CHM compatibility with Windows Server 2003

I just finished creating the first version of a help with RoboHelp HTML CHM file, and it works fine on the machine, I used to write, as well as several others. When I tried the consultation on our production machine, running Windows Server 2003, I re

Using MKS and RoboHelp

Someone created by MKS to work with RoboHelp? How does with the compilation, archiving and retrieval, etc.? Thank you! Stacie

Missing topics

I opened my current project of CHM, brought a quick spelling correction and saved, RoboHelp crashed. When I have opened the project to verify that the change has been recorded, all HTML (topics) files are missing. Real htm files are always there, jus

Text only popup

Using RoboHelp x 5. I tried to use only text in pop-up windows, but I noticed that there is a limitation on the number of characters allowed for a popup window. Is there a way to push this limit? I tried to resize the margins etc, but nothing seems t

Need help with the Word format Req'd for RoboHelp

I was asked to help a company with technical writing for an online application. All their online help is in RoboHelp. I need to create about 450 pages of extra help to complete the help system. The company is owner of RoboHelp, I did not. I understan

Table of contents no opening

Hello My programmer called a merged WebHelp of Oracle forms project. At the opening of the WebHelp the table of contents is displayed but don't expand to show the current page. I use the published/startpage.html#mergedProject/child_1/overview/overvie

Headers and footers

Hello I need help with the HTML HR on the headers and footers.I am able to add headers and footers in the 1st section, but it does not show in the other topics. That is to say by the project.This info is copyright and the company logo I need this inf

Contribute 4 - what blog software is supported?

I can't seem to find the list of what blog software is supported in 4 Help. WordPress is? Blogger? Any ideas? Thank you

Merged WebHelp TOC topic even shows 5 times!

It's me again :-( I managed to set up my 'container' for merged WebHelp and began to add merged files. Everything was working fine until today. (And BTW, I use Robohelp X 5 update for the latest patches). My OCD in the merged file DID look like this:

What has changed in the installers Macromedi joined Adobe?

Since adobe bought macromedia (or adobe macromedia joined), I can not install any new product / patch that is released. For example, I can't install Dreamweaver 8 and 3.11 contribute but cannot install Dreamweaver 8.0.2 patch nor contribute 4.Please

Remember the Page sent for review

Recently one of our staff has sent a page revision and publication. Unfortunately, the reviewer entered the hospiatl and is unemployed for a long period of time. According to the Contribute help file, pages sent review of transfer of ownership to the

Impossible to edit pages that open in a new window

A page that a user updates frequently has a number of links to other HTML pages that are the value _blank target.When these pages open in a new window of the main page that is already open in Contribute, the new pages window who ejecting seem to have

External links lost when generating HTMLHelp

I have a help system modular big in 2000 with Word 2003 and RoboHelp's WinHelp X5.0.1, and I look at the possibility of converting this system to HTMLHelp. I realize that I will need to convert these projects RoboHTML and implemented the modular syst

RoboHelp generate accident MS-HTML (long)

Hello I use RoboHelp HTML 2002r2 Build 1150 on a box of Citrix Presentation Server 4 running on Windows 2003 SP1.I have a project that is stored on a network (Netware 6) drive using the client 4.91 SP2.My desktop is Windows 2000 SP4. The first time t

Help is displayed

I clicked on the 'Help' button, you click on "contents & Index" and the screen seemed to 'Flash' but no help displayed screens. Any "help" would be greatly appreciated :-) I was looking for instructions to change the style of the "Title Page" for a p

How the news of the site connection in contribute key?

HelloI am trying to access the files for my Web site using ftp protocol software so that I can copy the whole site and transfer to a new host. However, I have read where I thought the files should be and theiy are not there. Designers who initially d

Index - search

Is there a way you can add a key word in the index, and designer when a user performs a search outside the tab Index, topics related to this keyword displays? For example, when you search for dogs all breads displayed when searching on the Index tab.

Get different search results on different workstations

Can someone give me some insight on why would be the following: Users A and B on two different workstations - both using the same version of the compiled HTML help find their application type the exact same word and click view. At the user obtains a

Change the location of the project

Is it possible to change the location where the user draft pages are stored? I just ran into a situation where an end user requested to contribute to be removed and given to another user, do not think to mention that she had 16 pages of project that

URL Source folder

Anyone know what is the source file for URLS that appear in the project URL file in RoboHelp? Thank you!
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