Add some Will Mozilla Thunderbird on Google game

Hey everybody,

I use Thunderbird for my email because I am a user of outlook. I tried Google email, nitty gritty for me. I wanted to ask you to Mozilla this myself, but I don't think he has an option to contact them directly. So does anyone know if Mozilla will extend desktop Thunderbird to the Android platform. I know there are 3 companies that synchronize with Thunderbird, but I'm always skeptical to compromise my email with a 3rd party data (Yes, I know Thunderbird is a 3rd party, but I trust them enough).

Thanks in advance

They said repeatedly that there are no plans for Android or IOS versions.

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    If it's for users as a whole and not in a given organization, forget the idea of profile, that would be much too intrusive.

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    First of all, Firefox and Thunderbird are separate programs. You can use one or the other or both. If you decide to uninstall Firefox, which should not have any ill effect on Thunderbird, but of course, it's a good idea to make the regular backups of your computer in case.

    Second, Internet Explorer uses a Flash owner drive, you don't need another one for Firefox. If you visit Adobe 'about' page using Firefox, you can push the plugin appropriate for you.

  • Mozilla Thunderbird will not start after the blue screen.

    There was a program that was supposed to update the drivers but caused a blue screen. I had to go back to a previous point of reset to get Windows 7 running again. Now Thunderbird gives me an error "could not load XPCOM" at startup. What should I do?

    I solved the problem as follows:
    1. turn off the antivirus software.
    2 delete the program folder in Thunderbird, C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird (Windows 32-bit) or C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla Thunderbird (64-bit Windows) by default.
    3. use the browser to download the Thunderbird installer on the Mozilla site.
    4 reinstalled Thunderbird by running the installation program.
    5 turn on antivirus software.

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    its roots.

    is probably the main problem for packages of updates.

    the only solution is to googled around to return back for full stock Acer system, given that this kind of information cannot be discussed here.


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    Increase the grip on my firefox ("not responding" sometimes "the script is not responding"). Last night the mozilla would not respond to my email, so I opted to close the session. What a mistake. I lost all my email, some of them, business correspondence. Will I lose my Google account, e-mail and files written or my program Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer if I "reset"? I'll wait for a response before as I have "reset". Thank you for your service. Sincerely.

    This support article describes what refresh: Refresh Firefox – reset settings and Add-ons.

    But to answer your specific questions:

    I'm going to lose my...

    • Google account: No. If Firefox don't forget your Google password, you can log into your account and save it again.
    • E-mail: No. your email is not stored in Firefox, it is either stored on the e-mail service provider's website or a separate e-mail program, or both.
    • writing files: I'm not sure what this is. If you are using an add-on to create/save these files, then it is possible that the files will be gone after a refresh because the data associated with the modules are removed. However, if you have created these files in any other way, they should not be affected.
    • Microsoft Word program: No.. A Firefox Refresh does not affect the Microsoft applications.
    • Internet Explorer: No.. A Firefox Refresh does not affect the Microsoft applications.

    I noticed that you mentioned a "Reset". Windows has a reset function. I'm only talking about Firefox built in refreshment and not resetting Windows.

  • Can I update Firefox without going through the Google game?

    I have a Google Nexus 5 last month. I discovered that for update of Google Chrome, I had to have a Google account. I have a Google account, but don't want to use it on my phone. Whenever I run Google Chrome, a message appears indicating that a new update is available. So, I decided to try Firefox. I discovered that if I tried to download Firefox on my phone on this site, asked me to create a new Google account or with an existing log.

    I did some research and came across a question on this site that someone asked how they wanted to download Firefox for their phone without using Google Play. Someone posted the link "". I activated the setting "Allow installation of applications from sources other than the game store". I was then able to download the file. I then installed Firefox.

    I'll be able to update Firefox without having to use a Google account, because I downloaded Firefox on this site instead of Google game site? I want to keep Firefox on my phone, but not if I will not be able to update without a Google account as with Google Chrome. I don't know if support for reading is as good as Google Chrome, like when I went to a site where I could play a video in Google Chrome, the video wouldn't play.

    Currently versions Release and beta will only updated if installed via Google Play.

    Only the Aurora and the Nightly channel development (where 30.0a2 and 31.0a1 under development on) gets updates in apk manual install.

  • Very close to the dumping of Mozilla Thunderbird. The slow is simply not worth the hassle and support sucks.

    I have been using Mozilla Thunderbird for many years. It has always been a good system. Now, I get so when I hit delete, it takes a minute or two to delete the e-mail message. I tried to follow all the instructions on the help system and have turned off Mcafee whenever I try to read my mail.

    I'm not an expert in computers, but can generally follow directions well enough. The help of this system Mazilla fact dependent on questions of a group doesn't make any easier these problems. I see the same questions asked by many people without clear answers to why this is happening.

    Unfortunately, if this problem is not resolved soon, I'll have to drop Mozilla for another system...

    Bruce Cunha
    [email protected]

    Saying suck it support is not exactly being polite towards those which expect free aid. I prefer to think that you are just frustrated and the offensive remark was not intentional.

    It would be useful that you could provide some information about your situation, etc.

    You have McAfee and you say stop reading emails, do not turn off completely, just stop it analyzes e-mails. This will mean that you don't have to keep it work and stop.
    Here are the instructions to do this.

    Please provide the following information, so that it is possible to get an understanding of your situation and the installation program:

    • What operating system do you use?
    • What version of Thunderbird?
    • It's an IMAP or POP e-mail account, that has the problem?
    • If IMAP - is it a gmail account?
    • You have one or more e-mail accounts?
    • How frequently you compact your folders?
    • When did finally empty and compact your deleted folder?
    • You have several folders?
    re: the Inbox
    • This file used as an Inbox for mail entering with only a few mails is inside or used to store a load of emails?
    • Have you set up archiving Options to archive by month and keep the folder structure?
    • Do you have emails Archive more of for example: one month, two months?

    Please answer the queries above, if the forum includes your current situation.

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    I am trying to add some addons and it wont let me add any of them it keeps telling me that they are corrupt please help me with this problem

    Hi mellyorajackson1967,

    first of all check them that your selected addons are not on this list:
    If in the list, then Firefox will block the installation and displays an appropriate message. If this is the case, you should check to see if there is an updated version of the add-on you were trying to install.

    You can find more information here: Add-ons that cause security problems or stability are put on a block list

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    It shows a lack of knowledge a little when someone criticizes RT for non execution of a particular program so suggest get an iPad as an alternative when it does not iOS or the other.

    Everything is rosy in the Android area either, yesterday I discovered that some Android applications will work only on specific Android based on material.

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    We launched our magazines on the Google game successfully, and I have a few questions on distribution and subscriptions. I am a business user and has requested assistance from the Support Gold, but their answers to my questions were vague at best. So I'm turning the DPS community to see what other editors.

    I understand that the DPS does currently support Google game subscriptions, or support push notifications. Our magazines are free, and I can not set up in application billing for a product that costs nothing. So how the editors of free magazines do their readers know when a new folio is available for download from the Google game? Am I missing something?

    Second, how readers find your application in the game store? When I search my magazines using their exact title, I get 250 results and none of them are mine. If I search using one of the keywords in the title, they appear as our 64 and 67 in the results of the research. How my readers are supposed to find the app? No one would have the patience to scroll through that a lot of apps to find.

    Notification of transmission of text is something that is in preparation for our native Android Viewer that should help with the issue of discovery that you mention once a player has installed your application. It is not available in version 31, but I hope that we will have it some time in 32 version.

    As for the problem of search results, I feel your pain. I think that it gets better over time as more people download your App "Adobe Content Viewer" appear on the first several pages of results once we have released the new native version. It took weeks before starting to appear higher in the results


  • find the link to the app on google game

    I am about to download an app for the Google game, and I need the url of the application, in order to create postcards with QR codes.

    If the app is not yet published

    In iTunes connect, you can find the link as soon as you have created the app description and when you right click on the "store" button view

    However in the game of Google it seems harder to find this link

    Heres an exsample of the Google Developer play guide on how the syntax of the bonds, are referring to information in the manifest file.

    Syntax < package_name >


    This is it will get the name of the package to the AppID field in dps app Builder?

    So I just need to add them and then I can understand the url

    So in generator app if dps in the field ID App write

    Then the url will be

    I need to be 100% sure

    Yes, you can enter this in the App in App Builder DPS id section. When you download and publish the application, the App id displays in your Android developer account also with the name of the application.

    So if you use App id =, URL will be

  • When my calculated makes an update to windows 7 my e-mail program mozilla thunderbird opens, but I cannot open the files, impossible to write a new e-mail, etc..

    When I open Mozilla thunderbird, it goes directly to the home page. I do a right-click on the Inbox and open in a new tab, and then it takes forever (or even at all) to download. I can't write a new message and when I get a folder to open it in a new tab, I can't open email or attachments.

    Looks like some other users see

    1. open tools | addons | Extensions and remove addon of lightning/calendar
    1a. If you can't go to addons, then start thunderbird in safe mode and try again)
    1B. If you are still unable to addons, reinstall thunderbird
    2. restart thunderbird
    3. reinstall Lightning/Calendar addon - if you need the features

    Please tell us who does not help?

  • I installed wrongly Mozilla Thunderbird and can't cancel my old Firefox to Mozilla

    Edit: removed your email address from the public view, since the only thing that will attract are spambots. you will be notified by email whenever someone replies to the thread. (philipp)

    Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox are two separate applications, installation of Thunderbird should not replace Firefox.

    If you click Start (or press the Windows key), and then type "firefox", Firefox will appear in search results?

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