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First of all, I would like to say that I am a new developer that started after hearing about promoting free playbook (thanks for this RIM btw).

My problem is the following. I developed my application entirely using textpad, chrome and using a token of debugging to test my application on a playbook before submitting the app world. Now, I'm working on the optimization of the app as much as possible improve the performance.

I've read the tutorials on how to daydream web Inspector and I did the following:

1 permit web Inspector in the privacy settings for the browser Tablet (does not close the browser, just reduced)

2 packed app using the following command:

bbwp "c:\" -d -o "c:\packagedApps\"

3. it installed on my playbook by the following:

blackberry-deploy -installApp -password  -device -package c:\packagedApps\

4. with the browser still open in the background, I launched my freshly installed app

5. open google chrome

at this point, I see two balls and that's all. Inspector Web seem to work fine when I run a Web page in the browser of the playbook. In this case, I saw the title of the Web page in chrome and another bullet below empty (which I can not click on).

I'm doing something wrong? I thought that web Inspector was supposed to display the IP address in my application while it is running (but this is not either).

Anyone have any ideas? I share my experience with my colleagues at work tomorrow and I'd like to be able to demonstrate this ability.

Thank you!


When debugging is enabled, the ports are open from 1337. If you build an application with WebInspector debugging and run, WebInspector will open at 13:37. However, if you have the browser open with WebInspector also good running, then your application will be in 1338, or vice versa depending on when you start each. The links in the list refer to your application of title in its html file, or to the title of the Web page in the browser.

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