Can't get the driver for 32-bit windows 7 HP DeskJet 5440 via windows update.

Original title: driver HP DeskJet 5440 windows 7 32 bit

I was unable to get the driver for 32-bit windows 7 HP DeskJet 5440 via windows update.  I also was unbale to find your compatibility Center.  Is there a link were I can down-load the driver directly from.


In fact, I assumed that yours was always supported by HP * but I understand now that it's not [so I guess that it is more than 10 years because it is their general support period].  {* Mine is a DJ 2540 and is only a few years so I thought a 5440 DJ must be more recent}

I see that HP gives you general instructions on installing drivers in I checked Microsoft update catalog service and nothing found for HP Deskjet 5440, that's why you're not having any success with the generic instructions, giving you these instructions seem to presuppose the existence of a Windows driver for this specific model.  {HP must have given up your specific model before that this catalogue has been compiled, because hardware manufacturers are those that connect to their drivers inside}

However, my suggestions may solve your problem or maybe not.  They are simply the steps that seem more likely to be successful.  Personally, I'd a system image before you try each of these suggestions so that you can go back to square one if something goes terribly wrong.

Suggestion 1 - go to the devices & Printers dialog box, click Add a printer, select HP then select HP Deskjet 5400 series [the sequence in the list is awkward, this entry is about 10% of the way to the bottom of the list], click on Next and follow the procedure of menus at its conclusion.  Even if it's completely successful, plan to run my Suggestion 4 below as well in case of future need.

Suggestion 2 - out whatever the driver that shipped with your printer in the first place, try to install in compatibility mode [right click on its executable, click on the tab compatibility , the value of the check box for run this program in compatibility mode for... and select a BONE the printer worked correctly with.]  Then go to the executable, right-click and select run as administrator.  This idea is not frivolous, until he blew something internally, I was using my 1999/2000 HP Deskjet 1220C successfully on Windows 7 x 64 for four years [despite the HP user forums which implies that this was not possible].

Suggestion 3 - go back to the HP site to but select 10 Windows as your operating system.  In the results, the Diagnostics Utility Tools point contains now a setup generic [hppiw.exe] who described "HP for Windows printer setup wizard was created to help users Windows 10 download and install the software solution most appropriate for their printer and newer HP HP Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1.   Simply run the tool and follow the on-screen instructions. " Download & run [run as Admin] of this file.

Suggestion 4 - Connect to an Admin-level account first, then, using IE [there than IE], date back to the Microsoft update service catalog and search for HP Deskjet 5400 series.  It will give a lot of results, then click on the driver name in the left column of title to see details for each potential choice [especially if it is 32 or 64 bit].  The top of the list is [32-bit] Microsoft Update for HP Deskjet 5400 Series driver dated June 21, 2006.  [You might also download & file the second element, the 64-bit version, just in case you change computers in the future]  Add the chosen driver [s] to the "trash" then download - you will be asked to select a file to download first {it is at this stage that the process would be a break without further explanation or any error if you had not been connected to an Admin-level account before launching IE}.  I think that these drivers also work with Windows 10 thus, in the hope that your printer works for the years to come, it would be well worth your copies of maintenance of them filed there ready for your next computer use.

Proposal 5 - go [back] to the forums of user HP Deskjets & find 5440.  See if any of the other suggestions can help you - unless you have already looked through them all the more relevant [I realize that you have been here once already as one of the threads that I just watched was of you].

We know, in advance, which of these suggestions will lead to the best possible solution.  So please come back to this forum to explain what happened when you tried the.  Your experiences will benefit all users of HP Deskjet 5440 who come here looking for advice.

Good luck

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