Anti-spam mails sent to my address

All my friends in my hotmail contact list received spam emails that are sent via my hotmail address.  The mail contains only a link web address.   I never sent such a letter to all my friends in the contacts list.  Please tell us how I can stop this.



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Which is called Spoofing and its pretty easy for a spammer to make. Of course, it does
it look like you or the other person has sent the e-mail. Someone intercepted an email and
It may not be you who caused him. Account of a friend could have been consulted
or even someone could have sent an email on your behalf to someone else who has been
compromise. Your friend can access headers and block the real senders of
those who will change often.

How to read the message headers

E-mail spoofing

E-mail spoofing and Phishing

Understanding E-mail Spoofing

Fraudulent emails (false)

Google search - email Spoofing

I hope this helps.

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    Please install our latest update to try out these new features.

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    Assuming that you have checked that the emails are not in the folder "sent" from your e-mail server (web portal), one of the computers of your friends has a virus that stole all of their contact information, and now spammers use your email address as email address in spam, it sends a fake. You'll just have to weather the storm.

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    It is not possible to recall the email.

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    I know I've done this before, but I just had to reinstall the operating system and forget how to stop the McAfee anti-spam folder to appear in my Windows Mail Inbox.

    Thank you!!
    It should not appear in the Inbox WinMail, but rather a clean folder. The best way to stop it from appearing anywhere descend McAfee of your machine.
    Norton and McAfee are the two least friendly Windows security and swine resource to start programs. My ISP offers the McAfee security suite for free and I refuse to use it.
    I used to use Avast in conjunction with Windows Defender, (still a decent option), but since MSE became of age, I have used which. MSE is an anti-virus, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Malware program all in one. IMO, it is a program MS got it wrong. And all of these options are freeware.
    If you choose to give it a try, download and save the MSE. Remove McAfee and install MSE.
    Correction of tool McAfee Consumer Product Removal triple  
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    We receive a lot of spam that (fortunately screenshots of anti-spam) are directed to a non-existent user in our Organization. Is there a way to configure anti-spam to reject completely?

    I have a TZ205 with comprehensive services. firmware update

    Antispam on the firewall is no not no matter what filtering of recipients.

    Antispam on the firewall uses a Proxy connection and depends on the mail server to reject invalid recipient.

    The complete Email Security product rejects invalid recipients (Protection of DHA)

    The Hosted Email Security currently does not DHA Protection but it is added at a later date.

  • Spam from my own email address

    I use MSN on Windows XP and today I received an email from my email address. When I opened it, it is a supplement for Viagra. It's as if I send my own spam free. I'm trying to understand how someone can do and prevent it from happening again. I use Norton Internet Security, and nothing was found after doing a scan. Thanks for your help.


    It has nothing to do directly with your computer.

    E-mail is not sent directly out of our computers to the destination.

    Our activities email through the email providers mail server.

    Spammers are finding ways to "Tinker" with the servers.

    Spammers harvest email addresses and fake her from addresses, it's a way to avoid some anti-spam filters.

    That said, you have to scan your computer on a regular basis just to make sure that there is no. Trojans and malware sneak up on you.

    Jack - Microsoft MVP, Windows networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

  • Hotmail compromised and the e-mail sent from the account (but not by me)


    My hotmail account was accessed by someone other than me. In addition, they sent an email on my behalf * of my own account * to a friend. As the content is of a sensitive nature, it caused a lot of trouble for me.

    The person who consulted with my account was pretty sneaky to delete the email in the "sent" folder, but forgot the file deleted. If I was able to read and can say 100% that I never sent it me. I am very confused by the present.

    I have changed my password, but I would go at the bottom of this. I would like to know how my email was consulted in the first place, and more important again, if there is a way to find who did this, then I can take the case more far and possibly prosecute legal, as I feel that my privacy has been violated.

    I must point out that my password (at the time) has not changed. The one who did this, tact has left my account from what I can tell. Their agenda was just to send the mentioned e-mail, which leads me to believe that I probably know the person.

    On a note more and probably another case, I have a problem confirming my security information for more secure my account so that this does not happen. I wanted to add another phone number and e-mail, but it just repeat myself that when I try and click on the tab "validate":

    You added [email address] .com to your account, but it must be confirmed before you can use it.

    Note: You can use your computer approved to confirm this information, the sign from this computer, go on the account overview page and then click on confirm next to this information.

    I get a similar message when I try to confirm my phone number.

    Thanks for any help, because I am very stressed out of all this.

    I've had this year of email address and never been hacked before.

    You might well be a misinterpretation of the events. Another explanation is that one of your friends has a malware infestation. The malicious software causes the computer to send messages to all persons named in their address book.  The message is supposed to come from a person who is selected in the address book, but it's a subterfuge the message is actually the computer infected. This would explain why it is in your deleted items folder and not your sent items folder. Anti-spam on your computer defenses have identified the incoming spam message and put it where it belongs.

    It is generally not easy to identify who has the infected computer. In the only case that I met, it was possible to narrow down the identity of the infected computer from the list of people who receive messages. A close examination of the list revealed a name that was not known to all the others, except for one who had the infected computer. Anti-malware running on the infected computer software ended the avalanche of annoying messages

    You should be aware that what I have described is actually a very common way to distribute malicious software from one computer to another. Opening of the item deleted on your computer could lead to malware foothold on your computer and start a new wave of infected messages which, in this case, are sent from your computer to everyone in your address book. You must carefully check your computer for malware to make sure this does not happen or stop it if they started to be sent.

    Start the computer in safe mode with network and download and install Malwarebytes (free version for individuals only), updated definitions and run in safe mode. Disable other security software while you do the analyses.

    Download and run SuperAntiSpyware (Free Edition)

    When talking to friends the problem, be very careful what you say that the charges can very quickly lose you your friends. Explain how you check your computer for malware so that they know how they can check their own computers. Let them do, and I hope that the problem will end.

  • Aid for the creation of anti-spam on site

    I could do with a little help

    I am creating a form of anti-spam honeypot for the site from a friend, but I can't make it work.

    I put it in a jar of honey ordinary and time

    On the page of the form

    < class = "end-para" p > simply fill out the form below, including all necessary details and one of our friendly and experienced customer service team will be happy to remind your time choice. < /p >
    < are method = "post" action = "callback.php" >
    < fieldset class = "site-forms" >
    < p > < class label = 'contact-fields' for 'name' = > your name: < / label >
    < input type = "text" class = "login" name = "name" id = "name" / > < / p >

    < class li 'Robotics' id = 'pot' = >

    < label for = "robotest" > if you're human leave this field empty: < / label >

    < input name = "robotest" id = 'robotest' class = 'robotest"type ="text"/ >

    < /li >

    < p > < class label = 'contact-fields' for 'email' = > E-mail address: < / label >
    < input type = "text" class = "identifier" = "email" id = "email" / > < / p >
    < p > < class = 'contact-fields' label for = 'phone' > phone: < / label >
    < input type = "text" class = "login" name = 'Phone' id = 'phone' / > < / p >

    < p > < input type = "hidden" name = "loadtime" value = "time (); "/ > < / p >

    < p >

    < / fieldset >
    < fieldset class = "site-forms" >
    < p > < class label = "contact-fields" for = 'time' > when want us to call you? < / label > < / p >
    < input type = "radio" name = "best_time" value = "call me during the day (09:00 - 17:00)" > call me during the day (09:00 - 17:00) < br >
    < input type = "radio" name = "best_time" value = "call me at night (17:00 - 21:00)" checked > call me at night (17:00 - 21:00) < br >
    < input type = "radio" name = "best_time" value = "call anytime" > call me anytime < br >
    I would prefer to be emailed < br > < input type = "radio" name = "best_time" value = "I would rather be sent" >
    < class p = 'form-notes' > < small > < strong > note <: facilities > we will try to call you at the point where you have selected and within the 1 business day. < / small > < / p >

    And on the next page

    <? PHP

    $name = $_REQUEST ['name'];

    $robotest = $_POST ['robotest"];

    $email = $_REQUEST ['email'];

    $telephone = $_REQUEST ['phone'];

    $loadtime = $_POST ["loadtime"];

    $best_time = $_REQUEST ['best_time'];


    $robotest = $_POST ['robotest"];

    If ($robotest)

    $error = "sayonara Mr. Roboto.";

    else {}

    $success = ' your message has been sent! ";


    If ($Success)

    echo "< div class = 'msg success' > '." $success. "< / div > ';


    $loadtime = $_POST ["loadtime"];

    $totaltime = time() - $loadtime;

    If ($TotalTime < 5)


    ECHO ("you took less than 5 seconds to complete the form, blah blah blah");



    If (! isset($_REQUEST['email'])) {}

    header ("Location:" "");


    ElseIf (($email) empty | empty ($telephone)) {}

    Can anyone suggest what is incorrect or ways to improve overall upward?

    Thank you

    Dowifi wrote:

    I am a bit confused about the loadtime honeypot as loadtime is supposed to stop the msg if the person takes less 5 seconds then to fill the page, then he was not supposed to be anything to fill.

    The two solutions are the same. Only a robot will fill in the hidden field, so no matter if it takes 2 seconds or 20 seconds. The original solution, you use timing controls that seem unnecessarily complex for me.

    All its saying (you need to be a robot because you took 5 seconds to complete the form field). The form field is always filled in so check that instead... as I said it doesn't matter if a robot takes 2 seconds or all day to fill the field of form - which is something is in the form field.


    Please, please, please, download these guys here, it's the 2nd e-mail I rteceived the last time I clicked on it and cancelled my payment because I have NOT allowed Skype to take money from my account...

    The last time that my account has been hacked and it causing major problems, paypal have been aware of this and I really think that Skype needs to address this as well.


    TO ALL

    Please file here:

    Contact customer service


    I recommend that you always run the latest version of Skype: Windows & Mac

    If my advice helped to solve your problem, please mark it as a solution to help others.
    Please note that I usually do not respond to unsolicited private Messages. Thank you.

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    I'm sorry, but we cannot help with hotmail problems in these forums in response to vista

    Please repost your question in hotmail in the hotmail link below forums

  • Make a Contact form anti-spam working

    I can't get this anti-spam .php code works, important note: the coding worked before I added the label/.php anti-spam code. The obvious flaws in the coding?


    < link rel = "stylesheet" href = "css/site-comments-part - two.php" type = "text/css" media = "screen" / >

    < are method = "post" action = "site-comments-part - two.php" >

    < label > name < / label >

    < input name = placeholder 'Name' = 'type here' >

    < label > Email * < / label >

    < input name = "email" type = "email" placeholder = "Type here" >

    < label > suggested Feedback * < / label >

    < name textarea = placeholder "message" = "Type here" > < / textarea >

    < label > what is (20 + 5) / 5? (Anti-spam) * < / label >

    < input name = 'human' placeholder = "type here" >

    < div > < input id = "submit" name = "submit" type = "submit" value = "Submit" > < / div >

    < / make >


    <? PHP

    $name = $_POST ['name'];

    $email = $_POST ['email'];

    $message = $_POST ['message'];

    $from = ' from: Contact form ";

        $to = ' [email protected] ';

    $subject = "site feedback";

    $body = "from: $name\n E-mail: $email\n Message: \n $message";

    If ($_POST ['submit']) {}

    If (& & $human == '5') {}

    If (mail ($subject, $body, $to, $from)) {}

    echo "< p > your message has been sent! < /p > ';

    } else {}

    echo "< p > something went wrong, go back and try again! < /p > ';


    } else {}

    ($_POST ['submit'] & & $human! = '5') {

    echo "< p > you answered the anti-spam question wrong! This means that your message has not been sent < /p > ';



    ? >

    Thanks for the help.


    $name = $_POST ['name'];

    $email = $_POST ['email'];

    $message = $_POST ['message'];

    $from = ' from: Contact form ";

    $to = ' [email protected]';

    $subject = "site feedback";

    $body = "from: $name\n E-mail: $email\n Message: \n $message";

    {if (isset($_POST['submit']))}

    If ($_POST ['man']! = 5) {}

    echo '

    You answered incorrectly the anti-spam question! This means that your message has not been sent



    else if ($_POST ['man'] == 5) {}

    mail ($ $subject, $body, $from);

    echo '

    Your message has been sent!



    else {}

    echo '

    Something was wrong, go back and try again!





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