Any way to save and to enforce personal change of display of pages Web created via the Inspector?

Some sites have annoying formatting options. I know how to block sections of specific pages using an available for firefox add-on. What I'm looking for, some is to create changes in how a page and save it. For example, suppose that a Web site has a configuration with three columns. The right column is a menu, the middle is content, and the right is advertising, help links, and others.

I've already eliminated the annoying and other advertising items, that I will not display at all. Having done this, there is very little screen space unused I would use. I can change the page display in Inspector so that the "content" section is wider and fills the space, but it won't stay like this. Basically, I want to keep the dynamic content but apply my own opinion of the changes. Is there a way to do this?


You may need to get creative with Stylish add-on.

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