C665 satellite malfunction - black and white pixel graphics glitter

Hi all

I thought that you may be able to help! my graphics are crazy, there are random distortion of the screen under windows (boxes drooping and tear for example) and the pixel black and white flickering little almost constantly.

Then on games like age of empires, the screen goes crazy flick images autour and in fps games well its completely crazy thousands of ears 3d flashing around the screen... I have a video, but I'm not sure that I can download it here...

I tried drivers and the restoration of the system without success... have you ever heard about something like this and have any suggestions on how to fix this?



> I tried drivers and system restore without success... Have I you heard something like this and have any suggestions on how to fix this?

In my opinion, you need to connect the laptop to the external display just to check if its display problem internal or maybe the graphics card issue. I think its GPU problem, but an external monitor is worth a try.

However, in both cases the defective part must be replaced. :(

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  • Satellite M30: black and white TV with S-video output

    I have a M30 bought in the United Kingdom currently I am in the United States
    When I try to connect my M30 to my TV via a RGB cable, it works very well but failed to get a similar result via S-video. The image is black and white and very fragile.

    Is it to do with the fact that the standards of television in the United Kingdom and the United States are different (PAL or NTSC) or is this something else?

    Can you recommend how can I change the output format of the S-video signal?


    MR. M.


    The fact is that U.S. NTSC standard and it can be the reason for this, but if you use connection S-Video S-video port on the TV must be turned on. If not, the image can be produced in black and white.

  • Satellite C660 C660D - Webcam color or black and white?


    I was just wondering if the web camera on the Satellite C660/C660D is color or black and white?
    If its color, how can I change the color?

    Thank you.


    Of course he came s color.
    It s a common webcam you have just black and white webcam photo?
    In your case I would recommend you the webcam software options.
    Start the camera Assistant software, and in properties, you can find the option called backlight Compensation. Check this option.
    Also in the Image tab, you will find some controls like: brightness, gamma, hue, saturation and sharpness. Play with these settings.

  • Satellite L10-192: Video Out (TV screen is black and white)


    I recently bought a new notebook Satellite L10-192, and I have trouble with the video out of service.

    The image on the TV screen is black and white. I have read and followed the instructions of the manual (indicate the video mode PAL B, etc.), but it is always black and white.

    I have Win XP Pro without Service Pack.

    Anyone has any advice on this problem? Can I change the resolution or color depth or install Service Packs? Or a Toshiba from the factory CD utility?

    Thanks in advance,



    In my opinion, your settings on the laptop are right but please check your TV also. I put t know if your TV is a S-video port or you use a S-video adapter. Please check menu TV. Maybe it's for S-video option in the port.

    If the TV doesn't have a S-video port, you can connect your unit as follows:
    (1) SVID-adapter that brings back the color! It works with any device with an s-video signal through a plug 4-pin or 7-pin. http://www.s-vid.de/images/SVID.gif
    (2) SCART - / adapter S-video http://www.mediaatlantic.com/product.php/366/1142//8aa0b1bbaf6020c785221873b2a985bd

    Good bye

  • Satellite A60-302: black and white photo on TV


    I have connected my Satellite A60-302 to my TV using brand also SCART S-VIDEO AND TWIN PHONO LICENSE that I bought from maplins. Transfers of image and sound on TV when I press Fn + F5 buttons but the image is in black and white, the sound is ok.

    I tried the color on the tv settings but it makes no difference, any help would be appreciated


    The color on the TV settings won't help. Check please the port on your TV settings. As far as I know by the use of the pot from S-video to TV, it must be enabled properly to get the color. I put t know exactly how it works with cable SCART, but check out several channels if you should enable the option of scanning on your TV.

    I also hope that you bought the product of high quality.

  • Satellite L650 - 12 p - black and white colors on webcam

    Hello people I have a quick question on my laptop which is a Satellite L650 - 12 p.

    When I bought it, I'm sure that the webcam was color, but now it turned black and white. I tried different settings but cannot retrieve the color. Why it happened and what can I do?

    Someone please help.


    The webcam shows usually more colors like black and white only.

    I think that it s just something wrong with the parameters of the webcam. You should check out this article from Toshiba on webcam different parameters:

  • Satellite L20-100 shows only black and white photo on tv

    L20 - 100 shows only the black and white picture on tv through s-video. How to get color?...


    It s not a laptop malfunction but the TV setting wrong. Some TV units have the option to turn on the S-VHS. If your TV doesn't support that you can use an a Cinch cable to connect the laptop to the TV.

    Please check also several topics in the forum. This topic has been discussed a lot of time.

  • Satellite A100 - 294 PSAA8E: black and white TV without sound picture

    Dear all,
    When I select the TV mode, my TV shows black and white color without noise.

    I have:
    Satellite A100-294
    Part number: PSAA8E-02T014GR

    I check the cable to use it in my CAM.


    I assume that you have chosen the wrong settings of PAL/NTSC.

    Please check if you are using the right settings that correspond with your country where you live.

  • Re: Satellite A200 - 1 M 4: output TV is black and white

    Hi all

    Thanks for the wonderful forum. I think this is the right place to ask.

    I own a Toshiba Satellite A200 - 1 M 4 model, and the problem is with the TV available. When I connect the s-video cable to the TV, the TV shows a signal black and white instead of color. I've tried the settings PAL and NTSC on the TV but nothing worked.

    Went to the market to look for if there is a fault of cable but changed 4 or 5 wires and the problem is the same.

    I guess one of the store people said that there is a software to convert black and white to color.
    I googled to find out more but ended up with nothing

    Can anyone recommend what should I do to get the color of the TV option.

    Thank you

    I assume that your TV settings are wrong.
    I have the same problem. I've connected the laptop to the TV of the parents and the captain was black and white. But the captain was fine on my TV.

    I activated the option s-video on the other TV and I got the color ;)

    I think you should check the settings too.

  • calculate pixel intensity in an image in black and white

    Hi all

    First of all, im new to labview. Now, this question may have been asked before, but I'm not quite sure. OK, so I have an avi video that can be allocated by 50 images. I used imaq threshold and a loop for to put a threshold in each image, which makes them black and white. What I want to do is to calculate the percentage of area which is highlightened as white. I thought that I can do by calculating the total number of pixels that have an intensity of 1. I know the black pixels are 0 intensity and I also know the total number of pixels in each image. I tried to use the function to quantify but I couldn't get the desired effect. Then, I tried to use imaq light meter, but still I could not the exact number of pixels with an intensity of 1, only the mean value and the standard deviation of the pixel. I can probably calculate the area that is intense using these two values (mean, st.dev) and simple statistics, I think, but I need more detailed results. Is there a way to get the total number of pixels with intensity of 1 in a black and white setting? Sorry if this question has been asked before, I could not find that a related. Sorry for my bad English as well. Waiting for your answers.

    Thank you very much.

    The problemwith gregoryj code is that it converts to a table of Boolean number, not a number, the value of this number depends strongly the position of values in the table that are True.

    Once you have the array of pixels in the black and white image (all the values 1 or 0), just use Array Sum to get the number of 1.


  • is it possible to tell me how I can make program in labview that take black and with image pixels and give the coordinates of black or white pixels again to me.

    Hello everyone

    is it possible to tell me how I can make program in labview that take black and with image pixels and give the coordinates of black or white pixels again to me.

    It depends on the image and the module LabVIEW available to you. LabVIEW can open bitmap and png files and convert them into tables: if it's really a monochromatic (depth of 1 bit) you get a table 2D boolean, T for white, F for black. Just look at the index of the item to its details (don't forget that LabVIEW does not use the order of rows and columns, so you must transpose and reflect the table). If you have a 24 bit bitmap, the table will contain the color in hexadecimal synthesis (000000 for black, FFFFFF is white and so on); Yet once, you simply check if the element of the array correspond to your requirements and get its index.

    With the vision that you module con open other pictures and perform advanced on them without convert them into tables. Anyway, you can just type the extension of your image using LabVIEW and see what you get.

    Here is a code snippet to open a monochromatic image

  • Photoshop CS5 print color in black and white graphics

    I have Photoshop CS5 12.1 x 64 on a MacBook Pro with OS 10.10.5 with a Canon Pixma MP560 printer. Until a few minutes ago, has been printing very good Photoshop, but now it prints all graphics in black and white color. Before posting this request, I tried the printer on several other applications, including Word, Firefox and Adobe Acrobat, and all are printed correctly. Apparently, I clicked inadvertently something in Photoshop which has not extinguished color printing. I've attached a screenshot of a dialog box print in Photoshop with a simple image two-tone. I hope someone here can help you.


    Thanks for the screenshots, they are a great help

    In the first screen, uncheck grayscale printing. It is another name for black & white.


  • Simple automatic cutting graphic black and white

    I have a lot of images that vary according to the size. All rooms have a simple black and white chart like the one shown below.

    Is there a way I can automatically crop these images as there is no superfluous white borders. Is that the harvest should touch the edges of the black areas. If all images have the same size, it would be easy, but this is not the case.

    Thank you.



    Try the Image > Trim and see if it works for you.

    Note that there are all the foreign black/gray pixels in the white area is cut at this point. If this is the case you can first make an adjustment of threshold set pretty low.


  • TV satellite A10, only black and white

    My watch only A10 black and white when I m trying to connect it to my TV. I have tried all the standard procedures (Pal selection, the two s-video and RCA cables, updated software to date and so on). Don t really know what to do next. Everyone you have suggestions?

    Hi, what operating system are you using?

    Toshiba delivered the clean install or system?

    Good bye

  • Satellite A50 432: TV output is black and white

    When I connect my computer to the tv with the s-video to A / converter v that I get a black and white image I tried to change the Pal - B to everything else, but the same thing happening to any idea what is wrong here


    Can you please tell me what adapter are you using exactly?
    http://www.nikomp.com.pl/Opisy/AY000/AYVCW12N.jpg or http://www.lenexpo-electronics.com/e_italy/i/AdattatoreScartSVHS.jpg

    I tested my laptop tecra with both of them, and it works without any problem. Make sure that you have used the right channel of your TV.

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