Can I sync an Iphone 4 with the last version of Itunes?

I have an Iphone 4 running IOS version 7.1.2 (11D257).

I am currently running Itunes version on my Mac.

Can I install Itunes version 12.4.2 and still be able to synchronize my computer with my Iphone 4?




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    How can I sync my iPhone contacts with outlook 2016 6 more?

    Hello Ronusmc,

    I understand that you want to synchronize your contacts with Outlook 2016. It's something I can help you with.

    If you are wanting to use traditional synchronization, then I would start by using the first link below. It will guide you through connecting your iPhone to your computer and looking at the different content tabs sync back. For your more precisely, you can the Info tab because this is where the contact synchronization options.

    Sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iTunes via USB

    If you use iCloud, then you want to get the iCloud for Windows app. This will set up your sync for you without having to actually plug your iPhone to your computer. Take a look at the article following if you do not want to do.

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    Take care

  • I'm told my iPod classic is not compatible with the latest version of iTunes and I need to buy a new iPod

    I have an iPod classic, 160GB, 2009 (I think that I bought in 2011, but they say it's a 2009 version).  I took good care of her, and it worked wonderfully for me.  Recently, with the latest updates of my OS, iTunes, etc. on my MacBook, I got the iPod synchronization problems.  This last time I tried, the iPod has not been recognized by iTunes, or it would be recognized and switch between connected and synchronization, but never go further.  Finally, if I left it long enough that, it would eventually be sync, but then he would go back and forth between sync synchronization, connected and finishing.  After leaving he did that for a while, he would finally come with an error message saying that the iPod could not be synchronized.  Then my iPod was erased at all to this subject (everything is always on my iTunes at least library).  I tried to restore my iPod, which she did, and then synchronize everything again.  He went through the process of synchronization, only to say in the end could not be synchronized.  Sometimes my iPod not even be recognized by iTunes.

    So I called Apple Support and they told me that my iPod software is not compatible with the iTunes software.  Both were up to date, so I think I 2.0.4 on my iPod and on my iTunes.  Apple told me that I can't go back to an earlier version of the iPod software because I have no iPod backups on my iTunes.  Therefore they told me the only solution is to spend $ 400 on a new iPod, which I can't afford to do it, nor have you I feel it's a reasonable solution, since my iPod is perfectly good and I was very careful care of her.

    Is there anything that can be done to make the two compatible?  Can I download an older version of iTunes?  I'll be able to get my most recent iTunes library on the older iTunes?  Should not continue making it compatible, the iPod classic and iTunes since so many people use iPod classic, and they are the only thing like him around?

    I looked in the other forums on the topic, but nothing seems to talk about this compatibility problem and provide a solution.  Someone at - it ideas?  Can you manually manage your music on your iPod, even if the two are not "compatible"?

    Thank you!

    So I called Apple Support and they told me that my iPod software is not compatible with the iTunes software.

    Seriously...?  My 'classic' 3rd gen iPod in 2003 still works fine with the latest version of iTunes and the latest OS X.  Even the original iPod should still work (assuming the iPod itself still works).  Your iPod classic 2009 is certainly consistent.  That support the needs of the person coming back through training...

    When you connect it now, it seems in iTunes?  Are you able to select in iTunes, go to the settings screen, where you see the iPod photo and name in the upper left corner of the window and a box below that?

  • I can't sync my iPhone 4S with my Macbook Pro more. It became a problem after installing the latest update.

    A couple of weeks ago, I upgraded my iPhone version 9.2 and iTunes on my Macbook Pro version 11.4, and now I can't get my iPhone to sync with my Macbook Pro. Whenever I connect the two devices, I get an error message that says: "the 'IPhone of John' iPhone cannot be used because it requires a newer version of iTunes. Go to to download the latest version of iTunes. "

    I tried a lot of things, starting with resets hard and finally erase all data and settings of my phone, but without success. I would use an iTunes backup, but he refuses to communicate with my iPhone.

    Is anyone familiar with this problem? Thanks for your time.

    You you make sure that you run version 12.x iTunes on your Mac? If your OS x cannot run iTunes 12, you cannot synchronize your phone more set to update to iOS 9.x

  • iPod Classic 160 gb only synchronize with the latest version of iTunes on Windows 10

    I tried to sync my iPod Classic 160 gb but got the message "iPod cannot be synced. A duplicate file name was specified. "I use Windows 10 and the latest version of iTunes (updated to try to solve the problem). I went through this PC > iPod > properties > tools > check to analyze and check the device, but nothing does not change. I also made iTunes diagnostics I happy at each event, but the sync with iTunes indicating test is not a connected iPod even if the iPod synchronization screen shows the window iTunes.

    Any help will be very appreciated!

    Duplicate filename error can sometimes be fixed by removing folder iPod Photo Cache located in the selected folder of photos that sync you with the device.


  • iPod Shuffle 4 GEN on 10 to win with the latest version of iTunes

    So I have an iPod Shuffle (3 of them to be exact) and the latest version of iTunes for Windows 10 and when I Plug one in, an orange light starts flashing on the iPod itself. My question is:

    IPod shuffle gen working 4 or synchronize with iTunes on Windows 10?

    If so, please tell me why he's stuck on the restoration.

    If not, tell me if it's FREE to get a new one. (Note: these things are of 2012-2013)

    Thank you very much!

    See this page to give a sense indicators: check the State and battery charge your iPod shuffle - Apple Support

    Maybe one that flashes has been implemented for disc mode.


  • New Iphone 6s says the latest version of itunes that I have. any advice?

    I'm trying to set up my new 6 s. when it's plugged in it says that he needs the latest version of itunes that I have (11.4). I can't synchronize my computer nor the iCloud. any advice?

    It is not latest version of iTunes he. What version of Mac OS X on your Mac? Most likely, you need to update your OS X in order to install the latest version of iTunes.

  • How can I sync my iphone 6 with macbook air?

    How to sync iPhone with mac book air?

    Can someone tell me how I can synchronize my iPhone 6 with Mac book Air. My i message not receive properly on my mac book.

    Follow the steps here

    Continuity allows you to connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac - Apple Support

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    I transferred my old computer profile and everything seems to work very well

    I set the preferences in the same way that I did it with the version 3.2.10, but no matter what I do, it always ends up opening to local folders.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you


  • Can customers rebuild an Exadata machine with the latest versions of battery?

    There is a possibility that we will be buying two new Exadata (X 3) machinery in the near future. I get very happy if I wasn't already completely flooded :)

    If this happens, we are going to ask Oracle to install the last and the largest battery software when they arrive on-site with our new toys. Currently, this means:

    < i > OEL: 5,7 (with the latest kernel)
    SSE: (CF-writing, mmmmm!)
    RDBMS/IM: < /i >

    Our current Production database is on a machine V2 and the following versions of the stack:

    < i > OEL 5.5
    RDBMS/IM BP7 < /i >

    We hope, once the dust settles, we can redirect our existing V2 machine as the development environment. However, in order for this to be of any usefulness, we need the software stack to match which will run in Production on the X3s.

    As far as I understand, the upgrade path is as follows (according to 888828.1)

    < i > improve the o/s to 5.7 OEL and the latest kernel on the storage cells and model nodes
    Update the firmware of the switch of IB to 1.3.3 - 2 (which we already have)
    Update the Exadata Storage Server on the storage cells and nodes of the model at
    Install the IM and RDBMS binaries
    Upgrade ASM to
    Install the binary RDBMS
    Development of brand/move/restore/copy on the new-updated V2 machine. < /i >

    I wonder whether it is better for us to upgrade the machine V2 our current versions of the stack in later or whether it is better to try a reconstruction?

    As long as customer, are we able to rebuild the stack ourselves with the new software, or do we have Oracle come and go in their installation process (we put a different version of the battery on that we currently have)?


    Hi Mark,

    We need to upgrade the operating system (5.5 to 5.7)

    The operating system on Exadata is not a standard iso image used on another server or virtual machine.
    (It will be clearer if you read the bare metal restore the steps below)

    Relocation-by-yourself method is "approved" by Oracle?

    Support, it is.
    For example: If you lose a db node you can rebuild it image by the method "reinstall-by-yourself."
    Discover DocID 1084360.1 Bare Metal Restore procedure to compute nodes on an Exadata environment.
    It is BTW a good starting point to understand a complete regeneration.

    they would respond to a SR or they tell me contact ACS instead of worrying of their?

    I didn't need them to reinstall so I can't say how they would react in this situation.
    In general, they are ready to help.
    Kind regards

  • Can't access online banking (citizens) with the latest version

    The last update (29.0.1)(Mac 0sx 10.9.2), firefox seems to block access to online banking. interminable wait.

    What is a site? Several sites?

    Clear the Cache

    Firefox/tools > Options > advanced > network > content caching Web: 'clear now '.


    Delete Cookies
    Firefox/tools > Options > privacy > Cookies: "show the Cookies".

    If there is still a problem,
    Launch Firefox in Mode safe

    While you are in safe mode;

    Firefox Options > advanced > General.

    Find and stop using hardware acceleration.

    Dig safe web sites and see if there is still a problem. Then restart.

  • Impossible to copy with the new version of Itunes podcasts

    Can't see how to copy podcasts on my Ipod classic frofm Itunes version Podcasts in Itunes are grayed out. I don't want to use the sync option and lose the podcasts that are already on my Ipod.

    You may be able to manually drag podcasts to the device if the music section is already ready for manual management. Others see recover your iTunes from your iPod or an iOS device. Probably best to retrieve all content anyway. Your iPod could be lost, stolen, damaged, or in need of restoration.


  • When I sync my iPhone with iTunes, I get an error saying I need to download the latest version of iTunes.  When I try to download it says I'm using the latest version?

    I have an iPhone SE

    my iTunes is on my laptop HP addition running Windows Vista. (32 bit not 64) It is not able to upgrade to Windows 7.

    When I plug my iPhone to sync with iTunes, it gives an error message saying that I need to download the latest version of iTunes.  When I try to do, I get a message saying that my iTunes is up to date with the latest version of iTunes?   If my laptop is running vista only she does support the latest version?  If this is the problem I wish iTunes download center say the my device does not support the latest version of iTunes.  the version I currently have is the only one my device is available for download.

    How to access my library iTunes other than buying a new laptop

    IPhone WILL not work with Vista. It is not supported. Can't remember where I saw it, but there was something about Windows Vista not supported for iPhone SE. I'll keep looking.

    Found at the bottom of the iTunes download support page.  Download iTunes 12.1.3 for Windows (32 bit)

    This update allows you to synchronize your iPhone *, iPad * or iPod touch with iOS 9.x and earlier on Windows XP and Windows Vista PC.

    * iPhone OS and iPad Pro (9.7 inches) is not supported on Windows XP or Windows Vista.

  • I downloaded iTunes on a new laptop computer and he allowed. First of a süden, I can't sync my iPhone 6. What can I do?

    I downloaded iTunes on a new laptop computer and he allowed. All of a sudden, I can't sync my iPhone 6. What can I do?

    If your iOS device does not appear in iTunes, try the following:

    1. Open Control Panel > Device Manager
    2. Plug in your device
    3. Locate Bus USB Controllers > Apple Mobile Device USB Driver.
      It is also possible that the device may appear under imaging devices, portable devices or other devices or as a device USB of MTB.
    4. Right-click and select software update of the driver...
    5. Click Browse my computer for driver software
    6. Go to C:\Program Files\Common Apple Mobile Device Support\Drivers or
      C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers
    7. Click on let me pick from a list of drivers for devices on my computer
    8. Click on Apple Mobile Device USB Driver
    9. Click Next, then close and exit the Device Manager

    To step 3 above, open the Device Manager. Expand one of the articles that are listed.

    • USB Bus controllers
    • Imaging devices
    • Portable devices
    • Other devices

    Plug in the appliance. You should hear the telltale Windows sound device connection and a Division must acquire a new entry. This should be your device. It cannot be labelled properly at this point. If you do not hear a suspicious noise cable damaged.

    Or try If iTunes does not your iPad, iPhone or iPod - Apple Support Apple version of the above opinion.

    If not try a complete tear down and rebuild iTunes in accordance with the resolution of the problems with iTunes for Windows updates. 64-bit users might also try the build replacing iTunes for Windows (64-bit-for older video cards) which is sometimes a useful workaround.

    Or try to go back to the last version of iTunes that has worked for you. See the programs installation of iTunes to download links. If you roll back to to or, for example, then you will also need restore the database of the library in the manner described in the empty/corrupted after upgrade/crash iTunes library. The tip makes suggestions to reintroduce recent purchases, so at worst, you lose a few meters or a newly created playlist.


  • Play 'For You' selections is sending me to 'Browse' in the latest version of iTunes

    Anyone having problems with the latest version of iTunes ( when trying to play selections of "For You" and sent to "Browse"?

    And then nothing. Same problem here. I just can't get anything to play on 12.5.1.

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