can Apple Watch connect with monitor polar heart

can Apple Watch connect with monitor polar heart?



If you are referring to the H7 polar, then Yes, we can.

Firstly turn off pairing the monitor from other devices which he may previously have paired with (for example your iPhone), then:

  • Wear the polar H7 (which lights up by being broken to the strap and rotates when detached).
  • On Apple Watch, go to settings > Bluetooth.
  • Wait that Polar H7 appears, then press it.

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  • How to pair Apple Watch again with an old cell phone is damaged?

    My old phone was liquid damaged. How can I disable my watch pairing and pair it with my new phone?


    On your watch, go to: homescreen (via a simple press on the digital Crown) > (cog icon) settings > general > reset > erase content and settings.

    Then match it to your iPhone via the standard setting process (you may be offered the option to restore from backup, if your iPhone has been restored from a backup of your old):

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    The cloud icon in the settings look when the watch is connected to a Wi - Fi network compatible, having been unable to connect via Bluetooth with iPhone matched.

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    Remember that how behave notifications based on the parameters and the status of your devices. With wrist detection enabled, in order to get notifications to your attention as soon as possible:

    -If your iPhone is unlocked, you will receive notifications on your iPhone instead of on your watch.

    -If your iPhone is locked or mode and your watch is unlocked (regardless of the question of whether the screen saver is awake or asleep) and on your wrist, you will receive notifications on your watch.

    -If your watch is locked or allowed to do not disturb, notifications will be sent to your iPhone.

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  • Apple Watch connection problems

    Hi all

    I have a Apple Watch Sport and a 6s watch OS running iPhone 2 and iOS 9 respectively. Sometimes, but not always, my watch will repeatedly connect and disconnect to my phone. I can watch on my phone bluetooth icon go on, then off, then blink (reconnection). I can't find a specific cause, or a resolution. Everyone knows about this problem? How can I solve this problem?

    Thank you, and all help is appreciated.

    Ryan Siebecker

    Hi Ryan

    It can help to update your iPhone and Apple Watch for the latest versions of software (currently 9.2 and watch OS 2.1 iOS).

    The software update instructions are available here:

    Update the software on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support iOS

    Update the software on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

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    Dear john99 Further info, I disabled plugins RealPlayer and as you can imagine, they seem to interfere, I activated the flash stopped again, them off and flash now works. Thanks for you input it was greatly appreciated. I can now safely, go back to my beloved FF :)

  • This is what Apple Watch works with iPhone 6SE

    The 6SE isn't on the compatibility with the watches is because it's new?

    Yes, the Apple Watch will work with the iPhone model.

  • Copy photos from Apple Watch unpaired with phone

    Hi someone stole my iphone, but not my Apple Watch, but I lost all my photos (because I frgot to put online...) so some of them are still FAVORITES album Apple Watch, but I can't find the way how copy them to 'save' them please is there a solution how can I get these photos in return?


    I'm afraid that's not possible.

    Photos can only be synchronized Apple Watch from the paired iPhone. They cannot be synchronized in the other direction or otherwise exported from your watch.

    Even if it had been possible, photos of your watch have been resized smaller dimensions, for display on the small screen of the watch.

  • Apple Watch issues with training app on constantly

    Since updating to iOS Apple Watch 2.2 Ive noticed that my drive icon is almost constantly on and it empties my watch of Sport of 42mm and the iPhone battery 6. I can't find any information on this anywhere? None of these training options are on what seems to be the case. Green sensors are almost constantly on? Any ideas how to do to stop this? It never happened before the update to iOS.

    < re-titled by host >


    If you've used any third party fitness, followed (for example, Strava) apps to training Records, check if there is currently activity paused in the any of these applications on your watch.

    If there is, put an end to this activity of this application on your watch (not on your iPhone).

  • This morning when I removed my Apple Watch to load only the heart rate sensor is out.  I pushed him in place, but think it must be secure.  Look in under warranty.  Ideas?

    Heart rate fell.  What do you do?

    The unit is under warranty. Make an appointment at the nearest Genius Bar, or you can contact the Apple Support to implement sending the watch to Apple. Contact Apple for support and service - Apple Support

  • Evolution of the Apple Watch and health monitoring time Kit

    I work the second shift, so my 24 hours are different than most. I was wondering if there is a way to change the Kit Fitness Tracker/health monitoring times?

    Hi Patrick

    I'm afraid that the feature you described is not currently available under watchOS.

    If you want to suggest that Apple considers adding this as a new feature, you can do it here:

    All submissions are read (even if you do not expect to receive a response).

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