Add a new instance to the top of the next page

I created a dynamic form of the fluid (a daily report of workers to fill form), which is likely (based on user input) to span several pages. I added a button 'Add a new day' at the bottom of the form, which, as it says, add another day to the shape. However, I can't do the new instance in him to move to the next page, it's just created immediately after the previous instance.

I tried all the suggestions of other threads to help, but I still can't make it work. The form creates a blank page that I didn't need, or he continues to add the new instance just below the other.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



This is the script of the conditional jump. Try thi sapproach: * 2f7axX-JHCdLi * SH * pO2Q.


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    I tried to use dbca to create the second instance, but I read, help, that is not possible.

    There is no way to create the second instance in a single database? (No. - CARS, no. - ASM, just a normal database)

    Thanks in advance.

    Instance = process and memory
    Basis of data = all data files.

    For a database no CARS, there is a one-to-one mapping between the instance and database.

    If you don't want to use an existing database to store the new patterns, you need to create a new database.

  • Record of. PDF with repeatable subforms adds a new Instance.

    Hey everybody,

    I have worked with dynamic forms LiveCycle Desinger for a few years now, and this is the first time I see this kind of behavior.

    I have a very big form in LiveCycle Designer. There or 50 subform repeatable sections. I save the designer, and then open it in Adobe Acrobat X Pro. Acrobat Pro, whenever I have re-record it then re-open, a new instance is added to each subform repeatable.

    If I fill it, save it, and then reopen it, he has all my info, as well as a subfrom empty additional below each section.

    I have no formcalc in the presave, nor do I have any global fields in my form... In addition, each single repeatable subform named. I am at a loss.

    I have a sample of this pdf here. If you have a different file hosting site you prefer, do let me know.

    I'd appreciate any help anyone could offer. I don't know what is the cause.


    Hello again everyone,

    I found the answer to my problem. I had a devil of a time from Googling the problem, so I'll put some sentences that I tried below, where like-minded individuals has a similar problem.

    The main problem was with data binding. I had left the data binding for all as the default 'using the name (...) '. I was under the impression that as long as the sibling elements have been appointed to the same thing, there is a conflict. I was wrong.

    In my form, I used static subforms to organize the fields available in a dynamic repeatable subform. The static subform called "sf_positioning". It happens that this field has an uncle named the same thing. It was close enough to provoke a conflict, making the repeatable subform record an additional instance whenever the data has been saved. This can be corrected in one of two directions... ((1) set one of the subforms wrongful use "no data binding" (use this only if the content of the subform is not be exported or merged) or 2) give the subforms of unique names.

    I need to look if everything must be particularly well appointed... As I said, it makes more sense to me that the only restriction should have been on the sibling elements, but I will in the future to make sure there are at least three degrees of separation between just like named controls/subforms.

    Hope that helps someone else...

    And what follows is some of my attempts at Googling the problem. I hope that this will facilitate the solution to find for others:

    -Player which extends shape Dynamics breeze repeating subforms.

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  • Add a new link in the R12 registration page

    Hi all

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    Thank you


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    Respect of

  • added new line in the same page

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    Thanks in advance


    invoke a method in AM on click of a button

    Public Sub addrows()
    Vo1 AddressesVOImpl = getAAddressesVO1();
    Row1 AddressesVORowImpl = (AddressesVORowImpl) vo1.createRow ();
    VO1.setCurrentRow (row1);

    Thank you

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    Thank you very much for all the advice offered.

    The operating system, not you, not control that open with the menu command.

  • How to refresh a screen without making a new Instance of the class

    Hi all

    Please help me.

    I need to refresh a screen of components such as the text box, list etc without (pushing the new instance of the class) using the old instance.

    I use:

    UiApplication.getUiApplication () .invokeAndWait (new Runnable() {}

    public void run() {}

    invalidate ();


    But it will not refresh the screen components.

    I need to change the label of the text box, choice of etc group on click on the Refresh button.

    Please suggest me

    Thank you

    Again, I agree with BBDeveloper, just wanted to add an alternative solution.  You must have the code that sets the values in those fields anyway.  You can separate the code that adds the fields to the screen of the code which sets the values in these fields, place the code that sets the fields into a separate routine and call this routine to during the construction of the screen and the screen refresh.

  • Re-evaluate the relationships after adding a new instance of the entity

    Hi all

    I have an 'X' entity for which global > X 1:M relations are evaluated on the screens. For example, after we collect the instances of 'X', the next screen ask you, out of all the X, which is a member of the relationship there. The interview continues.

    The question we now face is that if the user decides to add an additional instance of 'X' after having answered the relationship screen, screen relationship there does not appear once more.

    Ideally, we would like this screen once more, now that the extra 'X' was added, since it is theoretically 'unknown', they are also in the relationship Y or not. Instead, the debugger shows the relationship there is known and empty for the new 'X' entity instance.

    Is it possible to have this screen once more, once the new instance of the entity?

    Thanks for your help,



    The solution for this is not quite easy. Once the relationship is known to 'Y', the screen will be visited not unless the user chooses explicitly (usually data review screen).

    Event Manager solution

    A solution is to implement an event handler that sets the relationship 'Y' Unknown when the user adds a new 'X' entity. This requires custom code. See 'Events and event handlers' in the Guide of the developer of automation Oracle policy

    The entity implied solution

    Another (perhaps easier) solution is to infer the relationship 'Y' and collect information on the same screen that 'X' entities are added. This is best illustrated by an example.

    For the entity 'X', I'll use "person" global to the containment relationship no one is 'the people '.

    For relationship 'Y' I will use the global relationship person '' the special people. ''

    On the person entity, I have 2 attributes "name of person" (text) and 'the person is special' (Boolean)

    I have the following rule to infer the relationship '' the special people. ''

    the person is a member of the special people if

    the person is special

    The next step is to ensure that when you add features of person, they state "name of person" and "person is special."

    It will have 2 effects:

    1. the relationship "the special people" will be deducted, that there will be no screen to associate the relationship.

    2. for the collection of instances of the person, the extraordinary selection (or not) will determine members

    I think that the solution infers entity could be your best option. It requires no code and simplifies the interview.

    Hope this helps

    See you soon


  • Can I add a new trigger to the beginning rather than at the end of a blank publication widget?

    Hi guys,.

    I am creating a page of photo gallery using the widget a blank publication. I want to be able to add new content on a regular basis by adding new pictures to the top (beginning) of the gallery for my most recent photos indicate at the beginning of the gallery.

    Currently, the small + symbol to add another trigger doesn't add a new trigger to the right (bottom) of the trigger group, putting actually newly added content to the rear of the gallery rather than at the front. I am able to get to add a new trigger in the Group and have that trigger to be first in the group to display?

    The widget seems to display the same behavior of the command, so I'm pretty stuck on how to work around this problem. I tried to re - arrange triggers, which became incredibly heavy but everytime I want to add new photos in the Group and move older further down in the order of the gallery.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated with this, cheers, David.

    Hi David

    With composition, adding the image would be as well as the addition to use the most (+) sign which will add next to the previous content.

    At this stage, you would have to re - arrange the triggers or you can display them randomly if you want not to re - organize. Those are the only options.

    Thank you


  • Search for a value in a field in a subform before allowing a user to add a new Instance

    Configuration of the form:

    Name of the page = page 1

    1 subform in Page1 = Info (fixed to slur)

    Objects in the subform Info: name (textfield) and Email (textfield)

    I also have a 2nd subform within Page 1, which contains a button instance add

    What I'm doing:

    1. the user must enter their name and E-mail address, then click 'Add a button to the Instance' to create a new instance of the subform Info : _Info.addInstance (1);

    2. If the user does not enter an e-mail address, I want there to be a message box this info the user address of e-mail is required before, he or she can create a new instance. Note: would be nice if the slider is set to foucs on the email in this particular instance of subform field.

    3. as long as the user tries to add an instance, he or she will be refused if they are not an email in this case

    4. If the user has an e-mail address in this instance, then the script will create adds a new instance

    5. the process should continue in this way for each, each instance button click Add

    I presume that it nees to be a loop and perhaps a scipt for somExpression, but I'm not sure.

    Here's what I have so far (see below)... The script works for the first instance on the page, but this does not prevent instances to be created when the email in the 'current' instance field is empty. I want to prevent the user to add new instances if the email field is balnk in this "current instance. So, I guess I don't know how ot test a field in the current instance in a repeating subform.

    var VNAME = Info.somExpression + ".email";

    var vEmail = xfa.resolveNode (VNAME) .rawValue;

    if (vEmail == null)

    { ("Please enter an email address.");


    else {

    Form._info.addInstance (1);

    var i = Form._Info.count 1; (xfa.resolveNode ("Info [" + i + "].")) Name')); This set is the focus of the cursor in the name field in the newly created subform


    Please advise and thanks in advance!


    Try something like;

    var lastRow = Form.resolveNode ("Info [" +(_Info.count-1) + "]"); Get the last row

    If (lastRow.Email.isNull) / / if the email field empty

    { ("Please enter an email address.");


    on the other


    newRow var = _Info.addInstance (); (newRow.Name.somExpression); set the focus to the field name on the line has been added




  • Copy to the new instance of the subform

    What I'm trying to do is to copy a field and when a new instance of a subform is created to another field.

    When a user clicks the show button, the button to show opens a new instance of the form.  I need the sent field to fill in the field of criticism on the new instance.  Is this possible?



    Here is an example:

    The first example simply sets the value of the drop-down list. The second adds an element to the drop of the examiner, as sending drop-down list allows the custom entry.

    I've been lazy even if, as the script should check first of all the duplicates. I'll try and get back to that.

    Hope that helps,


    Ensure the dynamics

  • When I add a new event to the calendar, what I type is 'New event' when I press return. Why?

    When I add a new event to the calendar, I type the name of the event in the field, change the time, add notes, etc. When I press return, the new event indicates briefly on the calendar as what I typed, but most of the time, it is up to 'new event '. I tried to change my sequence of this type I and sometimes validate instead of return, but it doesn't seem to be a reason for this behavior. Also, it happens all the time, just most of the time.

    It's extremely frustrating because if I don't notice it right away, I don't know what was the event.

    Any suggestions?

    I use OS X, 10.9.5.

    Maybe this will help.

    Calendar may not enter the new event.

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    How can I add a new site under the heading 'Favorites '?


    He will explain

  • What is wrong with this sequence, it does not work when, after 3 inserts, I add a new record with the trigger it gives an error.

    Mr President.

    What is wrong with this sequence, it does not work when, after 3 inserts, I add a new record with the trigger it gives an error.

    --SL_CUSTOMERS table data
    INSERT INTO SL_CUSTOMERS VALUES(1,'Kamrul Hasan',NULL,NULL,'Moghbazar', 'Dhaka','0456789123',NULL,NULL,NULL,'Y',NULL);
    INSERT INTO SL_CUSTOMERS VALUES(2,'Rabiul Alam',NULL,NULL,'Motijheel', 'Dhaka','0567891234',NULL,NULL,NULL,'Y',NULL);
    INSERT INTO SL_CUSTOMERS VALUES(3,'Shahed Hasan',NULL,NULL,'2-G/1,2-2,Mirpur', 'Dhaka','0678912345',NULL,NULL,NULL,'Y',NULL);

      SELECT SL_CUSTOMERS_SEQ.nextval   
        FROM DUAL;   
      END IF;   

    When I try to insert several records with the seq.nextval it gives error

    violation of primary key.

    ORA-00001: unique constraint (ALIZA.SL_CUSTOMERS_PK) violated
    ORA-06512: at line 1
    One error saving changes to table "ALIZA"."SL_CUSTOMERS":
    Row 4: ORA-00001: unique constraint (ALIZA.SL_CUSTOMERS_PK) violated
    ORA-06512: at line 1


    Mr President.

    I find the solution by creating a function before the triiger

    as below

    dummy VARCHAR2(200);
      dummy := get_SL_CUSTOMERS_vId();
      :NEW.CUSTOMER_ID := dummy;

    It works very well

    Thank you all for the suggestions.


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