beginning of the timeline to 0


My calendar has started at nothing and 0 starts in. How do the 0 to start from the beginning?

Make sure that the option 'Move track Automation with the regions' is enabled in the menu Mix.

Select all areas at once with ⌘A, and then drag them to the right. I would with the defined view to view metrics, nit time, so you can align the regions with beats.

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  • With rendering problems. Rendering started taking 10 times longer. I have pleanty of memory, I cleaned the media cache and now it will not even made a single wipe small transition. Goes at the beginning of the timeline, as if she has made the effect.

    With rendering problems. Rendering started taking 10 times longer. I have a lot of memory, I cleaned the media cache and now it will not even made a single wipe small transition. Goes at the beginning of the timeline, as if she has made the effect.

    I determined the cause. Damaged media. Copy old sequence in new chronology cross me if I return after any change in the timeline. I am able to export own media. No change to hardware and software recently. I'm running Windows 10. (Hatred, dating back to 7)

  • 2015 CC took over at the beginning of the timeline, when voice-over recording

    Im trying to record some simple voiceover for a project. Whenever I click on the microphone icon in the track to start the recording, he jumps at the beginning of the timeline to record.  It doesn't matter what position in the timeline panel, I always leave her start recording from the beginning. I need to be able to specify where to start voiceover recording.  This does not appear to be linked to this particular project that others work great too.  Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing?

    I thought about it.  I had to delete the entry and exit of the markers.

  • Active forms appears only if placed at the beginning of the timeline or not more than 1.5 sec. ?

    Why is my Smart Forms (form of the legend) appears only when published if it is placed at the beginning of the timeline or Timing > appear after moved to no more than 1.5 sec 6 Captivate?

    You have another object on the slide, such as a button, click on the box, or smart shape, converted to a button?

    I suspect that you have a button on this slide, which is put on pause to 1.5 seconds by default. Everything that is on your timeline after this point does not appear when you preview or publish, because the project will pause to 1.5 seconds.

  • Highlight box object moves at the beginning of the timeline

    In Captivate 4, has anyone had the problem with the object point culminating in the movement at the beginning of the timeline toolbar, after entering the properties and clicking OK? Very annoying, as I drag again to where it was initially to be created each time. It happened not in version 2 or 3...

    Hi Trevor,

    Adobe has recently released an update for Adobe Captivate. Have you installed this update? If not, you could get the information of update here

    Install this update and try again your scenario.


  • Audio playback from the beginning of the timeline on the Audio no matter where you play

    I have seen other people have had this problem but I have not been able to fix it.  It bothers me too what orders to short animation, but it becomes difficult animate long stuff.

    Where I start to play music in the timeline the music always starts again.  I have Adobe Flash Pro CC and a 64-bit Windows 8 computer.  Help, please!

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We look at this issue TristLK. We have been able to reproduce this problem locally and are trying to fix. We'll share more updates soon.


  • Yet CS4: Pause between a transition and the beginning of the timeline


    I'm creating a DVD. It has a menu with a video loop in the background, when I press a button, it goes to a transition one then begins the movie... between the transition and the movie, the software does a small break, maybe less than a second, but it ruins the fluidity of the animation!

    I have tested in many ways, but I don't get the way to avoid this pause...

    Is there a way to avoid this?

    Thank you!

    from the clicked button of the menu for the clip of transition, there is no pause

    Perhaps, but the transition to the movie, I think it's perhaps inevitable.  As I said previously, this is usually not noticed because the transition ends with black and the film begins with black.

  • Move the indicator to the end or beginning of project timeline

    Using PE 13.1 in a WIN7 PC...

    Is there an easy way to move the indicator in the timeline to the end of the project?  Or even at the beginning?

    Whenever we use the button display the timeline indicator jumps at the beginning of the project, which can be a pain when we don't work at the end.

    The only way I could go to the end of a project, once made by pressing the icon to go to the next edit Point several times.


    Hittting the key Home take the timeline indicator to the beginning of the timeline.

    And pressing the button end should take the indicator timeline until the end of the content of the timeline.

    Any... click on the work area bar in the area you are in order at this point, the indicator of chronology.

    There is yet another... go to edit Menu/preferences/general and remove the check mark next to the preference named "Play work area after previews." The timeline indicator will be in the same place before and after the timeline is rendered.

    Please consult the bulletin and review, and then let us know if everything above worked for you.

    Thank you.


  • Cannot paste, insert a clip to the timeline Source monitor in CC2015.3

    Someone at - it a solution or a fix for this problem? I am currently using, to make a paste insert and am getting an error.

    - The hotkey to make a paste insert does not work in the source Panel to place a clip on my calendar. I get a pop up Clip Fit I've ever seen before, all the boxes are shaded & the only option is the sequence ignore exit point. Then we glue the clip at the beginning of the timeline, regardless of where the playhead is.

    It also States that the source is longer than the destination, regardless of trim (I & O) points I made in the source monitor. The source element is only 3 seconds with my points of toppings, so it makes no sense.

    Is this another bug 2015.3? How can I fix this please. Would like to make a paste simple insertion of the source monitor

    Check that you don't have to points together on the timeline, if the playhead is not parked at the point of in.

    Timeline to points will take precedence.


  • How long is the selection of the timeline?

    I was like a noob when such a question came to my mind.

    But it seems so normal, that it does not seem to be in the faq.

    You can get the seconds since the beginning of the timeline, when you click an image cell.

    But I want just the same information for the current selection ;-)

    Thank you for the animators.



    Yes, you will need to do the math yourself to that one. There nothing on the timeline or the Properties window to display the duration of a selection in the timeline in images or time.

  • How the clip markers can be promoted in chronological markers?  I cut a clip and rearranged the order of the pieces in the timeline panel, so now I want a set of benchmarks that reflect their position in the timeline panel.

    Clip markers have as their frame of reference of the timeline, they came.  If you create a new brand of element in a new timeline, the marker in time is measured from his original script, not the new timeline where he is.  Currently in CC 2015 organization there is no way to translate the clip marker references 'Local' in the 'World calendar"in which they now live.  I captured on video a 8mm film that is chronologically jumble of short scenes.  I placed the chronology of chapter for each scene markers, export the list of markers and finally understood the rearrangement of pieces of scenes he needed to put everything in chronological order.  Thank God for the ability to export the list of markers, just as I needed!  So the whole sequence has 85 chronological markers, dividing the sequence into 5 pieces and rearranging puts them all in chronological order.  Obviously, I don't want to have to restore the scene boundries 85 times, I did as a necessary step to solve the puzzle.  I think you might meet one day some of these problems:

    1. the most obvious thing is located in the calendar for a piece, lift it and 'paste insert' where it belongs on the timeline.  Problem: Lift or excerpt from don't lift or extract chronological markers with it, so when "Insert you a block", the piece inserted in the timeline has lost its bearings, they were left.

    2. How about you make a sous-suite of the segment to move?  Yes, it carries all the tracks, but not the chronological markers whence he came.

    3. ok, I'll export the calendar together with chronological markers and reimport - ah, Yes, success, the chronology of the markers are now item, marks on the imported clip (the entire chronology).  That's great, because the clip markers are sticky with the clip, I can it chop, rearrange to put markers in chronological order without returning any info title marker.  Feeling beat with the reorganization completed five segments of the original timeline, everything is in order, nothing was reinstated, the timeline with its clip of chapter markers is ready to export to still make the DVD!  Yes, you guessed it, element chapter marks are not exported in yet.  The chronology of imports still with a marker, Chapter 1, at the beginning.

    4. There must be a way, stacked the timeline with the time markers on it on the icon for "New"... ', it is the same as #3 above, but simpler.  Historical markers are now the clip markers that don't export in yet.

    From my experiences, it is therefore impossible to solve my problem without completely restoring scene boundries and type chapter titles.  There are two repositories coordinated, clip) 1 local and 2) global chronology; and there is no way to go from one to the other 'mass'.   There is the glove, I'm sure someone has a way to do this without returning the title of chapter 85 markers.

    I have not found an automatic way to do this, but here is an efficient manual method that requires no titles of chapters Overtype.

    Either drop your timeline that has mounted the icon "Create New" brands, or export the timeline and import it back.  You now have a new timeline and markers are now on the video clip.  Now, chop and reorganize this video clip, it is in the best new order, and the clip markers stick with the sections of the clamp.  Now this procedure migrates the markers of the clips to the timeline (promotion):

    Start at the beginning of the timeline, select the video clip. (The video clip must be selected for M to open the marker editing window)

    1. type change M to find the first element brand, type M to open the editing window of clip marker, select the marker title and copy (control-C), hit Cancel

    2 hit the icon of reference in the program monitor pane, which puts a green marker on the timeline at the same time as the brand of element,

    3. double-click on the Green marker, paste the title of marker by control V, select the radio button of chapter markers, click OK.

    Repeat steps 1-3 to promote all the markers of clip of historical markers with the same marker titles.  Since we cut the timeline to reorganize, there are several video clips.  As you progress, make sure that the clip that you are working on is selected, otherwise M will not open the editing window, instead, it will place a chronological marker.  In short, follow this procedure exactly, it works.  It's a stupid job, but it does the job with without having to retype marker titles.  The chronology chapter titles now think time on the new timeline and they will export in yet.  Hope someone finds it useful at some point in the future.

    Perhaps team first see the usefulness of this and add a command 'Promote the clip for mounting marks markers' and "retrograde chronological markers for the clip markers" (conservation type, title and comments).  It would be a powerful addition.

  • How to stop the timeline loop (where the loop is not activated)


    How to stop the chronology of looping/jump at the beginning of the timeline automatically when the playhead reaches the end of the edition / the end of the timeline please? The loopback feature is disabled. Its really frustrating when you look at the video game back, and when it reaches the end, he always goes early in the Cup again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tatjana

    Thank you! I fixed it. Its automatic scrolling of the playback head.

  • audio is launched from the beginning of the song little matter where I click in the movie timeline to start playing?

    I need the audio to help the photo calendar synchronization. However, no matter where I start playback to check a second time when a certain image, audio ALWAYS starts again from the beginning of the song! How can I stop this?

    Since you have posted in a forum XP... I'm guessing that you're
    using Movie Maker 2.1?

    If you drag the playback indicator (vertical line with square
    at the top... Rest the pointer on the square and drag)...
    the music should start playuing.

    Unlike the video track... you can click left/make dragging clips
    the audio left and right. And you can change the
    duration of a single photo on the timeline manually. Move
    your pointer autour in border of an element until you see a
    double red arrow. Now drag the double red arrow... you'll
    display a ToolTip that shows the evolution of life.

    Articles that offer information about audio sync with the video

    "Collections of projects".

    Study the rendering of DV - AVI files

    Editing film 'Basics '.

  • Game sounds from the beginning to the place where I am in the timeline panel

    I am currently lipsync animation. I have the sound flow value instead of the event, but for some reason any (often, but not always) when I play the part of the sound, no matter where I am on the timeline, the sound is played from the beginning as if I started at the beginning of the melody. I tried to split the file between each syllable, and that seems to have fixed, but now there is a strange noise that plays to each division, so that the method is not really practical.

    I have a feeling that this may be a RAM issue since it seems to have no known cause and nothing seems to fix it for sure. It seems like something that would be caused by the release of maxing out the RAM. I have 6 GB and I thought that would be enough, but it may not be. There isn't really a lot going on in this animation that could bring it to use this amount of RAM, but after reading about how it works the Stream parameter, looks like a cumbersome process RAM.

    What do you think guys? It's something I've missed, or it's just my RAM and I'll have to deal with it, unless I get more?

    Update: I checked my task during execution of the animation Manager, and it goes up to 60% at the most. I'm puzzled.

    It is a known problem that can occur in Windows. It's already been fixed, but I don't know when the update will be available. 'Early 2016' is say Adobe.

  • How are you at the beginning or end of the timeline in a Premiere Elements project?

    Abobe dear Experts,

    How are you at the beginning or end of the timeline in

    a Premiere Elements project? I use Premiere Pro in a local

    video studio Pro you use parentheses.

    {to go at first, and} to go to the end

    These supports are not displayed in Premiere Elements.

    Can you please tell me how to go from the end of the beginning.

    or from the beginning to the end (or any point in between) without

    go scene by scene, or without scrolling to the desired location

    and clicking in the timeline panel to reposition the CTI.

    I bought elements so that I can do the editing work at home, and I hope

    that the absence of square brackets is not a built-in disadvantage to punish elements

    users do not pay for Premiere Pro.   Please say it isn't so!

    Thanks fo your kind help.  (I'm hoping for the best)


    Thank you so much ATR for the article on the Mac keyboard. This is what the doctor ordered.

    The much poorer "fn" key and using the arrow keys left and right side of the

    of the keyboard are the keys start and end mac version.

    Press "fn" and left arrow moves the cursor to the beginning of the Fn,

    and "fn" and the right arrow moves the cursor to the end of the Fn.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    PostScrip: many thanks to WHS as well.

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