Adobe-release CC animate?

Release date Adobe CC animate?


To animate Adobe release date is not yet announced. It should publish early 2016. Please see the following article.

Welcome to Adobe animate CC, a new era for Flash Professional | Adobe Flash Professional Team Blog

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  • Adding Adobe Edge animation animate CC 2015 to a Facebook post?

    Where can I find information on how to add an Adobe Edge animation animate CC 2015 to a Facebook post? I tried searching but continue to pour in white. Thanks for any help.

    If you have any interactivity so you can make a recording of the screen and display the video.

  • When I insert my file "adobe" edge oam animate in must I get a rectangular white flash at the head of the animation

    When I insert my file "adobe" edge oam animate in must get a rectangular white flash at the head of the animation?


    I would appreciate if you could share the screenshots of the Design view and mode of preview for better understanding of the issue.

    You can also create a temp BC to us URL.



  • What happens to my creative cloud membership adobe releases a new version of CS products

    The membership will continue if adobe shared say a 6.5 CS or CS7? I really want to join the cloud and benefit from not having to buy everything and I like the idea but I'm worried that when adobe releases a new version of CS I might get screwed and have to pay more.

    mclemorejon wrote:

    The membership will continue if adobe shared say a 6.5 CS or CS7?


    It is one of the benefits of membership cloud: all upgrades are included as long as you keep paying your monthly fees.

    When you stop paying, you lose the use of all software.

  • When will be released CC animate? It is now February 1...

    I want to start using Animate CC, but it is not out yet.  When will it be available?  They said January but the ship sailed :-).


    Release date of animate CC is not yet announced. But we hope that it will be released soon. Please see the following link for more information

    Welcome to Adobe animate CC, a new era for Flash Professional | Adobe Flash Professional Team Blog

  • HTML5 is released by animate CC.

    Hi guys,.

    I'm looking for expert advice.

    I'm looking for information on the capabilities of Adobe animate CC by converting characters 2D animations with audio to the outputs of HTML5. Supports only simple animations and ads or publish lengthy and complex animations in HTML5 using CC animate.

    I need convert the animations of the characters complex and lengthy with lip sync audio output of HTML5. I have created a new HTML5 canvas document, copied all layers of the old Flash file in the document canvas. The length of the animation is about 45 seconds, but there are a lot of symbols used for creating these animations. If I publish it to HTML5, the output works fine in the desktop but in the pad, it animations play very slowly and there is also an audio sync issue.

    Please advice how to fix this? It's an open question?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    With AS3 FLAs you can use audio streams to solve the problem of synchronization on slower devices, but with HTML5, you can do that. You must use the code to make the animation to deal with audio event.

    Here is how this might be, put this script in the first frame of the animation:

    var firstframe = this.currentFrame;

    var lastframe = 1234;

    var fps = 24;

    var starttime is createjs. Ticker.getTime ();

    createjs. Ticker.setfps(25) (fps);

    createjs. Ticker.addEventListener ("tick", movealong);

    self = this;

    function movealong() {}

    var = now createjs. Ticker.getTime ();

    var f = Math.min (lastframe, Math.floor ((now-starttime) / 1000 * fps + firstframe));

    self.gotoAndStop (f);


    createjs. Ticker.removeEventListener ("tick", movealong);



  • Can you do a self contained with Adobe html5 site animate CC?

    I am currently doing a site here all drawn: http://http :// I would like to make an interactive site like I used to do with Flash. With Flash, I could have all the content of the site in a .swf file. Can I do the same with Adobe animate and HTML5 Canvas?

    Thank you


    Google "adobe flash animated tutorial pro html5."

    When you're ready, CreateJS | A suite of tools designed to work with HTML5 and JavaScript libraries

  • How to migrate to Adobe Edge to animate

    Hi, in previous years, I built a small part-time business creating html 5 interactive with Adobe Edge.  Edge was my first dive into HTML 5. I have no prior experience in Web or HTML 5.  I was really shocked to discover that they are abandoning edge. This will probably affect the company I built. I decided to download the new animate with the idea to start tutorials for that time, I could jump over.  This seems to be the way to go from Adobe. However, after downloading and kicking the tires, I'm completely lost and feel that the simplistic nature of the edge has been replaced by a BEAST of a program.

    Maybe I'm wrong. Which brings me to my question. I wonder if anyone has met or created a set of tutorials to help Edge users migrate to Animate?  Are there edge users who have migrated successfully and it was easier than that? What resources or tutorials did you use to pass?

    Adobe is not abandonment of edge, they are no longer more development on it.

  • Connection of an iOS to the debugger in Adobe air application animate


    I need to connect my iOS to Adobe AIR application to a debugger, a debugger will work. When I publish my Animate app crashes before it can connect, leaving behind an app still works on my phone. But there is no obvious way to connect to a console at the breast of animate it using "debug" or "start the remote debugging session. With the Simulator, it will connect as long I give IP address appropriate, it will connect. I don't have that option in my app on iOS. My iPhone or iPad will connect. How can I get this done?

    Apparently, the debugger to connect if you do not set the install on the flag of the device. But I found that animate them for Windows doesn't crash as it does on Mac OS. So the question is now moot.

  • Can I install. In the Adobe extensions ZXP animate? I really need them! The extensions Manager does not allow it.

    I have a very useful Extensions of Flash collection of more than a dozen. As facilitator, my team and I use a lot of them every day. Have no way to install in Animate's really back. None of them are available on the Add-ons site. It is the developer of the extension to add them, and many of them are not supported and will be lost. Help, please!

    Hey guys. I erased all of the suite Adobe CC and reinstalled. Now the extensions will be installed. Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Stock video Adobe release - disappointed by the offer.

    I think most people expected the stock adobe video release. In fact, I'm frustrated to see the offer on certain points:

    -Video duration: you have 8 seconds or 30 seconds of video rush, it's the same price (59.99) euros
    -For people that I have the full bundle offers (750 images a month) there are no additives offer more pimp with videos (for ex 25 videos per month included)

    -I guess for people that I have the largest offers, we do never all 750 credits, it could be a way to use each month and to stimulate the creation, production, etc...

    The videos are the future and we should use them as all the pictures we have in stock here, social media are full of these days.

    Hey Grim

    No, the videos are only available for purchase separately.

    FAQ - frequently asked questions, Adobe Stock

    Thank you


  • Purchase Adobe Edge app Animate


    I already have an ID photoshop and illustrator, but I want to know to buy the Board animate to html5.

    How do I do that? He can not see on the app to buy for individuals.

    Help, please.

    Thank you


    As you can see here:

    Pricing plans and creative Cloud membership | Adobe Creative Cloud

    Animate edge is not listed as a single application, so the only way to use it under the suite full of CC. Wish, I could tell you otherwise, but that's how it seems to be...

  • Official Yosemite 10.10 Adobe release * stuck in test mode *.

    After the purchase of a subscription to the day after the official release of Yosemite 10.10 (not beta) downloaded CC and then downloaded photoshop, illustrator, etc. and says I am in trial mode? I tried everything under the Sun!

    * Resolved * contact Support Adobe and has been fixed in a few minutes! She did. Finder > go > / etc > hosts... edited with textedit and deleted all entries and rebooted CC and works good as new. Adobe would like to thank you!

  • adobe Edge transparency animate Muse

    1. I created animation (lens flare) .png and transparent stage in adobe edge animate

    2 export .oam outboard adobe animate

    3. import .oam muse adobe

    4. download muse on server

    When the animation, placed on the logo (see link), is loading in the browser a white box that appears first.


    reload the page, or visit again by clicking on the menu (there is a difference)

    on (re) load (or when the first time the user visits site) a white box appearing, or?

    It's the iframe that flashes white. an iframe will be automatically generated by placing the file .oam within the muse of adobe.

    to avoid putting this in thesection of a site where you have this problem.

    IFRAME will only appear if it is fully charged and without flashing white before. =)

    Thanks to his Insertion of DOM Surefire items , Paul Irish and his article on the insertion of scope of style elements and Ryan Seddon

  • Is it necessary to reload the plug-ins and other software of the seller that run inside of the LR and PS CC when Adobe releases new versions CC applications?

    Include Photomatix Pro in LR and Photokit Sharpener in Photoshop.

    Yes, Adobe does not migrate third-party Plug-ins

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