Browser blackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphones and messaging problems

HI, I got my new "BOLD" today and unfortunately I already have problems with it.

First of all, I can not open emails, when I try it just makes nothing. I can't answer/front/etc all emails, but I can mark them as read. That's all I can do.

Second, my browser does nothing. When I try to access a Web site there simply nothing - blank screen with the top bar. When I try to look for, it creates a screen address, but then again, white. In addition, the back button is the farm either, I have to click the hang up/switch.

I tried the reboot - with battery power and no change.

That said, everything else seems to work, bbm, facebook and twitter apps. Although I had problems with bbm forcing me to re - add contacts. I don't know if I somehow screwed up my bb user sync or what. Everything seems a little promblematic.


LittlleBill wrote:

On top the issues mentioned previously, I discovered another error. Trying to access help on my phone, I get a read error message:

Error display content of:


Error message

Unavailable shared webkit instance: could not start UMP: executable (9) not found

If this same error plays a role in previous issues, I don't know, but anyway I was not able to find a solution online and a few people have mentioned similar problems elsewhere. I'll report tomorrow after that I visited Vodafone.

Hmmm... Well, they could be related. With that, I'll change my recommendation and first of all, before we go see them, advise you to do a full reload of operating system. Something maybe corrupted in your installation of OS, and a clean reload often is the way to address them.

From a PC, you can install any compatible OS package (for example, for your BB model exact number) of a BB via this procedure:

Note Although written to "recharge" and the storm, it can be used to upgrade, downgrade or recharge any BB device model - depends on the operating system package you download and install on your PC. You can even use a different OS package carriers simply insert, between steps 1 and 2, the deletion, on your PC, a file named PROVIDER. XML. remember that you remove from your PC, no matter what other packages devices OS BB as having more than one installed on the PC can cause conflicts with this procedure.

If you are on a MAC, you are limited to only your sanctioned carriers OS packages... but can still use any level they currently have to sanction. See this procedure:

  • KB19915 How to perform a clean reload of the smartphone BlackBerry using BlackBerry Desktop Software application software

Once you do all this, do not forget and the HRT, Service and pull batt restart steps from above.

Good luck and let us know!

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  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphones does not

    Hi everyone, I need help! I bought the blackberry bold 9900, 3 weeks ago and it was super fast, but now it's always fast but most of the time is not responding, so I have to pull the battery, I did this about 5 times for three days and the media player most of the time "processor multimedia device answer/busy is stopped." the strange thing is that all applications are closed, I don't know why its not responding, everytime I take a lot of pictures or videos. How could a smartphone as it stop responding even if it has a 1.2 GHZ, and 768 MB ram processor which is more than enough for a smartphone like this. Storage of applications: I 95.9 MB of free space and the system uses 280.1 MB which is almost half of the storage for applications. Memory: the system currently uses 433,7 MB which is also half of the memory capacity. P.S. I pulled the battery about 15 minutes ago, I use an external microsd sandisk card 8 GB class 4, to save all my files into it (songs, pictures, videos, pdf, word, etc. documents) it is 1.8 GB apart the 7.8 GB. The built in storage media's 6.0 GB and it has 5.8 GB free of it. Should not it works faster because I have a lot of free space on the bed in the storage media. There is a problem with the microsd card should I use another class for example 10. Or is it a problem with the new software? I need help please, im starting to regret buying this phone, even if I like it. Thankss

    Thanks for your Post... !!

    Please make a clean OS Reload using the procedure mentioned in the given URL...

  • Battery blackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphones worsens more than 50% after 2406 upgrade

    My battery life Bold 9900 worsened considerably after the recent OS 7.0 Bundle 2406 set to level. I had previously struggled to spend the day on a battery, but in general, I could do it for a day and business general use of electronic mail, of limited calls and not Web browsing. Now, after the recent 2406 upgrade, I get only about 50% as much battery life. In addition, the black box of the small Center with white rotating second hand is now a function that comes back regularly throughout the day, and I had to remove my battery to restart my BlackBerry much more often. I've since removed all applications, cut back on all the other battery draining features (screen brightness, wifi, Bluetooth, gps, etc), moved to 2G to extend my battery life. I was already unhappy with the bad battery BlackBerry Bold 9900 life, but after this last update 2406, it is unacceptable for a professional use when it only works for 1/2 day. I hope it's a question of battery RIM known for Bold 9900 that is processed quickly. Otherwise, I am one of the many who will have to move to a more acceptable solution for phone smart business in a perspective of battery life. Thank you.

    Well, I have implemented battery BlackBerry 9900 technical of economy in this forum, and to my surprise, he solved all much more than I expected. My last load battery Bold 9900 lasted 6 days/86 hours (compared to less than 1/2 day) during normal use of business and weekend for the phone calls, emails, texts and the bbm, exclusion using the internet or applications. I moved 2 G + 3 g to 2G only, off all the apps (especially GPS, Google sync and social networks), turned down the brightness of my screen and shorten the waiting time, calendar, disabled wifi and bluetooth, etc. Thanks for all the comments in the forum. They worked. Now I will be slowly adding some applications and using 3 G on the internet once again, and I will more closely control my battery drain in the future.

  • White blackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphones problem...

    To the right

    I got my white bold 9900 in may 2012. I like it. But today, I noticed the
    bar plastic white background under the keyboard has a yellowish pink ugly
    tint to it out of nowhere today! I tried to clean even with nail
    Polish and its ugly. I got another phone even, and it does not seem
    some the promblem only a small part has dyed pinkish, is there a fix for
    This? is this a common problem? Would be covered in the warranty of the RIM?


    Sorry, I can't help with that. It is a community of users support forum. We are not employed RIM, but volunteers who enjoy helping other users. ON-BOARD staff rarely comment on queries posted here.

    If they want to connect with RIM, they connect via Taiwan Mobile tech support to the technical support of the RIM.

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphones crashes on executing control unit switch

    Old device: Torch 9810. New feature: Bold 9900. Office:

    After the transfer to the new device, it freezes on a screen with a list of apps. By clicking on the app, an error message triggers. Can not go to the home screen or do any other action. Phone is frozen in this mode. Supposed combined defective.

    Products retailer, the Source has been very cooperative and exchanged the handset. Ran A switch of the device of the new remote control and got exactly the same result. Frozen on a screen with the list of applications.

    In both cases, remove the battery and rebooting has not solved.

    I used the process of the switch of the appliance before without problem.

    Has onyone done this experience with a Bold 9900? How can I get the handset to set up "out of the box"?

    Appreciate any suggestions.

    Hi Vanguard2001,

    Due to the different device screen resolutions, I usually suggest loading of fresh copies of your applications. So with that in mind, a simple device backup and restore will work to transfer all your data.

    It just back up the data on your old Torch 9810 using the BlackBerry Desktop Software, then unplug your torch and connect your Bold 9900. Once the Desktop software picks up "BOLD", just restore the data from the torch. Who will transfer all your emails, address book, settings, etc.

    Then all you have to do is go in BlackBerry App World and re-download your apps (go to My World, click on the tab "Uninstalled" and then re-download your apps). The advantage of this is that you get the version of the application that is intended for "BOLD".

    I hope this info helps!

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphones 7.1 update: I lose data?

    I got a BlackBerry email inviting me to upgrade the OS on my Bold 9900 to 7.1. If I go ahead, my handset data will remain intact, or will be backed up and restored (I think to update via Desktop for PC software)? And if a backup and a restore is necessary, he will restore * all * my data (including, for example, the content of my password keeper)?

    Yes, everything must remain intact, eventually, you will need to re-download your apps in AppWorld > MyWorld.

    Some users have had the upgrade fails in some areas, so I absolutely recommend you perform your own backup using the BlackBerry Desktop Software first. When you connect to the computer and run the Desktop software, warns you of updated level available so cancel that and save first, then return and pass through the upgrade of the desktop software. I do not recommend upgrading wireless directly to your handheld.

    Good luck, post here if you have any problems or questions.

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphones will not recognize the new SIM card

    I recently got a Bold 9900 as a gift. In my view, that the phone has been used on the Orange network.

    I tried replacing the original Orange SIM card with my SIMcard "pay-as-you-go" three, when I turn on the phone I get the message "SIM not recognized" and a dialog box asking me to enter a code to unlock the SIM card.

    Because this means that the phone is locked on Orange network. If so, how can I get the unlock code for the new SIM card?

    Best regards


    Hello and welcome to the community!

    You have in fact potentially two issues to deal with... When BBs are made, they are "locked" to their original media and cannot be used on any other carrier up to this MEP is unlocked. Reference:

    But the error you say does not quite what I'd expect from an MEP lock... but please check after the above and see if your BB is indeed MEP locked... If so, then Yes you need to unlock it until you can use it on any other carrier.

    Or - some SIM cards are delivered with a code of their own necessary to unlock and use. But the supplier of the SIM card which should also give unlock code you with this (if that's what applies to your situation).

    So, I suggest you check to see if your device is still locked MEP... If so, get a code (you may have to pay) and unlock it. Then try the SIM card again. If it still fails then your SIM card provider.

    In addition, please check with your mobile service provider preferred 100% certain that your BB model is 100% compatible with their network for all services.

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry BOLD 9900 smartphones not to LOAD DO NOT


    I had problems with my bold 9900. It exploded about 3 days, because of low battery. I loaded but it got stuck at the loading to the reboot screen. I think only about 75%.

    I came online for a solution, I tried everything these past 2 days. Traction battery to upgrade to os to decommissioning. still no life. and repair of bone, it gets stuck at reboot section just at the moment where it is almost done. requests for a password that I don't understand because there is no where to enter a password there is no password on my bb. can someone help? It seems that the only thing left to try is wiping my bb but the JL_cmd doesn't seem to work on my computer laptop windows 8.1. Can someone pls help?

    Naasei0 the very best advice that I could give you is to bring back to your mail, she has valid mandate? Seems to be that there is a hardware failure

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphones cannot obtain an IP address


    I have a problem with the WiFi on my Bold 9900. I connect the WIFI but it fail to obtain an IP address and he done this for each connection, even for those already registered in my regard.

    Does anyone have a solution or an idea to fix it?

    Thank you


    Yes, precisely. Enter an IP address.

    On your PC open cmd command prompt and type ipconfig/all to get an idea of what is a valid IP address

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphones: Wi - Fi turns off immediately.

    Our company has been able to receive the new Bold 9900 to the Japan, but it seems that there is a problem with the wifi on the device activation.

    Tried to turn the Wifi, but it tries looking for the networks then eventually fails and disables wifi. It isn't even a list of active access points. Do a battery pull and reset the default device does not do the trick.

    I think it might be a defective unit or maybe a software problem.

    You wonder if it's a problem with these recent bold to the Japan. Anyone have similar problems?

    BB OS: v7.1.0.1091

    Device was defective and exchanged with a replacement.

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphones gone display

    My Bold 9900 fell in the sink for 2 seconds and the display has now disappeared. Even the sound hearing is reduced now. Help, please. I can't find any service center in Aarhus, Denmark.

    Hello and welcome to the community!


    Run, don't walk, to this FAQ:

    Do what it says, including the maximum recommended wait times (maybe even more... 5 days is not uncommon). Marketing your BB between her getting wet and do this process reduces the chances of success. In addition, the only predictable thing in the intrusion of moisture in a BB (indeed, any electronic device) is that the results will be unpredictable. I've seen some return immediately and be well. I have seen that others do not work. I've seen more a little run and then die later. And every thing in between.

    Good luck!

  • Missing password blackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphones guardian

    Hi guys,.
    on my bb bold 9900 suddenly 502 error. that I saw and you use JL_Cmder v1.9 I power sorted. and then I got the error 507. also I managed on the basis of iron out. recently I installed the operating system...

    now its works well. but when I checked the Password Manager icon, the file is missing...

    Please guide me how to solve this problem...
    BB is my life kind of situation aridsed... please sort me boys...

    or if you have the file password keeper cod... Please send it to

    experts... last days I suffer with him... give a cure...

    Remove information staff to comply with the Community guidelines and the terms and Conditions of use.

    To connect to the desktop software > Applications.

    Scroll to protect and click to install it and follow the remaining instructions to finish.

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphones endless boot loop!

    Hi guys

    I had this problem where starts my "BOLD" and then the white loading bar stops middway and does not move and won't start.

    I tried the battery and do updates.

    It cannot connect to the update.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks mate, but I end up by using them. That did the trick!

    I of course had to load the latest version of the operating system and it is very tedious, but I got it working!

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphones facebook question

    Starting yesterday I started to have problems to display notifications FB in my BB message folder.  The notification comes up saying "posted by Facebook user in"Unknown Album".  It has a date of 31 December 1969 19:00.  This messages for all notifications.  I have not changed something pertaining to my settings.  It doesn't let me see the notification.  I uninstalled and reinstalled, but problems continue.  Any suggestions?

    chipstr1 wrote:
    I'm guessing that this might be a virus or another type of problem.

    To influence the BlackBerry there are no viruses yet created. This isn't the problem.

    Probably, it's a bug in the application or the connection to FaceBook's servers. Things changes of Facebook and the FaceBook for developers BlackBerry have to run to catch up and understand what the change and make adjustments to the beta, application, etc.

  • Display default blackBerry Bold 9700 Smartphones SMS messages


    I have a new 9700 "BOLD", after having a curve that is intuitive and easy to use.

    I'm trying to get the default folders to the SMS display show only SMS messages in my Inbox SMS (ie the SMS I received) but it seems to show either only the SMS I sent (SMS to send view) or a combination of received and sent messages.

    Help please?

    Thank you

    Well, that's interesting, I've had something similar with my Inbox do not separate.

    Try this.

    Change the no option > save > change backward for Yes > save/quit > pull the battery and then send a test text yourself and see if it helps.

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