BlackBerry smartphones wish to no longer receive the former email account

When I first set up my blackberry I've linked my hotmail for her account so that I can check emails. My hotmail account has been very heavy spam so I decided recently to get a fresh new gmail account and get all the services I use (Steam, Facebook, Skype etc etc) rearranged for that so I need never reuse the hotmail one.

The problem is that I always receive emails from my hotmail on my phone account. I have 3 files in my main menu, a 'Messages' that shows my gmail messages and bbm, any way I want. At "*" file that shows only my e-mails, that satisfies me also. But I also have a "*" folder which is constantly needing special attention because of the spam still received by this account.

After a search through the forum as much as my eyes would let me I have no choice but to ask here. I would like to know if there is a way to separate this account from my phone so that I am never alerted about emails to this account, and if there is a way to remove the messages from my phone completely hotmail folder.

I eagrely await any help and suggestions.

Go to setup e-mail on your handset and remove account Hotmail from there.

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    Good questions. I can speculate only at this stage. I guess that since it is updated by BB, they use a revision update for all devices to facilitate management. AT & T updates their different, since they have different methods of approval (Note T-mobile even updated as unlocked devices). Unless you want to get specific version of AT & T that could fix something that the other version does not work, I'd wait for the OTA. I did three refills of OS because I couldn't OTA of AT & T, and they take a lot of time. Take the time then to restore and to reconfigure all the settings you had before. Not funny.

    To be more precise questions. Depends on you, but for me, would be updated via OTA only now that it's available. Yes, if you want auto charger, use AT & t. even as before, wait for OTA, unless you have a specific automotive need load the operating system.

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to change or remove the icon email folder name

    I had to update/chamge my email address' and the old e-mail address still appear.  I edited the info by email set up and the old name still shows the icon.  I deleted my email accounts completely and still shows the old enamel.  How can I fix?

    Access your web page of Castelnau, connect you to your account, go to the e-mail blackberry installation and delete the e-mail account.

    In the camera, go to menu, options, advanced options, service books and remove the service books for the e-mail account that you want to remove, you have 2 in each account, a single CICAL and a mail CMIME.

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to create an icon for my email accounts?

    Hi - I use Internet e-mail services for my work and my personal email - and I therefore two configuration of e-mail services.

    The previous Blackberry this created three icons--one for each service and a handset.

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    If your job is configured via BES or BESx then the icon is hidden by default.

    You have two choices: -.

    (1) in the main message box, go to the Options - the Inbox management and uncheck your personal account which will stop the e-mails contained in the main Inbox

    (2) in the pane all, press the Menu key and select Show all - this will show the hidden desktop icon - highlight and select view (if you want you can now hide the all-in-one Inbox) and then press the menu button and uncheck everything display.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Can send but not receive sms and emails!

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    Still NOTHING.  I can send text messages and emails, but cannot receive any.  Those who sent me mails or messages says their phones shows it was delivered.

    Help, please!

    Thank you guru III!  I got a SIM swap, does not and eventually discovered that the firewall was blocking my sms and emails.

  • BlackBerry smartphones Please Help! Cannot bind the e-mail account to new Blackberry Torch

    Please can someone help me. I just got a replacement for my Blackberry Torch 9810 camera, as my old laptop had a flaw.  I backed up all my files, media etc. through the desktop software on my PC and successfully restored to my new camera.  I'm having trouble linking my hotmail account to my new camera. Whenever I try to put in place through the Setup Wizard, I get the message "the Blackberry Enterprise Server has not responded to your activation request. An error has occurred. " I get my e-mail address and password correctly whenever I try to connect, I also do not touch activation emails I get in my hotmail Inbox. I think the problem is that I have not been added to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Please can someone help me here?


    In fact, unless you're on BES (and HotMail is definitely NOT BES), then you must stay away the company setting completely. Rather, on this screen, if you do not also have a choice for personal electronic mail or on Internet, then your BB/account is not properly configured with your carrier. I suspect that, in the context of the evolution of your device, they have successfully completed your your old BB to the new account. But the only way to get this is to them (Orange) ring to the top and talk to them on this subject.

    Good luck!

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    How can I prevent the events in Outlook are removed when they say 3 months or more in the past? (Please provide the detailed procedure)

    Are there side effects of doing this might affect me?

    I have looked in the Blackberry desktop Manager, but have not found a way to do this.

    Yes, try the following link:

    This will allow you to put your Blackberry to keep receipts forever. Click on the calendar on the Blackberry icon and go to menu and go from there.  The link I gave you previously should describe the way to find out where are the old entries, or choose outlook to keep in view at all times.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not get rid of the old email address

    Hello, I just got old storm my friend and I can't get rid of her email address! I try to create a new one and it is said that the PIN is already associated with another account. Do I need a new PIN? If so, how do I?

    Yes - by contacting your carrier... they control this system.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Set Up function does not not for email accounts

    I want to delete an e-mail account on my Bold 9700.   I click setup, e-mail account, internet mail, and then it does nothing else, it brings back me to set up the menu screen.  Seems to be stuck in a loop.  I recently downloaded the new OS 6.0.  Any suggestions?

    I found these tips already posted and did it and was able to delete the account - Yes:

    "It is a known problem and was back on BOARD. If all goes well they will have a resolution soon. Here is a workaround: from your browser, go to Then go to share > Email. Scroll to other personal e-mails and click on join now, then start the configuration of e-mail. You should be able to integrate your e-mail accounts in this way until the RIM has solved the problem. »

    Thank you...

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