

    dkaye: Théophile!

    Nathalie: You will allow me a moment while I look into your account and check the details.

    Thomas: I understand that you are facing a problem white screen for the creative cloud desktop application, is that correct?

    dkaye: Correct.

    Thomas: Thank you for confirming the issue.

    dkaye: non-empty screen. Wiondow empty in the application of the CC.

    Laurence: I'll be happy to check and help you with this.

    Laurent: I see that we have to do some troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue now.

    dkaye: ok

    Berbachi: On Mac, go to Finder > go > go to folder, and then type ~ / library, press ENTER.

    dkaye: ok

    Theophilus: Please navigate to: Application Support > Adobe.

    dkaye: ok

    Theophilus: Locate the folders below and delete them if they exist:

    Theophilus: 1. OOBE.

    Theophilus: 2 AAMUpdater.

    Theophilus: 3 AdobeApplicationManager.

    dkaye: deleted 1 & 2. #3 not there.

    Theophilus: Now click on the Finder once more then on go > go to folder. This time please type/library press ENTER.

    dkaye: ok

    Theophilus: Access: Application Support > Adobe.

    dkaye: ok

    Theophilus: Locate the folders below and delete them if they exist:

    Theophilus: 1. OOBE.

    Theophilus: 2 AAMUpdater.

    Theophilus: 3 AdobeApplicationManager.

    dkaye: ok

    Theophilus: Click on Go > utilities.

    Theophilus: Locate the folders below and delete them if they exist:

    Theophilus: 1. Adobe Creative Cloud.

    Theophilus: 2 Adobe Application Manager.

    dkaye: go > utilities does not work.

    dkaye: do you mean Applications/Utilities?

    Nathalie: Yes, you are right.

    dkaye: ok

    Nathalie: You have the cleaning tool on your machine?

    dkaye: Yes. should I run it again?

    Theophilus: Check the option "All" at the top of the menu drop down and do the following:

    Theophilus: Select desktop application creative Cloud, then 'selected cleanup.

    Berbachi: Select Adobe application manager for Mac OS X 10.6 and select "selected cleanup.

    dkaye: Creative Cloud did not appear.

    dkaye: ok cleaned Application Manager.

    Thomas: Did you tick the option 'all '. ?

    dkaye: the list is empty.

    dkaye: Yes, all.

    Theophilus: Okay.

    Theophilus: Close the cleaning tool.

    Theophilus: Download the latest version of office of creative cloud with link below:

    dkaye: ok

    Theophilus: Click here.

    dkaye: ok. ready to run.

    Theophilus: Please download and install it.

    dkaye: download...

    Theophilus: Okay.

    dkaye: Ha! Now, I get the login screen. Much better! I'll connect.

    Theophilus: Please let me know.

    dkaye: Hooray! Successful login and I see all the applications. It looks like I can download/install them now, correct?

    Theophilus: Excellent!

    Nathalie: Yes, you are right.

    Theophilus: Is there anything else I can help you?

    dkaye: Ok, so we're all done. Thanks a lot for your help!

    Nathalie: You are welcome, and I am pleased to help you today.

    Nathalie: You receive an email that will contain a link to complete a survey in option to provide your comments on the experience of the support. Your comments are much appreciated.

    Laurence: Please contact Adobe. Good bye.

  • I have i-cloud on my i-phone and i - pad, and yet I can not on my laptop, what's the problem?

    I guess I'm stupid.  I just downloaded cloud I have on my Windows 7 laptop, but when I go and watch devices it only shows my I-phone and I - pad.  Just trying to access my e-mail address - on on my laptop.  My Hotmail.account has an account my email, import, but they don't show up so I thought that I could access it through I have cloud and nothing works.  What I am doing wrong?

    Hi jfulcher43

    You can get your iCloud email by logging from a web browser on your computer with your Apple ID & password

  • Error "Windows cannot access the specified device, file, or path. You can not have appropriate permission to access the item.


    I have already read many answer to this problem here, but unfortunately none of this applies to me. I have a Windows XP and for some time I've always started some message when starting my laptop on rundll32.exe on my desk. I checked and I have this file in my system folder. Since this morning, I became suddenly unable to use any application like Skype, messenger other messengers etc. I can't even run my AVG scan for viruses and not can't open most of the programs in the control panel including Security tab / does anyone have an idea how can I get rid of this virus, or at least turn back my applications, I can use?

    Hi Platamon1980,
    -Remember to make changes to your computer after that this problem started to happen?
    First, try the steps listed in the following article to fix rundll error message:
    This problem occurs because of a missing or corrupted Rundll32.exe file.
    Check if this solves other problems also.
    Keep me updated on the status of the issue.
  • 64-bit deluxe ATM actually works, you can not install

    I actually could not believe. Is Adobe really that lazy that they can't just repackage the installer so it will work on a 64-bit version of windows? Well, it seems that Yes.

    I went to my co-workers computer, which has the same version of the software than me and just copied all his computer to the (x 86) folder folder program files.

    When I tried to run, the software gave me an error that there is no database in windows, but it let me create a. Everything worked well.
    I added our company font scheme, and that they work correctly in Photoshop and Illustrator. I does not check AE, still Prime Minister, but I guess that those are fine as well.

    It looks like all you have to do is install on another computer 32-bit, and just copy the files. Someone should test on Vista too. I heard that it does not work under Vista? Sure, just that if you install elsewhere just to copy in the licensed version, uninstall you on this computer when you have finished copying.

    I hope that Adobe will get their act together and start doing these things compatible with an operating system that they claim to be obsolete. 80,000 people run our company and it seems that anyone using Photoshop will be for XP64 conversion over the next 9 months. Hmm, obsolete? I think that they do not realize that large companies do not use the latest software, not their software is really only compatible with Vista either. Laughing out loud

    Hopefully this post has helped some of you guys. I'm still laughing inside that something so simple worked.

    To understand why ATM is no longer supported, you must understand the history of the product and of its initial objective, which dates back to 1989 and the Font wars between Adobe on one side, with its technology of Type 1 fonts of PostScript and a coalition of Apple and Microsoft on the other side with their technology developed by Apple, but generously "borrowed" from the Imagen TrueType fonts a printer laser since the 1980s.

    The first version of ATM for Macintosh was released in December 1989 strictly to allow host-based copies of the Type 1 fonts to be made "on-the-fly" of the screen rather than the user having to install versions of these fonts of bitmap to listening to a resolution size and point special screen. The Windows version followed in a year or two. Indeed, blunt ATM an attempt by Apple and Microsoft to put Adobe out of business by locking the fonts Type 1 out of office. ATM allowed the fully scalable technologies of Type 1 use on Macintosh and Windows before TrueType was actually available for Macintosh or Windows. This unholy alliance of Apple and Microsoft have also pushed a clone made by Microsoft to PostScript, image, licensed Cal Bauer (this is a separate story but it goes without saying, that CloneScript was really poor and did not quickly; Apple came running back to Adobe for Adobe PostScript to their new LaserWriters without ever actually releasing a product based on Microsoft's image).

    Subsequently, Adobe released its variant Multiple Master Type 1 fonts, which provided the ability to vary the weight, width and other aspects of fonts, generation custom "instance" of policies to better the needs of the designer. ATM has been used to control the building and installation of multiple Master instances.

    Over the years, two additional features have been added to the ATM. The most recent was taken in charge of OpenType CFF fonts (i.e., fonts OpenType with Type 1 outlines) and in the "Deluxe version" of the ATM, a very basic font manager.

    Over the years, i.e. by the time Windows 2000 and Mac OS X shipped, it original for ATM was gone, because now the beginning with these versions of the operating system, Type 1 and OpenType CFF font support is native in the operating system that is based on Apple and Microsoft code Adobe individually integrating the operating system. The only goal left for ATM under Windows 2000 and Windows XP was to support the creation and installation of instances of Multiple Master fonts. Given that Adobe has stopped developing new Multiple Master back in the 1990s fonts and arrested shortly after the licenses, the need to support several masters outside of Adobe applications themselves (who always supported existing Multiple master instances, either the primary case delivered with fonts or bodies established by the user) has declined to almost nothing.

    The only function left at the ATM has been managing policies, historically, the weakest aspect of ATM Deluxe.

    Adobe would then make a decision regarding the future of the ATM. The key was the capacity of relatively small fonts management of ATM Deluxe - she provided no automatic activation, was based on the code very old which was incompatible with new versions of the OS and was quite incompatible with Adobe applications, Adobe had measure the cost of development, marketing and support a management program policies of new generation advanced competitive with other products already on the market perform similar functions. In simple terms, the decision at the time was that saw the cost of developing, marketing and supporting a type of force new, industrial, (b) Manager given the current managers of police quality required that users were actually willing to pay for such software available from third parties who appear to meet the needs of the market, and (c) has reasonable , it wasn't worth Adobe make the necessary investments to create a 'new generation' ATM.

    Could that decision be revisited someday? Perhaps although it is unlikely that such a reassessment will give a different decision. But for now, Adobe Type Manager is a product that is no longer sold or supported.

    Can constrain you ATM Lite or ATM Deluxe to install on Windows Vista 32 bit? No doubt. It will work on Vista? Maybe though we've heard mixed reports and Adobe don't support you if you mess up your system, try to use it. 64-bit Windows (XP and Vista) is another story. The setup of the ATM is a 16-bit program that simply does not work on these 64-bit systems (same is true with old Adobe Universal PostScript Printer Driver Installer). Can the ATM code itself run - Andy Engelkemier claims it does, but don't count on it properly interfacing with Adobe Creative Suite applications properly or the multiple user environment. Because the other fairly competent font manager software is readily available at a reasonable cost, you must carefully assess the value of your time by continuing to run an ancient font manager, unsupported, low functionality without future compared to the migration to the products are still developed and supported by their developers.


  • I have a Logitech EyeToy USB Camera and that you can not install properly.


    Vista Windows

    No driver


    1 you get an error message during the installation of the EyeToy USB camera? If so,.

    2. What is the exact error message you get?

    Try to install drivers Logitech EyeToy USB Camera from the site of the factory and check if it helps:

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly ' t-work correctly

    Update drivers: recommended links

    I hope this helps.

  • I've been using Photoshop CS6 Student Edition on 2 laptops; updated Windows 8 to 10 Windows without disabling CS6 and installer says I already have 2 options and that you can not install

    I bought Photoshop CS6 Student Edition through B & H in 2014 for two users, which I used in my 2 laptops and yesterday I have one of my laptops upgraded Windows 8 to 10 Windows without disabling the Photoshop CS6 Student Edition on it. Now, when to start the download of the software again in the same portable computer the installer says, I used 2 options and impossible to install any other software. What should I do to install the software again?

    A Win10 update is SUPPOSED to maintain all existing software without having to reinstall... so exactly how did you install Win10?

    In any case, to have your adjusted number of activations you must communicate directly with Adobe

    Chat/phone: Mon - Fri 05:00-19:00 (US Pacific time) <===> NOTE DAYS AND TIME

    Don't forget to stay signed with your Adobe ID before accessing the link below

    Serial number and activation support (non - CC)

Maybe you are looking for