BlackBerry Smartphones can not lock the phone when you call...

I don't have a case for my storm yet, I have a transparent cover for it and lock it and put it in my pocket.

Well tonight I went to make a call, dial, connected and thought then lock my phone and put it in my Pocket only it didn't close.

Can someone tell me if I'm missing something...  Shouldn't be able to lock the phone while on a bluetooth headset?


This has been resolved in another thread.  Here

Thanks Mike!


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  • E-mails of blackBerry Smartphones do not remove the phone when removing online

    I'm an America Online e-mail address game on my blackberry. When I delete aol or on my computer at emails, emails are not deleted on the blackberry. So I have to go and do it on the phone too!

    I'm went to reconciliation of the Email in the Options, and under 'On the conflicts' I have it configured as 'mailbox wins '. Is there a way I can set up so that when I delete e-mails online, it automatically removes from the phone?

    The only way to see if it works is to see the result... the item removed from the HH... then Yes, give him time.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not hear the phone

    Hello guys,.

    I bought the storm and love it.  Once all the bugs will be fixed and I find a way to synchronize using bluetooth it will all be just great!

    I have just a new problem which started 10 minutes ago.  When I call people or people call me they can hear me and I can't hear anything.  I checked the volume.  Called several people.  Tried 2 different devices bluetooth, speaker and the headphones.  It is absolutely silent...

    What can I do about it?  I turned the phone market 2 times but it does not remedy.

    Help, please.

    Once I removed the battery and installed again the phone started working and now I can hear the conversations.  I hope RIM fixes this issue soon.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not dial the phone number of the browser

    I "upgraded" to the OS 6.0.  Now my BB does not allow me to click on a phone number I see on the internet and dial.  I have to read the number, memorize, close the browser and manually push in numbers.  UGG...   It's rotten.  Any suggestions?  T-Mobile continues to tell me it is the Web page I'm on, but he is clearly not that.  OS 6.0 is quite the downgrade.  If someone can hear the ugly notifers they call ringtones?  The assistance service directs you to buy ringtones of appworld.  What a pot!  Sell a phone that you can't hear the ringtone.

    I solved the problem by getting BlackBerry.  Now, I'm fully functional on a new Android phone.  Good luck.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not get the phone to ring

    Just installed the new Office update today and she deleted all my previous settings email contacts, etc..  Everything back but cannot get the phone to ring now.  Can vibrate and all other settings for volume, etc, but cannot get it to ring. Help!  Any ideas?

    coldberry wrote:

    A reset of traction batteries restored all my previous ringtones and audio settings.

    This solution was one that worked for me. Thank you.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not configure the phone

    I am new to blackberry and bought a 9700 "BOLD" online. I can't put it up. ATT can help me or the other can someone tell me or direct me to where I can find how to configure it for att internet services?



    My apoligies... I see in the settings folder:

    Sim1 security settings

    phone lock

    Auto keypad lock

    change password

    Certificate Manager

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not find the Notification Menu

    I have a blackberry Pearl and recently upgraded to 4.5.  After the upgrade, I was move the icons on the home page and somehow successful to delete or lose the Menu of Notification icon (the one where you select the quiet mode, ring for single phone etc.).  I can't go back on this request.  4.5 I tried reinstalling, but he dutifully put my screen up delicate because he was with the missing menu.  The advice is apprecaited.

    Thank you

    Make sure that it is not in all cases. You can not remove the icon. You can only hide or move.

    Change themes and to see that you can find?

  • BlackBerry Smartphones can not hear the other end to the phone


    I have a Bold 9900. Lately, I had a problem where I am unable to hear the ringing of the. The phone vibrates and I see an incoming call. When I answer the call, I can not hear the person at the other end of the line, or the other person can hear me. If I try someone sounds, I can't hear their phone ring, but I get the message that we are related, but may not have any conversation. When I do a full power off and restart its new normal.

    How can I get rid of this problem?

    Hello docvish,

    Welcome to the community,

    As the PC or laptop requires the restart of our smartphone require also restarts to remove slow, whenever you feel any unusual just give a battery pull reboot I have; e while the unit is on the battery wait a min. then reinsert it wait until it restarts. You can also give a soft reboot by pressing alt + Shift R (aA ^) + DELETE.

    Also avoid any applications running in the background, press on and hold Menu button for a few seconds, it will appear a screen showing running applications or that are still open., remember always to get out of the applications not only to return the key. Try if solves your problem, or alternatively you can visit any Center of Blackberry service to the issue.

    Good luck

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  • BlackBerry smartphones can not see the maps on my "BOLD"?


    I just theBold on Orange in the United Kingdom and I do not see the maps app anywhere.  I can see it listed as version 4.6.0 under the list of Applications but can not see the software somewhere?

    I'm mean't to enable it somehow?  Also can not get the GPS function works as it says "failed to update GPS location" when I click on refresh?

    Any help would be really welcome

    If your provider blocks the passage of the icon (like AT & T) to another theme (Options-> themes) and see if you can find it. You may also download. Check from your BB browser.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not synchronize the new BB with Desktop software

    I lost my Blackberry Curve 9300 a few months ago and just recently I replaced it with a used Blackberry Tour 9630. I tried to connect my tour to the desktop software, I had downloaded for my old phone, but it wouldn't sync. So I tried to uninstall and reinstall the Desktop software. Yet, it syncs to the new phone. Or rather, it keeps asking me my old password of curve, but I don't remember what it was!

    Help! Thank you!

    So, do not ask for your old device password. His past Tour request. Make sure you have properly entered it. Make sure that you do not you enter the numbers when you entered actually letters. When you type the password on the BB, if you do not hold the alt key you enter letters. Make sure you only enter the same letters in DM when he asks.

    It is a common mistake. On the device, you think that you typed 1 2 3 4 but if you do not hold the ALT key, you enter W E R S.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not find the BBM icon...

    I can't find my icon of bbm anywhere, even not in the bar to switch applications. I was updating it from app world blackberry, then the progress of update has failed. bbm icon was there until later that day, I deleted something and the phone was in need of a reboot so I rebooted it and since then I can not find the icon of anywhere. I tried to download it again from the appworld, it always says that there are already, but I can't find it yet. and I'm also trying to update nd it always says error update! Please help me!

    OK, so just do the last part of the instructions...

    Finally, use your BlackBerry browser to go to and download/install again the Messenger application.

    After installation and reboot if necessary, check your instant messaging, or downloads of the application folder.

  • HELP blackBerry Smartphones ~ can not display the menu in the list of messages

    I don't know what happened, but while in a list of messages, I can't see the menu when I press the menu key. I can not open emails or texts either. The watch hourglass but I never get to see the text on the next screen. It seems that something is locked but I can't find the "secret code" to unlock it, ha, ha.

    I hope that someone else may have had this problem and can help me to fix it.

    Thank you very much!

    Have you tried resetting the device? Remove the battery when the device is turned on... and then check the issue.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not find the call log

    That's what says my user manual. It's the selection for "Call Logging" is not there.


    View call records in a list of messages

    1. in the phone, press the Menu key.

    2. click on Options. 3. Click

    Call logging.

    4. Select an option for a call log type.

    For authoring hide logs of calls in a list of messages, select none .


    First press Green digit... key to enter the phone application and call the newspaper.


    1. in the phone, press the Menu key.

    2. click on Options. 3. Click

    Call logging.

    4. Select an option for a call log type.

    For authoring hide logs of calls in a list of messages, select none .

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not disable beeps keys during a call!

    There is a tone of strong when I dial numbers.  I changed the "key tone" setting turned off in the settings of the screen/keyboard, but the tone is still there.  I had the phone for a day and especially love it but some quirks are makes me a little batty.


    If you are referring to the tone when you use the keys on speed dial, which can only be reduced to silence by selecting quiet or vibration of profile. If this isn't what you where referring to then see if your carrier has an OS update for your phone. I have no problem with turning off the different tones of keys.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not access the Messages & SMS, the phone crashes when I click on the icons!

    When I click on the icons SMS and Messages, the phone just hangs! I move my cursor and nothing happens. It only "thaws" when I click on the button "Finish". What is going on? Other icons as my list of contacts and media work fine, it's just the icon of Messages & SMS. Help?

    Try resetting the device with the phone, turn on remove the battery for 30 seconds and install the battery again once, let me know, thanks.

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